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Oren Frank, Talkspace Founder, Discusses Life as an Entrepreneur.

Oren Frank is most well known for his work as the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. Talkspace is a psychotherapy company that focuses on providing accessible care to people throughout the world. Due to the importance of mental health, and the ongoing mental health crises that organizations like W.H.O. have cited, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to companies like Talkspace. With over a million clients already working with Talkspace, Oren Frank has plenty to say about the work that he has done thus far. Read more about Oren Frank at

Oren Frank went from working in marketing and advertising to focusing on his progressive mental health application. Frank says that his goal with the company is to make ‘Therapy For All’ as realistic as possible. Frank cites personal lessons and life experiences as the triggering points for his decision to leap into Talkspace’s development. Frank also points to support from Roni, his wife, as one of the reasons that Talkspace is what it is so far. Roni helped to co-found the company after departing from her own high-profile software development position.

A day in the life of Oren Frank starts bright and early. Frank likes to log at least seven hours of sleep per night. After he’s up and about, Frank likes to keep his mind sharp by taking in as much as he can via scholarly journals, textbooks, news articles, and physical books. Outside of reading, Frank likes to focus on developing his many ideas. Frank knows that it is easy to come up with an idea, but it takes hard work and dedication in order to make that idea a reality. Outside of product and idea development, Frank is really focused on not burning himself out. Frank knows that moderation is the key to success in the digitally driven world that we currently live in.


Sharon Prince Meets Carrie Mae Weems and It’s Glorious

There are very few artists who impact a generation as Carrie Mae Weems has. Her works span decades, across a dozen mediums. Her recent visit to Grace farms and its founder Sharon Prince may become an indefinite one. Here are a few reasons why their continued work is exciting.

Grace Farms is a non-profit project dedicated to community and promoting justice initiatives. Since their launch in 2015 its 80 acres has been a gathering place for like-minded people, academics, artists, and activists. A top of the peaceful nature reserve sits an award-winning River building. The River building has been host to conversations on important questions. Questions about society, justice, morality, and moral responsibility.

Its founder, Sharon Prince, lead Grace Farms with aplomb as she made it a place of serenity and peace. Ms. Price currently sits on the Board of Next Generation Nepal. Its an organization dedicated to stopping the exploitation of children and families. While her work with Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters is helping to abolish modern slavery.

Having Weems at Grace Farms is the summation of 30 years of work. Her work at Grace Farms is a contemporary retelling of ‘Antigone’, a Greek play more than 2000 years old. She tells the story in a way that draws out several parallels to the modern world, the most salient being a call to action to stand up against injustice.

Both of these women are no strangers to public engagement and have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Their collaboration now only means greater work in the nearer future.

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Interview With Edwin Miranda

Surrounding yourself with people you trust isn’t the only piece of advice that Edwin Miranda gives. He also gives plenty of advice in a recent interview that would help any inspiring entrepreneur accomplish their goals. He says by surrounding himself with people you trust is a good idea because running a growing business takes a lot of time. Sometimes there are things that need to be done that you cannot do yourself so by delegating the job to someone you trust is important. Edwin Miranda was asked what one failure he had as an entrepreneur and how did he overcome the situation. Mr. Miranda says that no matter what failure he has be it the larger one or smaller ones alike, they have both helped him get closer to his goals and life purpose. He says that without failures he has nothing to continue to push him forward and that failures only leave room for growth. To-do lists are also something that keeps Edwin Miranda on track. He says that he likes to make himself a list of goals that he wants to accomplish during the day, and he checks the list a few times a day to make sure he is meeting his standards. Edwin Miranda says that a lot of people don’t agree with him on making to-do lists, but it helps him stay focused and driven. It also allows him to see the small successes as they come opposed to waiting for the bigger picture. The best business advice that Edwin Miranda gives is always be willing to try something that scares you. He continues with saying when you are stagnant you cannot move forward and grow.

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JD.Com Running Chicken Program Is A Game Changer For Raising Humane, Healthy Meat

Raising chickens is among the most ancient food production methods in China. For centuries, the Chinese people kept chickens on their farms. This fundamental staple and source of meat protein has always played a central role in the Chinese diet.

But in the wake of the industrial revolution, raising chickens became a factory-oriented process. It made possible the production of massive amounts of meat to feed millions of people every day. But in recent years, people all over the world are re-evaluating the way animals are reared. The fact is, factory farms make for miserable chickens. They spend their short lives in small, cramped cages that don’t allow them to stand up, stretch, turn around or even experience the fresh air and sunshine of the outdoors.

But now JD.Com (Jingdong) is changing all that. The Chinese e-commerce giant recently launched its “Running Chicken” program. What it essentially does is return to the old way of raising chickens – outside in the fresh air and under the beautiful blue skies and sunshine of the Chinese countryside.

At time same time, Jingdong is still able to meet the massive production goals required to feed millions of daily consumers. The Running Chicken program combines the best of “Old World” chicken farming methods with super high-technology applications.

JD.Com recently set up a 27-hectare farm in rural Wuyi County. There, thousands of chickens can spend at least 50% of their rearing lives outside where they can live the natural lives chickens were intended to enjoy. As it turns out, chicken meat raised in this humane fashion has produced a superior quality of meat.

JD.Com analysis of chicken raised in Wuyi County shows that the meat is far higher in key vitamins, including A and E. the meat is also remarkably lower in saturated fats.

JD.Com technicians fit each chicken with a tiny pedometer that makes it easy to track each bird from birth to production. That enables consumers to know exactly where the meat that ends up on their table came from. When customers buy chicken from JD.Com, they know they are getting not just healthier meat, but they can feel good about the humane way these farm animals were raised.

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Equities First Holdings Sets Standards for Stock-Based Lending

Equities First Holdings provides loans for numerous for numerous financial solutions. The company operates in an investment and advisory capacity. EFH offers financing for stock shareholders. Stock-based loans are helping people obtain loans they might have otherwise not qualified for with other banks. These loans are becoming more and more popular. Equities First Holdings ranks at the top of the list for any company making loans that use stocks as collateral.

Customers also like the low rates. The company is helping many people to achieve their personal goals. Deals typically go through smoothly and without significant financial difficulties. The company provides loans to both small and large scale investors.

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Paul Mampilly Talks about the Increase in Use of Big Data by Companies

Achieving profits from your investments in the stock market is not easy, especially if you do not have much knowledge about the dynamics of the stock market. If you are interested in investing in the stock market and want to get some expert guidance, following the expert advice of Paul Mampilly, one of the well-established financial analysts from the United States is a good idea. He has worked for various financial and banking organizations in his career spanning over a decade.

Paul Mampilly firmly believes that middle-class people can achieve financial growth and freedom as the rich and wealthy people if they gain access to the expertise of the leading financial analysts and advisors. It is for this reason; he thought that it is time to spread the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years in his career. With this in mind, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing and started several financial newsletters, namely True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Million Dollar Club. These are the financial newsletters that focus on different venues in the financial markets, particularly the stock market and other equity-linked investment products.

Following the advice of Paul Mampilly can be really useful in achieving financial freedom in the long-term. Profits Unlimited is one of the most reputed and popular financial newsletters in the United States, and it has helped many people achieve complete financial freedom. Paul has developed investment strategies specific to the stock market that helps people identify the stocks that are growth-oriented and how to invest in it to achieve financial security in the future. It is this long-term financial view for investments that have helped him and his subscribers get maximum returns from the investments. Connect on his facebook account for more updates.

Paul Mampilly also shares business news with his readers. In a recent newsletter, he discussed the different trends that the business world is seeing in the coming years. He feels that the use of Big Data is going to increase considerably since more businesses are having access to it. Whether it is small companies or large global companies, Big Data is something that allows them to understand consumer finds and give them something they need.

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Equities First Holdings Australia – Moving Ahead of the Competition Fast

The financing company that has become a globally recognized leader in the field of alternative financial solutions is Equities First Holdings, headquartered in the United States. The company has some of the top financial experts and professionals who would be able to provide you with custom-tailored financial solutions, irrespective of whether you are looking for stock-based loans or financial advisory. One of the products that the company is known widely for is the securities-based loans, and you can get the loan if you are in a position to offer visibly traded stocks. The loan amount depends on the market value of the share you offer as collateral.

Equities First Holdings Australia understands that it is not easy for everyone to get bank loans, and it is why they started offering stock-based loans. Equities First Holdings has become a popular name in the field of finance lately due to the brisk and transparent services it provides. You can be sure that the services offered by the company come at lower than market rates backed by excellent customer service. The company has been in business for a few years in Australia but already has more customers than other similar financial companies out there. The company wants to maximize its opportunity and reach out to more people.

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Equities First Holdings UK – Easy Application Process for Its Customers

Equities First Holdings UK has been able to build a niche for itself in the financial world by offering securities-based loans, which have become highly popular among people worldwide. Equities First Holdings provide a wide range of financial services for the companies as well as high net worth individuals who are looking for liquidity fast. In the world of financial volatility, it is necessary for people to have access to easy financing. It is what Equities First Holdings UK offer in the form of stock-based loans, which people can rely on to get fast in comparison to the bank loans. The company has headquarters in the United States but has been able to set up offices in different parts of the world as well in order to become more accessible to potential clients. It also allows them to reach out to their audience and to provide customized service according to the needs of the people in different countries.

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Edwin Miranda Emphasis on the Power of Performance Marketing

Edwin Miranda is renowned as the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of KOI IXS. He has vast experience in the business and marketing industry. Edwin has a great passion for marketing and strongly believes in the power of marketing to improve both local and international brands in accessing a large market share, introducing credible relationship and connection with consumers, as well as obtaining potential customers. Through KOI IXS, he helps people in moving faster and making huge profits.

Edwin Miranda believes that one of the primary keys to success is being productive. One can be productive by merely sticking to a particular schedule and certain habits — the main reason why he goes out for meetings and concentrates with duties after his daily morning routines. Edwin Miranda has been a leader of a highly passionate and talented team comprised of designers, strategists, and developers. These members have significantly contributed to the success of the company. He affirmed that he incredibly help to balance their vision and combine all inherent abilities and talents when it’s about producing something worth creating.

Edwin Miranda, together with his team, implements technological advancement and gives their clients exclusive products that they require to succeed in the modern marketing and business world. The establishment of KOI IXS was his idea which he managed to bring it to life at the age of 21, which was achieved through hard work and commitment, leading to a highly successful project. Edwin Miranda is also grateful for technological advancement, which significantly contributed to the improvement of consumers’ growth and a more superior approach when it comes to the prediction of analysis and information.

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Matt Badiali’s Take On Natural Resources And An Exciting Growing Change In Energy Use

Natural resources are what makes the world go round. They help heat people’s homes, create energy for the world, and essentially are the backbone of everything. Matt Badiali has always been fascinated with science and natural resources. He studied them in college and now is using his knowledge to help average Americans invest in them. In 2017, Mr. Badiali created Real Wealth Strategist to inform others of the world’s resources.

This newsletter was a perfect culmination of all of Matt’s experience, background, skill, education, etc. Educating people on natural resources takes a range of skills including a background in science, finance, markets, and so much more. Luckily for Matt, he has those skills. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in geology and earth science from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University. This would not be the end of his education. Matt Badiali earned a Ph.D in sedimentary geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

To learn more about Matt Badiali, visit his crunchbase profile.

Real Wealth Strategist covers investments in oil, energy, natural resources, metals, and so much more. Each newsletter covers smart investments that Mr. Badiali himself has researched and learned a lot about. The financial expert takes his work very seriously and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Matt Badiali has traveled to countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and many more to see the natural resources he recommends in person. This have given him a more grounded and deep understanding of these resources.

With that being said, Matt brings his audience on a journey. Through his travels, experience, and knowledge, the financial expert weaves a story why certain resources are good to invest in. It is not just a nice idea, Mr. Badiali’s investment recommendations yield real results. Double and triple digit gains are regularly made through these stock picks. There a trend on the rise that has got the attention of Matt Badiali. The change of energy use is going to change the world. From oils to electricity, the change will bring a more environmentally friendly approach that will help tremendously. Mr. Badiali is excited for this change and how it will impact the world.

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