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California Drought and the Effect on the Snow Skiing Business

Andy Wirth, ever the optimist, and CEO of Squaw Valley, Alpine Valley, and Tahoe ski resorts was recently interviewed on KCRW by Madeline Brand. Knowing that Andy is at the helm should give great comfort to both skiers and stockholders alike.

While many people would view the past skiing season, one of the driest in recorded history, as disappointing and downright discouraging, Andy continues to see the positive aspects. He states that the mountains are using the latest in scientific research to make snow, and make it last. He also states that the business continued to make money even with a 20% decrease in the number of skiers. This year they had four thousand acres open for skiing instead of the usual six thousand. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy states that the skiers that were out had, “A fantastic time”.
Andy Wirth also reports that the resorts are positioned to withstand an unlimited number of drought winters and still be able to make a profit. Based on a report from Stanford Scientists, he states we can continue to see a trend of weather volatility. Andy is working with his team of experts to ensure the resorts stay profitable and are usable year around.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Currently, in addition to skiing, the resorts are being marketed for weddings, iron man event and conferences. Andy Wirth states that increasing the availability of activities is having a very positive effect on the business and that they are fully booked well in advance.
The resorts are also working hard to have a positive impact and preserve the environmental resources by reducing carbon footprint and working with companies that are also environmentally conscious. Andy Wirth states that they are, “fiercely focused on reducing their carbon footprint at every possible point.”

Michael Zomber Is A World Expert On Japanese Metalwork

Metal has played an important role in cultures around the world today. The use of metal allowed people to perform important tasks of all kinds. One of the most important of all such tasks was the creation of metalwork that allows people to engage in combat successfully without the risk of serious injury. The art of creating metal objects that could be used in combat and provide protection for the user’s limbs and other body parts came to full fruition under the work of the Japanese Samurai period. During this time, as expert historian of this era Michael Zomber points out, the work of this time was both light and yet fully capable of providing the kind of protection necessary for all those engaged in such actions.

Japanese Metalwork

Ancient Japan was a highly isolated society. While the society was influenced by cultures surrounding it such as Korea and China, the society itself was largely one that often looked inward. This is why historians and those who explore the swords and armor of that time frame such as Micheal Zomber have found the metalwork of this period such a joy to see, explore in great detail and then collect. The craftsmanship that went into such work is one that still holds today. Historians have found that those who created it were able to help bring out the amazing beauty of the metal. Zomber has developed a following of his own because he is able to provide expert advice and insights into what it is that makes this kind of metalwork so very special. He has written extensively about the kind of metal that was used during this time. He has also done many other actions to help bring national and international attention to it.

So Much Love

Zomber is one of a new breed of collectors and historians who want to help the public appreciate and love the kind of objects they see in front of them. He and others who are not Japanese have been given access to the ability to visit to Japan and speak with historians and experts here about the use of such magnificent techniques. It is with his help that awareness has been raised about the power of the swords and the ability of such ancient crafters to still call out to us today. This is why so many people look to him for help.

Bury Bad Articles Pushes Bad News Down

The fact is that every business person or individual with a presence online might find negative comments or articles about them. Negative remarks, articles, and criticisms by a third party could seriously impact one’s online reputation. Some of those negative comments might make it to the top of the search engine results. Many people have searched Google for their name or business and discovered that surprising fact. Imagine their shock at discovering those negative articles and comments. Certainly, it would cause concern if customers, acquaintances, or business associates discovered those negative reviews or comments. However, there is something that they could do to push negative articles down in search engine results.

Key to Pushing Negative Articles Down
The best way to push those negative articles down in the search engine results is to write positive articles, comments, and remarks about your business or personal profile. Of course, it is going to take a fair amount of time, but it is a feasible move. Of course, SEO skills will come in handy. All material submitted should be optimized for the search engines. Don’t stop with just one article or comment. Keep busy, submitting material on a daily basis. For example, start with social media. Create a positive profile on all the top social media sites. Update them on a regular basis. Build a website or a blog. Add information to the site on a daily basis. Always optimize those pages for the search engines. Create a Press Release and submit to all the top sites. Build links to all the positive pages that you’ve created. Of course, this is going to take time, but don’t give up. However, it is also a feasible move to hire a reputation management company like Bury Bad Articles to handle this difficult task.

Bury Bad Articles
Bury Bad Articles is an online reputation management company that provides a very important service for people that have discovered bad press online about their company or their profile. They will bury negative search results, comments, and remarks. They wind up so deep that people will not find them included on search engine results. Contact them for more information.

Alexei Beltyukov and the Rise of Endemic Capital

Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov, CEO and founder of Endemic Capital, is a wise investor. While Beltyukov is wise with investing his own money, he is also the “go-to” investor for those companies that are seeking financing during their early stages. This Russian based company is known for helping entrepreneurs get the boost they need to start their business and get the funding they need long-term for their business in Russia or other parts of the world.

Endemic sees beyond the startup, but rather they are looking into the future. The ability to help entrepreneurs start and run a successful business is nothing new for Beltyukov. Experienced investors and entrepreneurs, along those with vast managerial experience, make up the team at Endemic Capital.

With so many startups happening around the world, there is a high interest in startups for companies that start projects based upon technology, but at this time, Endemic is open to most new and emerging fields. There are multiple stages at which Endemic chooses to be involved including:

Round A

Projects at Endemic generally range from 50-100k, meaning that projects that get backing from Endemic are most likely to experience rapid growth.

Wise investing takes time, with as much as information as necessary up front so that the team of investors can see what is needed most to get started. Renewable energy, technology, and both industries working together are the type of companies that Endemic is interested in.

LinkedIn shows that Beltyukov takes great care in not only his business endeavors but also in selecting the causes he gives to. One of his greatest passions outside of investing is ensuring that education is at the forefront for young people in Russia. He knows that without the proper education, the chance that these young entrepreneurs will be able to build a viable business is slim.

With a solid foundation in education and business training with the top leaders and entrepreneurs in the country, Beltyukov believes that Russia is destined for greatness.  Beltyukov has taken that educational foundation to the next level, which is creation and implementation of Solvy.  His life’s work, that’s geared towards helping the youth of Russia take their ability to learn to the next level.

Sanjay Ray and Austism Rocks

Financier, philanthropist, charitable foundation director and entrepreneur Sanjay Ray recently gave an interview concerning his work in founding the charitable foundation Autism Rocks. The talk was given on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio show, hosted by Eric Dye. In the talk, Ray stressed the importance for business founders to have a clear vision of their goals, while also paying attention to the practical aspects of founding a business. Two of the most important aspects, practically speaking, are being clear about how much money is really needed to get an enterprise off the ground, and knowing that you can’t do it all yourself.

A Great Passion For Work

Sanjay Ray knows where he is coming from, business-wise. His London based brokerage firm, Solo Capital, was founded by Ray based on his years of accounting and business creation experience. More recently he began a charitable organization called Autism Rocks, which creates rock music events that raise money for research on the neurological disorder.

Ray started the charity in 2014 after his young son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the illness. Ray was deeply affected by his son’s condition, and saw that more work was needed to help patients to deal with the disease. He used his feelings for his son to help inspire himself to action, so he combined his passion for music with his knowledge of finance to help raise funds. The overall goal of Autism Rocks is to open the doors to more research and more understanding of the disorder, so that better treatment can be developed.

Austism Rocks’ most recent major rock music event was a major music festival in April of 2016. The event boasted major groups like Tyga and Flo Rida as performers. For more information about Autism Rocks and its upcoming shows, go to the website at

A New Way To Invest: iFunding

iFunding is a website that allows its user to crowdfund money, which is basically fundraising, in order for the creator of the campaign to be able to invest in commercial real estate. The first dinner will be held at the world renowned Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York City on January 27th, 2016. It is often believed that one must have a substantial amount of capital in order to invest in real estate. iFunding allows those without access to large amounts of capital to invest in real estate and build a better future for themselves.

The whole theory behind iFunding is that someone acts as a portfolio manager for a particular investment and people who are looking to invest in commercial property browse through the avaliable listings on iFunding until they find a particular investment that suits their needs. They are able to make an investment with at least $5,000, when you traditionally you would need at least $50,000. Once they have found the particular investment that they are interested in, they rely on other potential investors who are browsing looking for potential investments that suit them best, to invest and so on and so forth until the amount of funds to be raised that was originally set for the campaign, is raised. Once the goal is reached, the individual investor now owns a percentage of the real estate that he or she she has chosen to invest in. If the amount set for the campaign was not reached, then the funds are returned to each individual investor at no additonal charge or fees.

iFunding was created by CEO and founder William Skelley. Before launching iFunding, Skelley was involved in advising clients on transactions that accounted for a staggering $2 billion across various capital structures. Williams was also a principal at Rose Park Advisers, which is a hedge fund created by the Harvard Business School alumni, Clayton Christensen. It is because of Skelley’s experience in multiple roles within the high finance world, that iFunding is a innovative investment opportunity and sure to stick around for the long haul.

It is noted that William Skelley and other members of the company invest in the some of the commercial property that is listed on the site, to ensure its users that they are legit. With plans to open up in the Asian real estate market, iFunding is ready to create a new way to invest in real estate.

Bob Reina’s Leadership At Talk Fusion Convinced Me To Join

Truly the best service in video communication I have ever come across in my experience in direct selling is a service that is provided by Talk Fusion. Their video communication platform is like no other I have seen, and I have tested out quite a few of the other services out there. I was disappointed by the connectivity rate of the other companies. Also, those other companies were pricier, and they didn’t have as much to offer as Talk Fusion.

I feel like I lucked out when I found out about Talk Fusion through one of my partners. I was looking for a way to communicate with a few peers in another part of the country, and one of my partners showed me the video communication company that he uses. Talk Fusion has been my go to service for everything related to video and audio messaging and communications since I found out about them. They have great products, like webinar services and mobile conferencing options.

Leadership That Counts

When I had used Talk Fusion for a couple months, I started reading about their founder and CEO. This man is an incredible inspiration in the direct selling industry. Bob Reina has set up a few successful companies in his lifetime, but Talk Fusion is probably the most useful to people in direct selling and people outside of the industry. He also set up the company called Cash Card Worldwide that he ran as its president. Bob Reina’s life before he got into direct selling is pretty interesting as well.

Bob Reina was always a bold communicator. He was actually a police officer for sometime after he got out of college at the University of South Florida. He graduated at the top of his training class in the Tampa police academy. He also earned a special recognition there, the metal of merit. When he was a cop, on his off time, he was approached about direct selling. He was actually at a restaurant with his church group at the time. Bob Reina has since had a vision for his success.

The Manse On Marsh Facility In San Luis Obispo

Living a hassle-free life is vital for your health and overall well-being if you are in your retirement years or nearing that age. These simple questions can help you develop an understanding about what you are looking for in a living facility. What are the features that you need in a living facility? How well does a particular program or feature work for you needs and budget? What type of environment can you expect from the facility? In the heat of the moment, it is difficult to select between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Nursing homes are expensive and designed for people with serious health conditions. Assisted living facilities, on the other hand, take a straight-forward approach to solving your daily challenges and help you recover.

The Manse on Marsh is one such assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo that has come up with features and programs that will help every senior regain control over their life. Covering everything from fresh meals, accommodation to transportation and medical care, this facility will guide you to better lifestyle whether you have been able to do the task independently or want to rely on caretakers. An informed senior is the best senior and this facility will help you through the process from sign up to living a peaceful life.

The Manse on Marsh is designed specifically for seniors who feel vulnerable. This is the kind of facility that will provide trust. This is where seniors can turn for help whether they are seeking help from a caretaker or doctor. Seniors need to move beyond the mindset of fear and anxiety and this facility has programs to develop courage throughout their life. As you seek information from this facility, there are so many reasons why you need to be much more proactive and select the right option. Your health and well-being will flourish with the right combination of the options available at the Manse on Marsh. You may benefit from the incredible features that they offer on a daily basis. This is the place where you can have a social life with other residents who are in similar situation like yours.

There, patients and health professionals can make the decision based on health conditions.’s review says that the physicians will create a plan for residents in need and make sure they are in good health all the time. There are many many examples where residents have had treatment here and restored their quality of life. The aim of this facility is to encourage people to be healthy skeptics and select right from wrong. Their aim is to provide necessary features that will be helpful for the seniors to live a peaceful and clutter-free life as well.  Check out the Manse blog for further info.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Rise to Coriant

In 2013, Nokia Siemens Network formed the technology company, Coriant. They did not, however, invent the Coriant technology. The technology was first invented in Munich, Germany in the 1990s. Nokia simply borrowed this invention and used it for its company. On May 6 of the companies creation, Coriant was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners. Since then, Marlin has merged Coriant with Sycamore and Tellabs. The combined companies are now all known as Coriant. Today this giant technology company is run by Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir was educated at Cornell University, where he earned his B.A., M.A., and PhD. in electrical engineering. He has since had a long career of executive positions. He started his reign at the top with GTE Laboratories in 1987. Prior to this position, he was in top positions at GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks. In 2000 GTE and Bell Atlantic combined to form the telecommunications company, Verizon Communications. Kheradpir was made one of the leaders at this new company and soon rose to become the top man.

Under Kheardpir’s leadership, Verizon became the leading telecommunications company the world over. He revolutionized the industry and the world by breaking his massive workforce into innovation teams. The workers, numbering 7,000 strong, worked almost constantly to churn out its steady stream of inventions. He also helped the company enormously by cutting spending in various areas. In January of 2011, Kheradpir joined the team of London-based bank, Barclays, as its COO. In 2013, he ascended to become Barclays first technology executive of the top executive team.

In January of 2014, he became CEO of Juniper Networks. In 2013, Kheradpir joined private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners. This is how he ended up at Coriant since, as mentioned, Marlin Equity owned the technology company. He was soon afterward named CEO of Coriant. This position had previously been filled by Pat DiPietro who became Coriant’s vice-chairman.

Technology Firm Coriant Marches Into the Future

As the future becomes more and more about connections and staying connected, companies and people around the world have rushed to fill the need to have connections that are reliable. The telecommunications industry has become increasingly important in our daily life. Now more than ever we need to have reliable forms of communication at our fingertips. Companies such as Coriant have done their best to help provide the best possible services to their clients. They know that their clients look to them to continue to develop data networks that are ever faster and yet even more reliable than our current networks.

Coriant is a cutting edge firm that is headed by skilled telecommunications specialist Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir is has many years of experience in this field. He has held multiple positions in various parts of the telecommunications field where his leadership skills have long been recognized and admired. Kheradpir earned his degrees in this area at Cornell University in update New York. His work in telecommunications has also included original research that has helped make the communications field much faster and more responsive to the needs of today’s affluent and educated consumers who have come to expect such services from their providers.

In taking charge of Coriant, Kheradpir hopes to continue his tradition of excellence and provide new ways for the company to grow and better serve the needs of their clients. He knows that any technology company must be fully prepared to confront any and all challenges in the market today as well as the needs of their clients for skilled help in confronting any problems that may arise. His years of customer service have helped him figure out innovative ways to assist his clients in solving such problems and doing so in ways that take full advantage of new kinds of technological advances.

Many employees of Coriant know that the company must be prepared at all times to respond to the needs of their clients. They also know that Coriant must look to the future as it begins to expand and grow. This kind of vision has proved vital since the company was founded in 2013. Company officials have consistently sought out the best possible employees to help them provide the kind of quality services they need to be able to have a satisfied based of customers. Many customers have been pleased to work with them as well.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Twitter