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Livio Bisterzo Of Green Park Holdings Is Helping To Revolutionize The Snack Food Industry

The wildly popular chickpea puff snacks in the bright yellow bags named Hippeas are made by a company named Green Park Holdings. The founder and CEO of Green Park Holdings is an entrepreneur and married father named Livio Bisterzo.

After receiving a Degree from the University of the Arts in London in the early-2000s, the Italian-born Mr. Livio Bisterzo began his entrepreneurial career. With a strong background in men’s grooming products, and the organic food and beverage industry, Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015.

While in the process of creating Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo and company wanted to introduce a product that is appealing to the Millennial generation. Hippeas chickpea puffs have successfully tapped into this group’s interest in health and nutrition, while providing a tasty, fun-to-eat snack food.

Before Hippeas were introduced to the public, an extensive amount of product development had to be done. It was imperative that the puff snacks possessed exactly the right flavor, texture and crunch.

The marketing campaign that promotes the Hippeas product is unique and quite creative. With the play-on-word concept of Hippeas suggesting that the name is synonymous with hippies, the snack product is appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers. Half-a-dozen cleverly named varieties of the chickpea puffs are available in flavors such as sriracha, fajita and hickory BBQ.

Proving that the company is truly interested in giving back, and helping to make the world a better place, Green Park Holdings regularly donates a portion of its sales to an African farm-relief organization.

LIVIO Bisterzo is a brilliant, forward-thinking CEO who believes in producing products that are not only delicious and healthy, but are also capable of making a positive social impact.

With Livio Bisterzo at the helm, Green Park Holdings is poised to become a major player in the competitive snack food industry. The company’s Hippeas are now sold in more than 15,000 stores in the United States and United Kingdom.

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Evolutionary Activist Philanthropist and Pro-Israel, Adam Milstein

Under the former title name of the Leaders of Israel for the Diaspora Community (LDC), the members had embraced the unique identity of changing the name of the organization to the Israeli American Community (IAC)in mainly focusing on Jewish, Israeli and American people who lived in the United States. The ideal of staying connected to the community was to form one organization one movement. It indicates that the community was family orient and exemplified taking care of their own. Part of the culture and values that it held did not matter who or where the people of the community are located, it was about standing up for the belief and the history. Building educational institutions transpired the traditions of heritage into future generations grasping broader Jewish community platforms that IAC would still be in existence.

Mr. Milstein recently attended a conference to speak on behave of enlightening the young Israeli community of becoming successful in business and philanthropy. Elaborating on active sponsors in 27 states reaching 250,000 Americans of Israeli descendents connecting to Jewish like never before and more have been added since. He refers to the bible on several occasions and the traditions of being a philanthropist under Jewish contribution. Being a giver of 10% is better than being a receiver which is part of the investor’s obligation or funding of growing the resources for the community.

Mr. Adam Milstein born in Haifa,Israel had developed his resources through personal experiences. Describing himself as an active philanthropist, he and his family moved to America to pursue their ambitions and education. He evolved with many organizations over the years along with business partners and began to search for avenues of how to expand the legacy and movement. Implementing a foundation and goal to connect with the children and grandchildren of many generations to come. The American Jewish people who are descends from Israeli must incorporate the philanthropist does not get involved with all of the organizations that are supported; however, the contributions are carefully selected and it eliminates the form of redundancy to build a reputable relationship with an organization.

During one of Mr. Milstein’s life lessons of learning was to never get too confident with your allies because the circumstances could have an astounding effect on your experience. Implementing his father’s business in real estate construction and development of growing the business, his passion statement and mission goal was to commit to the American Jewish people. His education was highly tailored under a Masters Degree of Business Administration from the University of Southern Los Angeles California. As a chair and co-founder, his funding and sponsorship of various organizations were to network the resources for the Jewish community and avenues of international families and in the United States.