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Ashley Brasier Journey to Lightspeed Venture

Ashley Brasier’s Childhood dream was to be an Architect. She enjoyed working with a dad as she draws some sketches. Ashley worked as a consultant at Bain & Company soon after graduating from Duke University. She earned a B.A in Visual Arts and Media Studies. Her studies at Duke University and in Copenhagen nurtured her love for consumer businesses. Within two years of work at Bain & Company, Ashley was promoted to Senior Associate Consultant. A year later, she joined Thumbtack as a Category Manager. Here Ashley Lightspeed dealt with events and wedding organization. She witnessed the company make millions in terms of profits. Experience at Thumbtack exposed her to the world of venture capital. This experience made her go back to school to study Business at Stanford’s Graduate School. She started her own consulting company while studying at Stanford. Ashley applied what she learned in her consulting firm. She has been working with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. See full article at

Her career life took a new turn when she started getting referrals. She has since worked with various startup companies. Ashley joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2018, and her role is to advise portfolio companies.

Working with various companies made her understand the different hurdles that can hinder a company’s growth and development. Through experience, Ashley Lightspeed knows that a company demands independent attention. Therefore, she takes her time to examine each company’s business plan, then address any pending concern: This gives her ideas on how to advise and help a company on an individual level.

Currently, Ashley Lightspeed works closely with startup companies to craft their strategic growth. She understands the need to invest in the tech business. What attracted her to Lightspeed is its involvement with digital media. Lightspeed has invested in Snapchat, Cheddar, and Goop, which are giants in the digital media platforms. Related:

Isabel dos Santps Explains How Agriculture Can Change Africa In The Future

With a personal fortune of more than $2 billion earned on her own work and ability to fight for the future of herself and her family, Isabel dos Santos has become one of the leading business leaders in Africa. The Angolan entrepreneur has spent the majority of her career seeking to advance the cause of women in business across the African continent with her philanthropic work taking in the development of clean water programs across the nation of Angola.

In the last few years, Isabel dos Santos has been looking at how best to aid the people of Angola and the African continent by bringing greater access to agricultural practices to create more opportunities. The culture of Angola and Africa does not generally provide women with access to the entrepreneurial world or to the developing world of the internet. For Isabel dos Santos, the main problem she saw was finding a way of achieving the business goals women in Angola could find access to while helping shift the culture to become more open and gender-neutral. A successful businesswomen Isabel eventually found herself looking at the agricultural sector as the main source of philanthropy for herself and a way of pushing women to achieve more than they could imagine in the future.

Women have already involved in the development of the agricultural sector and those in rural areas are often in charge of family-owned land. Isabel dos says bringing the agricultural sector into the modern age with internet access for rural parts of Angola will aid further female entrepreneurial activities. Pointing to the rising middle-classes in Angola, dos Santos explains the changing diet of most Angolan’s is being matched across Africa with better quality and more diverse foods called for by many. by bringing greater levels of internet access to the people of Angola and the wider continent of Africa, Isabel dos Santos believes she can help women across the nation achieve more than ever before as they fight for their rights. Click here.


Nitin Khanna Notes The Key To Success In Business

Nitin Khanna has spent several decades in the investment world, with much of this being at the helm of his own companies. Throughout this time, his investment portfolio has included quite a significant number of industries, with this diverse range helping him to minimize the risk involved in his investments. However, Nitin Khanna was first involved in the technology industry, with his first company, Saber Corp, achieving a considerable amount of success in the niche. The Portland-based Saber Corp was founded in 1997 and quickly grew to be the largest IT solutions company serving state governments.

After a few years with Saber Corp, Nitin Khanna sold the technology firm to industry giant EDS before working with the larger business for a few years afterward. However, Khanna soon left the company to continue on his own path, which led to him founding MergerTech, a technology-focused investment and financial advice company that began to expand relatively quickly. As CEO of the firm, Khanna led the majority of the company’s more prominent negotiations and strategies, which subsequently led to success and continued expansion. Aside from MergerTech, Khanna has been involved with a few other companies in recent years.

One prominent example was Cura Cannabis Solutions, which he founded in 2015 to capitalize on the relatively young cannabis market in the United States, which has been growing considerably in recent years. Nitin Khanna has also been involved with philanthropic causes, such as the Portland Children’s Museum and the Urban League of Portland, where he served as a board member.

Though the companies that Nitin Khanna has been involved in have been spread across a broad range of industries, his leadership with them has had a few things in common. One of the most significant of these is the fact that he’s always been execution-focused. Khanna has highlighted the fact that having an idea for a business can be relatively easy; acting on and executing the idea successfully is what takes work, and is one of the more notable aspects of what differentiates winners and losers in an industry. This is especially true given the fact that there can be hundreds of potential competitors at any given time.

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Invest the Right Way with Isabel dos Santos

In order to become a prosperous and successful person, you have to be good at investing and managing your finances. Accomplishing your purpose and goals in life simply means that you know how to handle problems well, create wise solutions, have the correct mindset, and you are driven. Most successful people in life like Isabel dos Santos who knows precisely how to run her own business, contribute to her country by reaching out to the people, and she encourages others to do the same. She pushes people to move forward and to take advantage of their skills and abilities without any fear or doubt. The people of Africa are motivated by dos Santos because of her integrity and her accountability for her actions. She has been continuously supporting the people of Angola and Africa as a whole.

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According to the supervisor of Isabel dos Santos, they are staying in Portugal. Mario Leite da Silva is the supervisor of the Angolan businesswoman in Portugal. He stated that her investments simply show that they are in it for the long run and that they have a long-term perspective. Isabel dos Santos and the history of their investments in Portugal show that whenever they enter and engage in investments, they always make sure that they are entering into a stable and long-lasting perspective. This helps them create value, invest more, build qualified jobs. Da Silva has been one of the most loyal and committed managers of dos Santos. He said all the things that he wanted to say at the end of the visit of the European commissioner Carlos Moedas to Efacec.

Winterfell is a company that is being controlled by Isabel dos Santos and ENDE holds a stake that possesses approximately 75% of the capital of Efacec. According to the representative of both companies, the shareholders are certainly satisfied with their accomplishments and the overall results. They were able to demonstrate the proper strategy that they needed. It can be clearly seen that Isabel dos Santos and Mario Leite da Silva knows how to invest properly and to handle any situation they are in. Learn more:

Ashley Lightspeed Creating Her World


Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur, investor and recently, a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is an intelligent and adventurous entrepreneur, enthusiastic about bringing creativity to her work. She holds a BA degree from Duke University and an MBA from Stanford University. She worked for Bain & Company after graduating from Duke and startup companies such as Thumbtack, BetterUp, and Fundbox. It is through these spaces that she gained her knowledge and skill and aligned her career towards her creative goal. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

Her creative dream

As a child, she admired her father’s architectural creative work, and even though her career took a business turn, her interests lie in creating and developing new products, ideas, services, and business models. Ashley Lightspeed’s fascination for creative work while growing up had her attending summer camps for young designers, and from there she learned a principle that she continues to apply in her work till today; ‘measure twice, cut once.’

At work, no new idea or product gets a free pass. Ashley Lightspeed tests every new project with prototypes for the products and frameworks for the ideas, and this has significantly worked in her favor. Ashley has become one of the pillars for the success of companies such as Fundbox and BetterUp.

Her amazing role

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in businesses, Ashley Lightspeed has the delightful privilege to work with early-stage startups. Here, she brings and works out her creative genius, meeting new ideas, challenges and formulating solutions. She has paved her path of creativity in the business industry, helping startups in growth strategy. She continues to use her knowledge and love for creating new products to grow in the vision of Lightspeed. In the years to come, Lightspeed Ventures will be the it-thing in the business industry. See more:

Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Ventures

Ashley Lightspeed currently works at Lightspeed Ventures; her primary role is to invest in start-up firms. She helps them discover their development strategies and to achieve their dreams. Ashley has helped a lot of organizations grow. She believes that any organization can become successful with the required resources and business plan. Ashley began working at Lightspeed shortly after completing her studies at Stanford GSB. Her studies at Stanford helped her decide on supporting other firms to expand. During that time Ashley was also working on opening her own business. She wanted to help individuals all over. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley Lightspeed has used business prototyping and craftsmanship to develop businesses. According to her prototyping can be used for any business strategy. During the period she was employed for different firms she used prototyping to create markets, generate business opportunities and look for consumers. Prototyping has been a useful element to her; for all the firms she has worked for she has contributed a lot to the growth of their profit margins. She also uses craftsmanship and encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to use it to create a great customer base.

Craftsmanship is where an entrepreneur develops a business plan or a new product while considering the consumer’s needs. Craftsmanship helps business personnel to understand their consumer more and to identify goods or services that are in high demand. Through craftsmanship, consumers are assured of getting quality goods according to their requirements. Ashley Lightspeed had worked for two other firms before joining Lightspeed Ventures. She had worked at Bain for a few years; her work at Bain was the first time she got employment. She also worked at Thumbtack as a Category Manager; her principal role was to plan events and create a stable customer base for the company. Ashley is a focused and determined individual who will do anything to achieve what she wants.

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Whitney Wolfe looks to expand beyond tech in 2019

In the October 2018, issue of Marie Claire, Whitney Wolfe, the creator of Bumble, sat down with the publication to discuss everything from lawsuits to her plans for expanding the location-based dating application in 2019.

The success of the Bumble is due to Whitney Wolfe and her professional approach of winding things down for her team at the end of each week. She achieves this by treating the staff of sixty employees to weekly manicures in the dedicated glam room at the Bumble headquarters in Austin. It’s no surprise Wolfe was able to co-found Tinder, also start and grow the Bumble app very quickly since 2014. See more of Whitney Wolfe at Business Insider.

So far in 2018, Whitney Wolf and Bumble have seen continued growth of their application. Earlier in the year Wolfe and Bumble received a lawsuit from after she declined to accept their acquisition offer for Bumble for a cool four hundred million dollars in February 2018. In April, Kris Jenner announced she was using the Bumble Bizz, their professional networking service to hire her next assistant. Wolfe and Bumble also looked to leave a mark in the world of plutonic friendships by adding Bumble BFF, a feature to connect with new friends. This feature already surpassed three million users. In August, Whitney Wolfe also launched the Bumble Fund, a capital venture group that will only look to invest in women-led businesses.

In 2019, Whitney Wolfe plans to continue to grow the business through several creative approaches for the technology company. Bumble will look to expand into the beauty game by launching two products to help users solve skin care and emotional issues according to the company. The company worked for many months with psychotherapist and dermatologist to develop products that address the problem of oily skin.

Lastly, in 2019 the Bumble founder looks to aim at ending misogyny. Wolfe plans to do this by working with legislators to change the law and making it illegal to send folks unsolicited pictures of genitalia and making it a severe offense just like flashing someone in public.