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Dr. Clay Siegall Is Dedicated To Find A Cure For Cancer

Shockingly, the National Cancer Institute claims that 40% of women and men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States alone. The medical industry faces tough challenges and pressure to research and develop drugs that can help create a cure. Traditionally, radiation and chemotherapy were the most used treatments to fight cancer. Doctors, researchers and geneticists are using the advancement of human genetics to find other forms of treatment. The revolution of genomic medicine is giving doctors the ability to customize care based on their patients’ genetic code. The goal is to it to make genome sequencing just as normal as tissue biopsies or blood tests.

Seattle Genetics is a company founded by Dr. Clay Siegall, and focuses on marketing and developing new cancer drugs that can help extend ones life. The technology they use to create anti-body based therapies is unsurpassed. They research has treated lymphomas, which attack your white blood cells and immune system. Siegall and Seattle Genetics have also made advancements in treating bladder and breast cancers. In one year alone, the Federal Drug Administration approved over 20 treatments for a dozen different types of cancer.

Prior to founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, Dr. Siegall graduated with a Ph.D. in genetics and a degree in zoology. He was inspired to get into the field of cancer research after watching his father die of the disease. He worked for 17 years at the National Institute of Health and then moved on to Bristol-Meyer Squibb as a pharmaceutical researcher. He currently is the President, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also has served on the board of directors of Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. Seattle Genetics is known as the biggest biotech company in the Pacific Northwest.

The quest for cancer treatment by Dr. Clay Siegal

There has been a significant increase in the establishments of government cancer research centers all over the world, this is due to a continued surge in the number of people developing this deadly disease. The aim of establishing these centers mainly is to conduct various experiments that would eventually lead to the finding of a cure. In regards to this, many private research centers are also cropping up to take on this task of also finding a treatment for cancer. One good example of such a cancer research facility is Seattle Genetics that was started by Dr. Clay Siegall way back in 1998.

This research center has for many years been responsible for developing of various types of medications used in the treatment of a number of diseases. All these medications have been developed and carefully tested and approved by the FDA

for use by the public. One good example of such a drug that was produced by the Seattle Genetics research center is the first ever antibody drug conjugate. This was developed under the watchful supervision of Dr. Clay Siegall and was later approved by the FDA. The research facility also boasts on more than twenty now being used for treatment with other drugs undergoing medical trials and development.

Dr. Siegall interest in medicine and research sparked when he was a little boy and this motivated him to pursue a science course in Maryland University (Zoology).Dr. Clays’ educational background also saw him earn his Ph. D in genetics at George Washington University.

When still in his first year of his undergraduate study at the University sad news reached him about a member of his family being diagnosed with melanoma. What made him sad the most was the ruthless and painful measures that were used while treating the disease. This awakened his childhood interest in medicine and research and as fate would have it he landed himself in the field of oncology a few years later. This became his new-found home as he now dedicated his time, resources and energy towards developing better and new ways of performing cancer therapies and never losing the hopes of one day finding a cure.

Therefore, it is worth acknowledging that Dr. Clay Siegall has played a very pivotal role in the transformation of how cancer therapies are done. He has also aided in improving the quality of these treatments used while reducing the effects they have on patients.