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CCMP Capital Assigns New Managing Director

CCMP Capital Advisors started off their year with an announcement that caught many off guard. It’s rather common in the world of finance to see a firm end their year with layoffs or start their year with strategic restructuring that may or may not hint at a new direction they may be taking in the future. For CCMP Capital, it’s biggest hire of the new year may be an indicator of where they’re going next.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital announced that they recently hired Robert Toth as their new Managing Director. Toth comes with a history in investment, particularly in the markets of chemicals and industrial products and services.

With over 30 working in the corporate world, and holding the positions of CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polypore International, Inc., Toth seems like an ideal choice to head CCMP Capital. With this firm’s expanded portfolio, taking on many clients in the tech sector, Toth’s experience in that area would be of use here.

Leaders at CCMP Capital seemed enthusiastic with Toth’s hire, citing his knowledge in the industrial and tech sectors in order to add value to the firm’s portfolio with new acquisitions, pointing to a new direction the firm is going down.

Restructuring on this level, with the use of new leadership, is essential for financial firms to keep their staff primed to meet the changes of their work in the coming year. This is the most substantial change CCMP Capital has adopted since the loss of their former President and CEO Stephen Murray, whose death halted trading for months, disrupting the firm’s normal operating schedule, impacting their clients. With the leadership of the firm restructured, and the importance placed on acquiring new markets, it seems that CCMP Capital has discovered a new path forward since the loss of such an important member to their leadership.

Stephen Murray worked at CCMP Capital for 26 years, ending his career with the firm as its CEO and President at the age of 52. During his time with the firm, Murray have been involved with nearly every division of the firm, even being present from its time with Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan until those banks merged and the firm eventually gained its independence from these partners.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was very active outside of his professional career in finance, doing a lot of work as a philanthropist. In New York City, Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and his alma matter Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray stepped down from his leadership position in April of 2015 due to health complications that eventually led to his passing according to the New York Post. CCMP Capital’s Chairman, Greg Brenneman announced Murray’s passing to the public before taking over his positions as President and CEO of the firm.