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Sujit Choudhry: Is the President Above the Law?

Sujit Choudhry, a comparative constitutional law and politics expert, recently reviewed the issue of President Donald Trump’s claims to the authority to pardon himself. The President confirmed that the administration later dismissed the matter with assertions that he has done nothing wrong that calls for pardoning. Sujit Choudhry confirmed the pardon powers of the President based on Article II Section 2 of the United States Constitution that empowers the President to give pardons for offenses except for impeachment. However, the statement does not state whether the President should pardon himself or not. Remarkably, the issue has come up severally in American history, starting from the resignation of President Nixon, who was granted a pre-emptive pardon by his successor. A more recent case is during the reign of President Bill Clinton. President Bill pardoned himself after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The federal judge at the time noted that that the issue had been left inconclusive, concluding that the President has the authority to pardon himself.

Sujit Choudhry affirmed that the President had increased interest in his authority to pardon. This was after a visit by Kim Kardashian at the White House to argue in favor of Alice Johnson, who had been in prison for more than two decades for drug-related convictions even though her crimes were non-violent. The President lately pardoned numerous persons, including Dinesh D’Souza, Joe Arpaio, a former Sheriff in Arizona, Scooter Libby, and Jack Johnson. Various commentators suggested that the President is exercising the pardon powers in a bid to pardon the targets of the United States Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation, claims that the President denied. Sujit Choudhry spots an interest by the public in whether the President should pardon himself, citing the act as political suicide. The public analysts perceive that such action would be on the grounds of impeachment. Sujit Choudhry pinpoints another argument largely overlooked that there is no evidence in existence proving that the Constitution makers intended the President to have more power than the English monarch, where the King had a royal entitlement of mercy towards other people. About the monarch, it is concluded that the President cannot pardon himself.

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Tigerswan Role in Political Risk Management

James Reese TigerswanRisks are the future uncertainties that could cause harm. People, nations, and even organizations are faced with different risks. Political risk is one that affects the three at the same and causes a lot of instability. It is therefore wise to set up ways of curbing such risks to avoid losses. Tigerswan is a global security consultancy firm that was founded by James Reese, a retired U.S Army Lieutenant. It is a company that has been equipped with qualified personnel to help either prevent, control, or reduce political Risk. This has helped it conquer in areas where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver.

As time passes by and technology keeps evolving, so should the political risk management strategies. Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart’s article, “Managing 21st Century Political Risk,” has explained how times have changed over the last two and a half decades politically. This has called in for a change in the way the whole situation is handled. In the past, these risks could be solved by just cold wars and defined borders in terms of opinions. Today according to Rice and Zegart, the affected political base includes “rising states, declining states, failed states, rogue states and non-state actors like terrorist groups and cybercriminals.” The previously set strategies, such as wars and defined borders, cannot resolve today’s political risks.

Tigerswan was established with a good understanding of the evolved 21st-century political uncertainty. It’s been able to capture the four major steps Illustrated by Rice and Zegart as a framework for global risk management:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • Being able to research more about the Risk
  • How to reduce exposure to the Risk
  • How to effectively respond, in case the Risk occurs

Every of its personnel understands the political Risk they are faced within each level of their work. They all know the processes of responding to the Risk and eliminating it as soon as they can. This ensures they are all alert and ready to control it and reduce losses.

Among the different departments at this firm are the global security operations center, the crisis management experts, and the guardian angel platform. These are some of the key sectors that help deal with the various political risks, with every department playing a key role. The global security operations center helps in understanding the anticipated Risk. The crisis management experts use their military intelligence to configure the threats and reduce the Risk. The guardian angel platform uses advanced technology to check the different information systems and try to detect any threat that could arise from the data streams. Every department plays a significant role in managing risk.

Tigerswan has had successful projects in risky danger zones such as the Middle East, where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver. Among some of those projects are;

Reconstruction of the 39 Villas in Saudi Arabia.

This was a 720 days project. It was faced with the responsibility of undoing the previous structures, reconstructing the villas, and providing security during the entire project.

Roofing of the four, 100-room quarters for Marine Corps in North Carolina

It was entrusted with furnishing the apartments with quality security equipment such as generators, lights, landscaping, and water retention ponds. The roofing of the apartments was done correctly with a clear mark of professionalism.

Saudi Arabia’s Gate Entry and Watchtower

This involved building a gatehouse and watchtower with robust security, as stated in their contract.

Being a firm that has always delivered whenever called upon, it has earned its name internationally. Also, working closely with qualified personnel and its flexibility to change are some of the factors that have and will continue contributing significantly to its success.

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TJ Maloney Talks Business

A Brief Chat

Since launching in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has served as a lifeline to middle market firms across New York utilizing their extensive experience for over three decades. However, when CEO TJ Maloney stepped into a leadership role with the company, it had found the figurehead to take them into the new millennium and beyond. Maloney recently sat down for a short question and answer session covering a wide range of topics and offering readers valuable advice.

Business in the Blood

TJ Maloney was bit by the business bug early in life while working for his father’s businesses in roles such as collections, engineering, and quality control. After earning a bachelor’s at Boston College and Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University while serving on the Board of Trustees at both schools, Maloney would also take on the role of chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council. Following his time in college, he then went on to practice business law in New York City before finally arriving to Lincolnshire Management as the company’s current CEO and President.

A Day in the Life

After going into a little family background TJ Maloney is asked to describe a typical day for him on the job. He discusses how he starts the day with two cups of coffee while planning out his priorities. The key is a strong balance throughout the day between group tasks and independent projects.

Exploring New Horizons

According to TJ Maloney, acquiring a new business is an intricate process with many steps to it. Depending upon the industry this might include bringing in an outside consultant in some instances if necessary. In a general sense, it involves a collaborative effort with all team members involved in the decision making process.

Trust is Vital

Maloney talks about good habits such as a desire to continuously learn and grow, as well as looking for ways to improve the business at all levels. He also advises his younger self and others to trust their instincts with business investments.

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Jingdong And Agility Join to Boost the Supply of JD’s Products Across the Borders’s JD Logistics struck a deal with the Agility to collaboratively operate in an effort that will ease the access of’s products in the fastest-growing markets. Both JD Logistics and Agility are Logistics Companies, whereby Agility is the leading Logistics Company in the world while JD Logistics majorly operates in China. After signing the Memorandum of Understanding, the two Logistics Companies will have a focus on the procurement, logistics, and retail of Jingdong’s products across the borders of the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Africa.

Agility will use its strong air freight capacity in Southeast Asia to provide the services of cross-border business-to-Customer (B2C) of the products. They will also offer the Business-to-Business (B2B) warehouse in the area. Agility will also provide two primary services in the Middle East and Africa on behalf of Firstly, it will be the first logistics company for Jingdong. Secondly, Agility will help in clearing customs at terminals and deliver products for B2C: this will significantly bring an improvement in the JD Logistics’ Local Logistics System and lead in the completion of its transport service network.

The union of Agility and will, on the other hand, give rise to cross-border stump excursion and local Business-to-Customer services. It will promote the products with high quality that are either manufactured or assembled in Africa and the Middle East to Chinese merchants. Procuring and Retailing these products: will, in return, lead to a robust international supply chain for Jingdong. As extends its expertise in the industry and extends its logistics network, Agility will also grow its prominence to the Chinese, which will increase its overall operations efficiently.

While signing the MOU in Beijing during the 4th Global Supply Chain Summit of Jingdong, the Agility’s Chairperson, Henadi Al-Saleh said that this union would provide an opportunity for them to strengthen their efforts of exploring the emerging markets to deliver specialized services. They anticipate meeting the demand in these markets that are growing so fast by connecting businesses.

JD Logistics’ CEO, Zhenhui Wang, was confident that together with Agility, they would reach their customers through all the possible means of transport that will lead to a reduction of the costs amid increasing efficiency.

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Isabel dos Santos and the New Modernization of Africa

Today, Isabel dos Santos widely renowned as one of the most astute businesswomen of today, and through her many efforts within the entrepreneurial world, has garnered the title of “Africa’s Richest Woman.” From the beginning, Isabel dos Santos has been a trailblazer, navigating the volatile waters of a financial world that have been traditionally dominated by men – a fact that rings particularly true in her native Africa.

As the daughter of former Angolan President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she was able to glimpse the business world at a very young age, and due to constant support of her father regarding the trajectory of her future, she tackled her goals from a very unique coign of vantage. Despite her own individual successes, Isabel dos Santos believes that the unwavering support of her father was a key component of her unrelenting drive.

In understanding the effect that a life devoid of male suppression in the home had on her, she concludes that support from the male figures that dominate industry throughout Africa would undoubtedly be of supreme benefit for the women of the region that have long been held back. Through her entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts, dos Santos has risen to the forefront of African business, and become one of the most outspoken proponents of women’s rights.

While equality between men and women is often the preeminent issue regarding Isabel dos Santos’ philanthropy, she also views the development of communities in her native Angola, as well as throughout the continent of Africa, as an equally important problem to be addressed. According to dos Santos, growth, development, and sustainability have been sorely lacking throughout the continent, leaving necessities such as clean drinking water, viable sanitation, and proper medical treatment virtually nonexistent in many areas. It is her goal to help lead Africa into a new era of modernization – one in which essentials are no longer accessible to a select group. In order for this level of modernization to truly occur, it is her belief that women must be included, not as an afterthought, but as major contributors.

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Sujit Choudhry Influences Future World Leaders

Sujit Choudhry is an international scholar who has attained tremendous success in the interpretation and experience of the practice of law. Born in Delhi, India, Choudhry was heavily influences by his mother and father who constantly read him local newspapers and the CBC radio station throughout his childhood in Toronto, Canada. Although he is the first Indian native dean of a top law school, Sujit Choudhry’s greatest accomplishment has been his speeches and written works about constitutional law and it’s relation to several global issues.

With his vast knowledge of many cultures, Sujit Choudhry approaches constitutional law with a unique point of view. His messages and writings have been cited by several influential members of global society including the United Nations. Choudhry’s experience has afforded him the opportunity to serve as a consultant on the development of constitutions for various countries including Egypt, South Africa and Sri Lanka. As founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions, he has participated in the essay collection entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” which depicts the challenges that disputes over territory lines presents with the creation and implementation of a constitution.

The essay collection “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes case studies that provide a view about the real-life effects policy has on a nation. The text explores constitution policies of several countries and offers recommendations of how to best proceed with the creation of a constitution for a newly established government. Sujit Choudhry edited the collection in collaboration with George Anderson, a fellow United Nations consultant.

 The influence of educated scholars in the field help newly formed nations to establish a constitution that provides a foundation for a prosperous future. New leaders can reference works such as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” for explanation of constitutional law and advice on the complex nature that is involved with its inception. The new governments can draw from the vast experience and knowledge of scholars in constitutional law such as Sujit Choudhry.

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MaurícioMendonça Godoy and the Attitude of Patience

MaurícioMendonça Godoy has made clear that though his businesses are based in Brazil, his impact is meant to be international. He wants to make sure that his efforts are not limited simply to his country, as he knows that he is capable of affecting so much more.

It is not arrogance that he moves forward with but the simple knowledge that someone who is willing to demonstrate their commitment to their field of practice can climb as much as they would like. This is a reality MaurícioMendonça Godoy has been put in-tune with ever since he first decided to make his foray into investment in Brazil.

When this occurred years ago, he was introduced to the sheer number of variables that lie along the path to becoming successful, and this has done nothing but make him extremely grateful for the position he is in. He realizes that he is very lucky to be able to reach the entire world on such a great level, and he wants the rest of his community to know that he has not forgotten about them and will do whatever he can to ensure that they are given a proper future.

Something that MaurícioMendonça Godoy believes people have generally been lackluster on is our ability to look out for one another, and he wants to improve this over the course of his career. He believes that if we distribute goods more evenly, we would be able to eradicate millions of unnecessary deaths each year. MaurícioMendonça Godoy is the type of person to think about the benefits of progress.

It is these people who truly end up doing what they set out to do, and this is what he realized when he was studying the industry as a young boy. Knowing that there would be many trials that lay in his wake, he knew when he was a teenager that he would have to familiarize himself with the landscape before he set out. It is this cautious attitude that makes MaurícioMendonça Godoy one of the most desirable figures in his entire industry.

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Fashions’ Future is Bright at the Academy of Art University

If fashion is your forte, the Academy of Art University may be just the place for you! Boasting a beautiful campus in San Francisco, California, and an online option for those who can’t make the move, this University is one of the premiere art institutes in the United States.

The Academy of Art University thrives on building a community of students and graduates that support one another throughout the process of achieving dreams and taking on the global market in all things art. Even online students have the option of chatting with classmates in class discussion areas.

On September 9, 2017, the Academy had their 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square which included two collaborations between graduates. With seven collections provided by ten graduates of the University, this show proved to be yet another addition to the successes of this institution. The graduates proved to be a very diverse group, coming from not only all over the United States but ranging all the way to China. Even though these graduates spent countless days working on their collections, they literally only got “fifteen minutes of fame,” as that’s how long the runway show lasted.

 The designers’ inspirations came from many different places, with Hailun Zhou from China stating that hers came from the personal experience she gained while out and about on a random days conquests and Eden Slezin being inspired by his “love affair” with vintage denim. It is evident that these designers had put a lot of thoughts, feelings, and passion into their collections before constructing and presenting them; one of the many things that were taught to them at the Academy of Art University.

Within the aspirations and beautiful designs shown throughout the fashion show, it is evident that the University is producing graduates who are thriving in their fields. Not only do they offer degrees in fashion, but in an exuberant amount of fields within the art, media, and design world. This is a university that truly cares about growing the art community and providing well-educated people to contribute to an already budding industry.

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Boris Ivanov Gazprom On Remaining One Step Ahead

Boris Ivanov Gazprom knew that his passion rested in sales from a very young age. He has been doing everything within his power ever since he first discovered this piece of knowledge to secure a future in the field of business, and he has been shown to be especially helpful in developing businesses from the ground up. There is something about this organic process that seems to appeal to the talents of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and because of this, he continues to work extremely hard to cater to as many people as possible. Although he can, from time to time, find it difficult to continue to work given all the challenges and stress he is faced with on a daily basis, it is ultimately his passion in sales that helps him to continue to maintain a level head and push forward even in the hardest of times.

He has been known to persevere, and this is exactly what he has built his brand off of in recent times. Because he is so capable of making changes in the state of the world, and because he is so willing to make a genuine difference, he knows that he has to fully commit himself to his work. This is a small sacrifice for a man like him when compared to the prospect of helping people around the world.

Selflessness has always been in the nature of Boris Ivanov Gazprom, and he dislikes the current trend in the state of sales to secure a deal no matter what the cost might be. This is why he carefully considers the potential ramifications of every avenue he takes; he knows that any missteps could seriously cost not only his brand but the entire state of the world effectively. The field of business has always appealed to him because of the infinite potential to grow and shape the world around you, and this is why he wants to make sure to maintain a continuous level of care for his actions. As long as Boris Ivanov Gazprom does this much, he figures he will be one step ahead of his competitors.

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Territory And Power In Constitutional Transitions Is A Must Read

A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto University, Sujit Choudhry is nothing short of a master of comparative constitutional law and politics. He currently holds the prestigious position of Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and has served as advisor to many countries’ constitution building process during their transitions from war-torn and chaotic areas to ones striving for peace and prosperity.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry has had many publications. He is an author over over 100 literary pieces. Some of his books include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and most recently Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions in which he was a co-author with George Anderson.

The book is composed of a collection of essays detailing the multitude of challenges that arise when territorial disputes impede the development of constitutions. It contains 17 examples of extremely diverse countries and their issues with politics and culture. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom dealing with territorial disputes and political differences. Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson also provide a companion piece providing insight on territorial claims and how they affect the constitutional process and design, all the while offering advice for those in the current process of drafting a country’s constitution. Both the book and the companion piece have been hailed by many as a great work of literature and a wealth of knowledge.

Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is available on Amazon in both digital and traditional formats. And the companion piece is available for digital download.

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