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Ashley Brasier Journey to Lightspeed Venture

Ashley Brasier’s Childhood dream was to be an Architect. She enjoyed working with a dad as she draws some sketches. Ashley worked as a consultant at Bain & Company soon after graduating from Duke University. She earned a B.A in Visual Arts and Media Studies. Her studies at Duke University and in Copenhagen nurtured her love for consumer businesses. Within two years of work at Bain & Company, Ashley was promoted to Senior Associate Consultant. A year later, she joined Thumbtack as a Category Manager. Here Ashley Lightspeed dealt with events and wedding organization. She witnessed the company make millions in terms of profits. Experience at Thumbtack exposed her to the world of venture capital. This experience made her go back to school to study Business at Stanford’s Graduate School. She started her own consulting company while studying at Stanford. Ashley applied what she learned in her consulting firm. She has been working with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. See full article at

Her career life took a new turn when she started getting referrals. She has since worked with various startup companies. Ashley joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2018, and her role is to advise portfolio companies.

Working with various companies made her understand the different hurdles that can hinder a company’s growth and development. Through experience, Ashley Lightspeed knows that a company demands independent attention. Therefore, she takes her time to examine each company’s business plan, then address any pending concern: This gives her ideas on how to advise and help a company on an individual level.

Currently, Ashley Lightspeed works closely with startup companies to craft their strategic growth. She understands the need to invest in the tech business. What attracted her to Lightspeed is its involvement with digital media. Lightspeed has invested in Snapchat, Cheddar, and Goop, which are giants in the digital media platforms. Related: