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Chicago Entrepreneur Is Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims By Starting A GoFundMe Fund

An earthquake can strike anywhere at any time. The earth is constantly in motion, and there are mini earthquakes happening all the time. The big ones that cause massive destruction can happen in areas that have cracks in fault lines or they can occur in an area where no major earthquakes were ever reported. No one wants to be caught in an area when a major earthquake occurs, but it happens, and when it does life is never the same.
The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal turned that country into a killing zone. Thousands of people lost their lives, and millions of people lost their homes. The initial earthquake in Nepal was bad enough, but another quake hit the country near Mount Everest in May, and that quake caused additional damage. It will take years and billions of dollars to repair the damage. Some of the damage will never be repaired.
Chicago businessman Majeed Ekbal has been sending money to Nepal victims for months, but he wants to do more. Ekbal, a recent graduate of American University, has friends in Nepal, and they say some of the towns and villages hit by the quake are more than disaster areas. They were completely destroyed. Majeed decided to start a GoFundMe Fund to help the people of Nepal rebuild their homes and communities.
Ekbal’s GoFundMe Fund has a $10,000 goal. The money raised from the fund will be given to the CrowdRise Fund that is in the process of raising a million dollars for the victims. Millions of dollars have been raised but money is needed, and Ekbal is doing all he can to alleviate some of the pain his friends and their friends are going through now.
Majeed Ekbal knows how to raise money. He’s a real estate investor and his business, Expresso Inc. on the Near North Side of Chicago has been well received by that community. Expresso Inc. delivers groceries and specialty items from the major grocery stores in the city. Expresso also works with small stores, and the combination of a big grocery stores and independent store delivery service has taken hold in Chicago. Ekbal plans to open more locations in other areas of the city soon.