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ClassDojo`s Contributions to The Education Sector

A vast number of students in the United States are not fluent in English and sometimes, find it difficult to relate to each other, particularly outside the classroom. The rate at which schools in the country are admitting immigrants have profoundly risen, and this has called for the designing of some Apps which connect parents, teachers and students. ClassDojo is one of the best Apps that was specially developed to help the three parties share ideas and remain in touch at ease, thanks to the various languages designed for the app.

Besides sharing reports between teachers and parents, a student’s guardian can also track down the performance of their young one at ease. Being a communication platform, ClassDojo has empowered students to share ideas through teamwork and a common language. The production in most schools in the United States has increased immensely due to the free communication and sharing of ideas that ClassDojo has promoted.

In addition to that, the app has also promoted equality in schools, due to the equal power that it has given to both parents, teachers and students. It has transformed education by promoting fast evaluation and access to a student’s information by their teachers and parents, through which they get to come up with unique strategies to help students experiencing difficulties improve their performance. The positivity that ClassDojo has brought about in classrooms is impressive and has formed the basis for an increased fun in the classrooms. With this, students feel motivated to attend school and learn to acquire more new ideas as well as develop their academic skills in the various subjects offered in the curriculum.

The fact that ClassDojo is free has seen a significant number of teachers, and Students subscribe to the use of the latter. The platform has also revolutionised the mode of evaluating and rewarding students. Teachers have now found it Easier to monitor their student’s performance and reinforce their behavior. There has also been a lot of freedom in the way that students express themselves, as they can now connect with their parents and teachers as they would relate and communicate to their friends.