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New Eos Lip Balm Flavor Lab Collection

Eos Lip Balm has released a new series of flavors for summer called the Flavor Lab Collection. With summer nostalgia as the inspiration, six new beautiful flavors are designed to take you to the beach wherever you are. The flavors include: Eucalyptus Spearmint, Sweet Grapefruit, Lynchee Martini, Watermelon Frose, Lavender Latte, and Beach Coconut.

Eucalyptus Spearmint is meant to be energizing and reviving, providing notes of Indonesian Oolong tea, along with eucalyptus and spearmint. Sweet Grapefruit is a sweeter flavor, with hints of rose, bright pink pomelo, and pear. Lynchee Martini is intended to bring you to the heart of summer, with sweet hints of tart raspberries and a hint of passionfruit. Watermelon Frose makes it easy to remember that it is always five o’clock somewhere, with sweet watermelon scent and an icy rush of frose. Lavender Latte has a lavender base with notes of espresso, to give a quick pick-me-up without a caffeine crash. Beach coconut takes you right to the beach, with coconut being the main scent within the profile.

The Flavor Lab Collection is meant to be compared to Pantone’s “Color of the Year,” where the best of the best is put through the ringer in order to create the ultimate color. EOS Lip Balm has used this same process when creating the Flavor Lab collection. With the assistance of flavor experts and intense critiquing from influencers, these flavors have surpassed taste and smell tests with flying colors.

The new flavors from EOS Lip Balm come in the traditional pots as well as lip balm sticks, both being convenient for travel and everyday use. With so many delicious flavors available, trying them all will be a must.

Doe Deere’s Rules for Life

Doe Deere, founder of both the Lime Crime makeup brand and the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff, didn’t become the successful woman she is today without working hard for it. Her skill and innovative, gorgeous ideas are a mark of her success, but this empowering icon had to work hard for her dream.

At 17, Deere came to the U.S. with her mother and sister. Far from the idyllic image of a brand new life, Doe and her family spent two years in a homeless shelter before they could afford a home of their own. It was then that Deere was able to fall into her passions, and to grow into the supporter of women we know and love today. Deere’s steps to success are empowering and deceptively simple, and we want you to try them out!

Passion is key.

  • Passion is key. Find what you are passionate about, and make it your dream! For Doe Deere, that passion was color. Colors can have a major impact on our mood. Color is a direct link to expressing emotion, and Doe wanted all of the women in the world to connect with their feelings and express them!

Know your clientelle.

  • Know your clientelle. Deere maintains that you have to get into your customer’s head, really think about what they’ll want in the future, adn bring that to the table.

Take the risk!

  • Take the risk! Last, but definitely not least: jump into it! The only way to succeed is to get out there and try. This last step can be the hardest for many of us, but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you start!

Doe Deere is an inspiration for thousands of women all over the world. The confidence we feel when we’re wearing her makeup or styling an outfit gives her dream life, every day. Make your own dreams come true with Deere’s steps!

Sunday Riley: The Inspiration Behind Her Skin-Care Products

Have you ever heard or tried the skin-care brand Sunday Riley? For many, Sunday Riley is frequently recognized for its minimalistic no-nonsense skincare packaging. The products themselves prove to be effective in many ways.

Inspiration Behind the Brand

In an article, we take a look at an interview with Sunday Riley. In the beginning, it briefly describes how Sunday Riley began. It states that the creator and owner of the brand wanted to combine “science-based active ingredients with botanicals” in her products, which was missing in other skin-care products available today.

Not A Chemistry Experiment

After talking about inspiration, the article moves on to talk about Sunday Riley’s background. She says that her learning was hands-on while on the job. Trial and error were the bases for finding the perfect formula for her products. Her outlook was geared towards perfecting her techniques to an “art form,” leaving behind “too much science” without the personalization when creating a product.

Sunday Riley Products

Further, in the article, Sunday Riley is asked about her products and of them which product she is most proud of. Generally, she states that she is “proud of all of them.” However, when she loses the confidence in one product she immediately discontinues it from her brand’s line up. The article continues to discuss different products from her line including Good Genes, Tidal, Juno, and U.F.O to just name a few. She goes on to tell us her normal “skin-care routine” in a span of a week using her own products. She also states that she is interested in making products for hair later in the future.

What’s In a Name?

Later, Sunday Riley is asked about her unique name. She says that, coincidentally, her father named her for business reasons. She briefly describes her childhood and how she is glad she was named Sunday Riley by her father.


The article concludes with a discussion about her cosmetic line that she later discontinued. Today, Sunday Riley has developed a foundation that includes at least twenty-shades for the vast variety of unique skin tones her consumers have. Her aim is inclusivity, to “represent everyone.” It ends with the involvement of friends and family to test out her new foundation product.