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Dr. Mark McKenna New Business, OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and surgeon. He attended Tulane University Medical School. Immediately after earning his medical degree, he began working in his father’s medical practice. But before he was working as a doctor he had got interested in some other venture. Making a living as a doctor had gotten harder, so he chose to look into real estate. After five years of working for his father, he chose to pursue real estate full time. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed McKenna Venture Investments in New Orleans, Louisiana, he packed up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start.

Since being in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna he has been working on launching his next business. He is the founder and chief executive officer of OVME Cosmetics. OVME, pronounced of-me, is a boutique style healthcare facility that will have the latest technologies to perform an array of aesthetic procedures. Atlanta is the perfect market for the doctor’s next venture. It will be a one of a kind facility with state of the art infrastructure.

OVME aims to develop an environment that allows patients to enjoy the cosmetic experience. It will have a salon like feeling and will be the epitome of luxury. Making the patient feel special is what this boutique cosmetic facility will offer patients. Most of the procedures that will be offered are outpatient procedures. Quality is something this company will be priding itself on. The utmost quality will be administered to patients. Dr. Mark McKenna is making sure patients will get a spa like treatment with the highest quality possible.

Dr. Mark McKenna has major plans for OVME. Beyond the medical clinic for his business, the doctor foresees an Uber style app. This app will revolutionize the medial industry. The app will ultimately change the way people go about getting their healthcare needs met. Doctor consultations will be conducted directly from the app between doctor and patient. Home visits will be made possible for certain cosmetic procedures. Doctors will be able to increase their earnings because they will be working on demand to see patients.

Feel Confident and Beautiful with Lime Crime

The new Spring 2018 collection of Lime Crime is out and is nothing short of exciting and vibrant. Making sure to use color to incorporate your independence style, Lime Crime has done it again. Making you feel confident and beautiful, no matter how much or little makeup you use, as long as you can express yourself. With the use of this cruelty-free line of makeup, you can show off some of the hottest trends going on right now, or start a trend yourself.

One of the hottest trends to accentuate your best facial features is to use highlighter to show off the structure of your face. Introducing the opalescent highlighter palettes, that gives you three color options to be as glamorous or fantasy as you would like. Applying these three fun highlighters along the cheekbones, under your eyes and brows, and along the ridge of your nose will give you the contour and definition to take your makeup game to the next level.

Adding individualized color to your eyes is also on-trend, not to mention fun. With the new Venus3Palette, you can choose from eight new shades to make you feel as pretty and vibrant as you want, making sure to incorporate cool and vibrant colors of Spring. With fun colors named ecstacy, beam, heavenly, or rapture, you are given a variety to change up your look from day to day. You can rock a subtle color like dreamy at the office, or really vamp it up with a color like paradise to play up your inner mermaid.

Use lime Crimes New Spring 2018 collection to bring out the unicorn in you. This cruelty free and vegan line of makeup ensures that your products are not being tested on animals, including unicorns, because the real trend is making sure that we show our inner beauty along with our outside beauty by protecting our critters. Even the fish and mermaids are safe with this line. Have fun with the season, and allow Lime Crime to give you a look that leaves you feeling both confident and beautiful, and as the individual that you are.

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