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Michael Hagele Explains Mountain Biking for Beginners

 Mountain biking has created for Michael Hagele, an investor and corporate counsel a way to take a break and refresh giving him a new approach in everyday tasks. According to Michael Hagele, Mountain biking requires to be in good physical shape since is an aerobic sport and requires cardio. The first thing to prepare for mountain biking is to start with a great piece of equipment.It is recommended that beginners start with high quality equipment. Mountain bikes usually have a sturdier, thicker frame and wider tires at lower air pressure. They have a speed system of 21, 24 or 27. It has dual suspension system in front and rear, Hydraulic disc breaking, fluid for extra stopping power and weather performance. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

It is important to maximize cushion for bumpy rides. A well fitted helmet is a must along with light clothing and sturdy shoes. Always remember to bring fluids to hydrate. Gloves are optional for surer grips on the handle and light backpack that stays in place. It is also important to start slow and gradually progress. The basic skills to start with are riding on the flats, descending, climbing, cornering and rolling over small obstacles. This is not the best time to race with friends if you are a beginner. In fact, keeping distance from other riders is recommended at the beginning. It is also important that you know which tracks or trail you can handle before moving on to moderate speed. Picking the wrong track can lead you to serious injuries.

Michael Hagele as an entrepreneur, investor and Corporate Counsel has always strive to put the customer and clients first. Even with the experience that he has in negotiation, drafting,telecommunication and others Michael has gain the knowledge to give to others the advice and information needed to thrive.

As a founder of several businesses in hospitality, he served as a general counsel for aerospace, internet, defense, and biotechnology industries and was also an in-house attorney. For Michael not only pursuing an education was important but also physical activity was necessary because it sharpen his mind and recharged him. Mountain biking is a unique sport considered to be an extreme sport but with the right tools and equipment you can enjoy mountain biking at any level just like Michael. Visit:


An Overview of Michael Hagele’s Career

 Michael Hagele is a senior as well as a general counsel for companies, especially in the technology sector. He provides counsel to firms in defense, biotechnology, and internet as well as in aerospace industries. He also interested in investing during initial stages of development of technology companies. Additionally, he is a founder as well as an investor in various companies in the hospitality sector. In his council career, Michael Hagele has obtained expertise and extensive experience in negotiations. He drafts and closes deal as well license distribution on the internet whether locally or internationally, software, hardware as well as in telecommunication sectors.

Michael has also worked in capital venture internet firms and managed legal affairs such corporate governance, merger & acquisitions, employment as well as handling strategies on intellectual property. Additionally, Micheal worked in Fenwick & West LLP which is under Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa and his J.D. is from University of California.

A Typical Day for Micheal and He improves his Productivity

In a recent interview, Hagele starts the day by handling daily issues concerning tech clients. The issues involve around intellectual property legal advisory as well as drafting and checking contracts. In the afternoon, Micheal goes on a bike ride which enhances his creativity. In the evening, Micheal engages investment partners to check on progress as well as on strategies.

Trend and Ideas

Michael Hagele adds he implements the ideas through perseverance. He advises not to give up enables him to utilize new information and obtain amicable results. One trend which most excites Micheal is artificial intelligence (AI). He argues that AI provides numerous applications including genetic programming. He has invested in AI and advises companies on the best application to invest their funds on. He adds that machine learning offers an opportunity for new discoveries as well clarifying concepts.

Habits for an Entrepreneur to Develop

Michael Hagele advises entrepreneurs to prioritize customer service delivery. He adds that every entrepreneur should develop the habit of daily physical activity. Micheal emphasizes that exercise sharpens the mind which can enhance creativity.

Benefits of Social Media to a Business

Hagele outlines that social media is crucial for the growth of any business during the digital age. It helps business connect and engage with its customers. Check: