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Empiricus Research is a company that sells information through newsletters. As a partner with The Agora, an American company, it currently has 180,000 subscribers for its newsletters.

Empiricus also owns half of the website O Antagonista, in a partnership with Diogo Mairnadi, and Mário Sabino. Brazilian entrepreneurs own the Agora, who are Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda, and Rodolfo Amstalde.

Empiricus made a video called “O Fim de Brasil” (The End of Brazil, in 2014). This film predicted a disastrous outcome for the national Brazilian economy while attacking the policies of Dilma Roussef’s government. This film was a Brazilian version of the American play, “The End of America” from American Stransberry Research, owned by the Agora Group, a shareholder.

They promote Empiricus through Google and Facebook advertisements. The themes are designed to attract customers because they deal with political matters. Advertising pieces were created with the following titles, “Se proteja se a Dilma ganhar” (“Protect yourself if Dilma wins”) and “E se o Aécio Neves ganhar? Que ações devem subir se o Aécio ganhar a eleição?” (“What if Aécio Neves wins? Which stocks should go up if Aécio wins the elections?”). “ The pieces were suspended by the courts, due to their electoral impact on the viewers, but then that suspension was withdrawn using a TSE (Electoral Supreme Court).

The company called The Agora was a holdings and shareholder of Empiricus and was funded in 1978. It was based out of Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, operating in a network of publications about finance, health, travels, and other themes, with a focus on newsletters. Get Additional Information Here.

Empiricus was named after Sextus Empiricus, a Greek philosopher living around the 2nd century, the inventor of Pyrrhonist skepticism, a type of skepticism that means you do not have beliefs in philosophy, science, or theoretical issues.


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Empiricus Expands Its Implementation of Salesforce’s Technology After Seeing Great Results


Extremely pleased with the gains it has obtained after implementing Salesforce’s technology, particularly Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Empiricus plans to broaden its use of Salesforce’s technology. After using Salesforce Marketing Cloud in only its Operations and Internal Marketing departments, the Brazilian financial reporting firm has seen gains in two key metrics that are absolutely crucial to its business—email delivery and improved segmentation for paid product readers.

Empiricus uses a 100 percent digital model. As such, it needed a highly agile and robust solution that would enable it to reach their target audiences in an easy and quick manner, regardless the channel.

Salesforce’s technology best met Empiricus’ criterion, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implemented to facilitate the triggering of emails with simple assembly. This tool also permits enormous shipping volumes, yet segmentation is easy.

The great results that Empiricus has experienced from the use Salesforce’s technology has led to the company’s chief operating officer, Beatriz Nantes, to announce that the company will be expanding its implementation of Salesforce solutions throughout the entire company, deploying Salesforce Service Cloud in the areas of reader relationship, and adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud in tele sales department. Empiricus is also planning to purchase the Salesforce Einstein solution enhance the company’s email sending program. See This Page for more information.

Empiricus is headquartered in San Paulo, Brazil. The company was founded in 2009 by two professor Rodolfo Amstalden and Felipe Miranda. Empiricus educates their paid clients as well as free readers on the best investment options for them through their investment advisory reports, allowing all who read their reports to choose the best possible financial investments for themselves.

Currently, there are approximately 2 million readers of Empiricus’ investment advisory reports, 180,000 of whom are paid subscribers. Empiricus’ investment advisory reports offers a variety of investment content which ranges from equities, real estate funds, investment funds, cryptocurrencies to fixed income.


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