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Follow Your Passion Like Richard Liu


When we are young, most of us have a desire to be just like those that we are around most. Sometimes, its family, friends, or even based upon our experiences, it can be professional sports player. However, when it came to a young Richard Liu, it was the impact of his mother and father that yielded the most influence.

Richard’s dad was an ENT physician and his mother was a dentist by trade. He would frequently join his mother to work and eventually it would weigh on him that the medical profession was the route that garnered the most attention. From his experiences, it was easy to understand as to how he viewed success, so the decision was easy to become a dentist.

Once this decision was made, Richard Liu attended Harvard University’s School of Dentistry. While there, Richard Liu excelled as a student which was prompted from the love that he developed from riding to work with his mother during her days of being a dentist.

After graduation, he began his professional career with Evergreen Dental Care where he specialized mainly on restorative care, and with his instincts bolstered by his love for the profession, he began to shine there too. So much so, that he joined Harvard’s staff as a part-time presenter.

An article with Digital Mode entitled “Changing Careers: Richard Liu’s Interdisciplinary Successes”, discusses exceptional thinker such as Richard Liu find it necessary to pursue a new field of professional employment, with the belief that this endeavor will bring long-term occupational success, meaningful employment, and a personal fulfillment only attainable by finding one’s true professional passion.

While perfecting the craft of dentistry and keeping up with world of finances, Richard Liu was intrigued with capital investing. After beginning to invest on a small level and attaining success, Richard pursued an MBA at MIT and he became an analyst with FTV Capital.

He was smitten with the love of private equity and began his own firm, Morningside Venture Capital, who controls over $1.7 billion in investments. In short, Richard Liu has followed his passions and encourages and everyone to do the same.


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