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LocationSmart Making Even More Expansions

In November 2018, LocationSmart, the largest location as a service company in the world, announced that they were choosing a company named AND to help them with their compliance services. On an international level, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when going across different borders as rules and regulations are likely to be different from one region to the next.

Some of the applications that LocationSmart is used for that will require compliance considerations are financial services, gaming, e-commerce, and lottery along with many other uses. The methods that they use are not intrusive and the people with tracked devices aren’t inconvenienced by anything other than a simple agreement. There is not even any software needed to use it either.

The International Administrative Boundaries and the Digital World Map from AND were chosen by LocationSmart will be used in the APIs used by LocationSmart for compliance. The Smart Zone API from LocationSmart is being used by companies to confirm where a device is within a certain are or not.

The clients are able to use these services after obtaining permission from their customers who are allowing them to track their location for certain purposes. On an international level, the company believes that they will have multiple companies using their expanded services within just one year. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

The CEO of AND announced that their company was excited to be working with such an established company. He is pleased to be able to offer his company’s services to heir new customers and their clients that would be using the technology that they offer. They believe it is a good fit for the compliance needs of LocationSmart.

The company is the largest cloud-based location company throughout the entire world and its expansions are keeping them in this position while keeping their own customers happy with good service. The data delivery options that LocationSmart offers are versatile and can be tailored to meet the different needs of their clients throughout the world.

LocationSmart was founded in 1995 and does a lot more than just locating customers. It is also being used to track shipments and other assets during the manufacturing and logistics processes. They provide the most comprehensive services. When the company was founded it went by the name of TechnoCom before the private company went on to be rebranded to LocationSmart.

For four years in a row, they were considered one o the fastest growing tech companies in the Las Angelos area. Along with the smaller businesses that the company serves they also serve Fortune 500 companies. Scalability is something that is valued at LocationSmart and their many options make it possible t do so as the needs of their clients are always changing.

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