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How LocationSmart Helps Businesses Step Into the Future

In order for a business to thrive in the current economic climate they must remain relevant when changes in technology. This isn’t just a question of meeting industry standards for performance, but prioritizing communications with partners, employees, and customers in order to provide the best e-commerce experience possible. That requires partnering with a company like LocationSmart, experienced in assessing data and making it usable for businesses.


As the largest location-as-a-service company in the world. LocationSmart has the capacity to make sense of data coming from over 15 billion mobile devices spread out all over the world. That number may seem daunting at first, but considering the actual usage statistics, it’ll only increase with time. Presently, the average person has access to more than three mobile devices every single day, and in 2020 that number can increase to as many as six. With everyone using multiple mobile devices to get online and conduct business, companies are having a tough time making the incoming data useful. LocationSmart has solutions for that.


IP geolocation, for example, makes a user’s physical location known to the network they’re connected to, and as a result a business knows how to better communicate with them. For marketing specialists, this is an opportunity to learn about demographics and appeal to them with specific offers that appeal to them on that and their actual location.


Though a useful assistance in selling to the right customers, businesses can use geolocation to bolster network security. Geolocation can assist in monitoring incoming traffic to a network, making sure that those connecting have the proper credentials. Hacking attempts can be spotted sooner so countermeasures can be deployed in time to secure the network. It can also alert a business to other suspicious activities like users attempting to conceal their identity behind proxies or VPNs.


It’s an alert system for instances of fraud, but LocationSmart provides more solutions in the form of IP intelligence and location data that tracks mobile devices and their IP addresses as users move and connectivity changes. This keeps data relevant and up to date, it also can alert them to piracy attempts to copy data and media, or cases when credentials are being applied from multiple IPs, indicating a personal network of password sharers.


Aside from simpler examples of commerce or content streaming, larger companies, like those dealing in transportation and shipping, have had to rely on hardware solutions like GPS to keep track of valuable cargo and vehicles. LocationSmart bypasses that with a cloud-based solution in the form of Global Site ID.


With Global Site ID, cell sites and Wi-Fi connectivity moves beyond traditional mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to include vehicles and shipping containers. With coverage stretching over 200 countries, LocaitonSmart informs its partners about the movements of vehicles hardware,and personnel deployed to the field to act as a first line in asset protection, leaving behind cumbersome solutions.


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LocationSmart’s LaaS Platform Proves Useful for Businesses Across the World

Devices have been connected in the twenty first century like never before. Still, the world is large when a company has to enhance coordination among employees leveraging different differences as well as electronic interfaces in their daily activities. Company data and assets are spread throughout the world. Then, access to the data bank is limited because of the geographical barriers.


LocationSmart recognized the problem early enough. The mobile location- as-a-service provider has proven instrumental in the enabling of location services for over 15 billion connected devices across the world. Enterprise application developers can leverage the single API to come up with a number of location technologies via the cloud. That enables ease of interoperability, peace of mind, as well as flexibility.


With the number of connected devices growing rapidly, number of device-hopping has increased significantly. It has become difficult for companies to gather data from as well as communicating with customers, assets as well as their workforce. Therefore, enterprises require simple location-based services while maintaining anti-fraud protection as well as privacy.


Enterprise application developers are leveraging the opportunities through the LocationSmart’s LaaS platform to create location-aware solutions. The LaaS has many advantages to businesses including network security and traffic management, use of geo-targeting to enhance customer engagement, reduce online fraud, copyright protection, as well as compliance with iGaming regulations.


With the IP geolocation capabilities provided by the LaaS, businesses can boost customer engagement no matter the devices they are using or their geographical location. Therefore, companies are able to provide relevant content to customers that is most specific to their location. IP geolocation can also ensure companies are safe from online threats via non-invasive practices that leverage the automatic detection of potential threats from unidentified locations or via unauthorized proxies. Businesses are also using IP location as well as IP intelligence to take IP address identification practice to the mobile world. Copyright violations have been reported over the past few years prompting for action. Luckily, LaaS is capable to safeguard businesses’ published materials as well as licensed content. What’s more, operators of iGaming as well as mobile lottery platforms have found cover under LaaS because it gives them an opportunity to be compliant with the government’s regulations.


LocationSmart leads in location APIs in the world. It has a widely recognized platform that allows for compliance, verification, cybersecurity, asset tracking, as well as operational efficiencies. The company offers a sophisticated comprehensive location platform for anyone in tech industry to perform context-aware application development. When it comes to assets, its customers can easily track their assets located across the world. Internet of things has increased interconnectivity in the world and therefore, there was need for a sophisticated tool for identifying customer’s identification in hiding in warehouses, as well as while roaming. As a result of LaaS’s capabilities, companies can improve their remote visions. Businesses can track resources in terms of where they are located to who and when they were allocated. It also provides real-time job status as well as communicate assignments.


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LocationSmart Making Even More Expansions

In November 2018, LocationSmart, the largest location as a service company in the world, announced that they were choosing a company named AND to help them with their compliance services. On an international level, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when going across different borders as rules and regulations are likely to be different from one region to the next.

Some of the applications that LocationSmart is used for that will require compliance considerations are financial services, gaming, e-commerce, and lottery along with many other uses. The methods that they use are not intrusive and the people with tracked devices aren’t inconvenienced by anything other than a simple agreement. There is not even any software needed to use it either.

The International Administrative Boundaries and the Digital World Map from AND were chosen by LocationSmart will be used in the APIs used by LocationSmart for compliance. The Smart Zone API from LocationSmart is being used by companies to confirm where a device is within a certain are or not.

The clients are able to use these services after obtaining permission from their customers who are allowing them to track their location for certain purposes. On an international level, the company believes that they will have multiple companies using their expanded services within just one year. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

The CEO of AND announced that their company was excited to be working with such an established company. He is pleased to be able to offer his company’s services to heir new customers and their clients that would be using the technology that they offer. They believe it is a good fit for the compliance needs of LocationSmart.

The company is the largest cloud-based location company throughout the entire world and its expansions are keeping them in this position while keeping their own customers happy with good service. The data delivery options that LocationSmart offers are versatile and can be tailored to meet the different needs of their clients throughout the world.

LocationSmart was founded in 1995 and does a lot more than just locating customers. It is also being used to track shipments and other assets during the manufacturing and logistics processes. They provide the most comprehensive services. When the company was founded it went by the name of TechnoCom before the private company went on to be rebranded to LocationSmart.

For four years in a row, they were considered one o the fastest growing tech companies in the Las Angelos area. Along with the smaller businesses that the company serves they also serve Fortune 500 companies. Scalability is something that is valued at LocationSmart and their many options make it possible t do so as the needs of their clients are always changing.

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