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White Shark Media Excels In Online Marketing Business

White Shark Media got founded in 2011 by Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk. The three founders have a vast experience in online and offline marketing. The goal of the founders was to triumph over SBM market in America by providing timely and outstanding services. White Shark Media is a global leader in digital marketing platform, and it delivers marketing solutions online. Given their excellence in the provision of tailored solutions, many small businesses have come out to express their trust in the work of the company after excelling in their various fields.


The Success of White Shark Media


White Shark Media is one of the rapidly growing digital organizations in North America. Their rapid growth is as a result of their unmatched reputation in the engineering of affordable marketing campaigns and a state of the art client experience. Besides, they are always in contact with their customers and do monthly follow-ups to ensure that their customers have benefited fully. The organization has embraced technologies such as call-tracking, Google analytics and state of the art intelligence reporting software that sustains their many follow-up programs.


Another significant aspect that has contributed to the success of the White Shark Media is the combination of foreign and domestic presence with an excellent employee base. With more than 150 employees in three nations, the company has managed to reach a large customer base contributing to its success. The employees are highly trained and talented with an excellent understanding of AdWords search, display advertising and Google Analytics and Bing Ads.


The institution’s core values are another factor that has driven the organization to success. The core values are based on acting like stakeholders to the clients and embracing change and promotion of Innovation. This has enabled them to deliver in what they do. The firm also offers free AdWords evaluation, free local listing scanner, free SEM assessment and free AdWords book.


The Future of White Shark Media


The institution is devoted to ensuring that its clients continue to succeed. With the use of their excellent employees, the organization is developing innovations on affordable, flat fee marketing solutions with excellent transparency and lack of contracts. The company plans to grow by double digits each year through getting into a more successful partnership. The firm is dedicated to providing more experience and creativity to serve their customers better.




White Shark Media was honored and awarded the Google AdWords trademark by Google in 2012 as a result of meeting the Google training qualities. Further, Microsoft recognized their proven track and successes in marketing campaigns and promotion of small businesses.


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