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How DrJejurikarOf Dallas Can Help Women Achieve A More Shapely Butt

Dr Sameer Jejurikar is regarded as one of the best reconstructive and best cosmetic surgeons in the greater Dallas area. A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, DrJejurikar was honored to join the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society as one of the university’s top students. His residency was completed at this university and his own fellowship in New York at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

About Dr Jejurikar, he performs surgeries and minimally invasive procedures as a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He performs these procedures at multiple hospitals in Dallas where he has admitting rights. One of his expertise specialties is Brazilian butt lifts. Brazilian Butt Lifts have been popular in Brazil for decades hence the name. He has performed many of these surgeries along with butt augmentation in Dallas for over 20 years.

This is a very delicate type of surgery that not just any physician can do. A doctor like DrJejurikar takes fat from the abdomen and lower back in a way that enhances the waist and butt. The liposuction fat from this area is injected into the patient’s butt. The surgery takes two to three hours. DrJejurikar says that people’s butts are largely defined by their genetics. Eating right and doing exercises can influence things but it all ultimately comes down to genetics. He shares that women in Dallas come to him for a few reasons. They can overcome their genetic barrier, for instance. They can also use this surgery as a shortcut to achieving a more shapely appearance among other reasons.

Carsten Thiel Sees A Bright Future In Medicine With New Technology

Technology is changing constantly in ways that can help patients throughout the world that are suffering from different conditions. As a professional in biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, Carsten Thiel has seen many of the ways that it has been able to impact these patients and has been involved with some of the innovations himself through his work with the companies that produce these life-changing products. Carsten Thiel is fascinated with the fact that things that were seen as impossible to do just decades ago are completely normal procedures and treatments now when it comes to medicine and healthcare.

One of the areas that Carsten Thiel sees a lot of potential in is through the study of the human genome. It used to take several years to decode the genome of just one person and now this process can be completed in just days. By knowing the information that is held in our genetics, doctors can help prevent different diseases before they develop while also coming up with more individualized and effective treatment plans once a disease is found in a patient. This information can potentially save lives if implemented correctly and Carsten Thiel sees it being used even more in the future.

Carsten Thiel has a strong education in science and biology through both Bristol University in the United Kingdom as well as from the Max Planck Institute where he had earned his Ph.D. The first leadership position that he held after graduation consisted of spearheading different marketing efforts and Carsten Thiel is now the Chief Commerical Officer and Vice President of Alexion Pharmaceuticals as well as the President of EUSA Pharma as of 2019. He has learned a lot about medicine and healthcare through his experience in his career and he is looking forward to what the industry brings next.

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Dermatologist Tim Ioannides Believes In The Power Of Vitamin D

There are times when a person is faced with a skin condition and they do not know why they are dealing with it or what they can do to help it get better. Tim Ioannides is a doctor who believes that Vitamin D is important when it comes to caring for skin and that it can help people keep from dealing with some of the issues that come up when skin is not at its best.

This doctor believes that Vitamin D can help those people who are dealing with psoriasis and eczema. Tim Ioannides has seen that there are many people out there who are not getting enough of the vitamin in their diet and who are not getting out into the sun to let the vitamin work in their bodies. This man believes that people can care for their skin by letting Vitamin D do its work.

Tim Ioannides is located in Florida and he practices medicine there. He sees patients with all kinds of skin conditions. This man is careful in picking out the staff that he has working with him, making sure that they are qualified to help his patients. This man attended the University of Florida Miami School of Medicine, and he learned a lot about skin and the ways that people can care for it while there. He uses the most up-to-date practices when dealing with patients and he is always looking for answers for the skin related questions that they bring to him.

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Dr. Carsten Thiel Has Blazed New Trails In Scientific Pharmaceutical Marketing

Industry observers have called Dr. Carsten Thiel “a visionary” within the realm of pharmaceutical R&D. That’s proving to be the case again since his recent appointment as President of EUSA Pharma, Europe. Dr. Thiel hit the ground running in his new role. The result has been the roll-out of a number of innovative medical products that are easing illnesses and saving lives.

Carsten Thiel comes to his leadership role at EUSA Pharma with a long track record of success. From a very early age, Dr. Thiel demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for math and science. An exemplary student, he was accepted into the Philipp University at Marburg. There he earned a degree in biochemistry. He then enrolled at the University of Bristol in the U.K. to continue his study of biochemistry, but also to broaden his experience through participating in an Anglo-Saxon educational environment.

Carsten Thiel completed his education at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry where he earned a doctorate degree. His first job after nailing down his Ph.D. was for the pharmaceutical giant Hoffman La-Roche. His first role there was as Communications and Product Manager, but he quickly advanced to higher levels of responsibility, including working in scientific marketing.

One of the highlights of Dr. Thiel’s stint with Hoffman La-Roche was spearheading the launch of Xenical, the groundbreaking obesity drug. It was the ingenious way Dr. Thiel handled the launch of Xenical the caught the attention of many. He formulated a strategy not based on hype and lofty promises – as do most new treatment offerings – but instead focused on key influencers and a subset of customers who could benefit most from the new treatment.

His early success with Xenical would be the first of many. Today as President of EUSA Pharma, Dr. Carsten Thiel continues to be a world leader in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Talented Surgeon And Communicator With Her Patients

With 21 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden is highly regarded in her field. Dr. Walden offers first class techniques and is committed to providing the highest quality of care to her clients. One has only to read her reviews to see how satisfied her patients are with her. Patients have commented in reviews that Dr. Walden delivered results that were beyond their expectations. Plastic surgery is an art, and certainly not every surgeon has the talent to deliver excellent results. Jennifer Walden’s attraction to surgery began at a very early age, before the 8th grade. One of her teachers commented that she had the hands of a plastic surgeon. Talent and commitment are in her DNA.

Many people unfortunately turn to revision surgery after undesirable results, failed implants and disappointment. One patient who had a complicated breast revision surgery commented that a better surgeon couldn’t be found and also that Dr. Walden was an excellent listener and able to deliver the results she hoped for. Many people are very nervous when they are undertaking plastic surgery, and reviews have commented on how Dr. Walden and her medical staff help them feel well taken care of and more confident.

Another patient review was from a survivor of pancreatic cancer, and she had also lost her husband. She decided to give herself a boost by going for some plastic surgery. She commented that Dr. Walden had done an excellent job and had “made me beautiful again”, changing her life after much suffering. One patient review commented on how impressed her primary care physician was with Dr. Walden’s work and is now referring patients to Dr. Walden. Many clients turned to Dr. Walden after researching and seeing so many positive reviews of her work. Word of mouth can be the best way to find the right solution, and her expertise skills is well known.

Tim Ioannides Founded Treasure Coast Dermatology

Tim Ioannides attained his medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and completed an internship program at University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center. Dr. Ioannides took the next step of his career by finishing his residency, at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the renowned Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Ioannides then entered the private sector, starting his work at a dermatological center that specialized in cosmetic procedures. In spite of his success in this field, Dr. Ioannides worked to make a much deeper impact upon the lives of his patients, and began focusing on practices in dermatology that had medical benefits.

Dr. Ioannides founded Treasure Coast Dermatology to serve the local and extended communities of which he was a part. His business know-how and passion for putting the patient first, has become legendary. Dr. Ioannides is known to truly care for his patients, including giving care that is compassionate and respects the dignity of the person. allowed him to expand his business to five current locations.

Dr. Tim Ioannides became determined to commit his professional career to medical dermatology. This included treating everything from rashes to skin cancer. He has saved thousands of lives and improved the quality of life, of tens of thousands more. Although quite an enormous undertaking, Dr. Ioannides has excelled in his profession.

Not only has he experienced great success, but he has continuously prospered in following his career dreams.He has no plans of slowing down, and the possibilities for Treasure Coast Dermatology are limitless in this niche of medical dermatology.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Is Doing The Best Orthopedic Surgery Work He Can

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is interested in the way that things have changed for orthopedics through the years. He talks about how in ancient times, people had bone fractures and joint problems. And, a man in the 1860s wrote the oldest surgical textbook. And, back before that, people worked with orthopedics in other ways. People back in B.C. times knew about should dislocations, treatments for fractures, and more. Then, in the middle ages, they decided that femur fractures were not worth doing surgeries for, and that is something that surgeons still decide on today.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum says that one thing that has changed greatly through the years is that the risk of infections after surgeries has gone down. And, that there have been many advancements made when it comes to amputations. And people nowadays are able to get great care because of technology and the way that Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and others are working to make everything better for them. Dr Ira Kirschenbaum works hard to make sure that he is using the best procedures every time that he is dealing with a patient. He has done thousands of joint replacement surgeries, and he helps others learn how to do them well. And, when it comes to his staff, he makes sure that he is always connected well with them so that they can work as a team to do what is best for his patients. Dr Ira gives a guide to minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery here

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum got his degree from Brown University, and he works in the Bronx at Bronxcare Health System. He has been involved in many areas of the medical field through the years, and he has served on several medical boards. He learned about adult reconstructive orthopedic surgery in Philadelphia. He continues to study by attending classes at Harvard University. And, he helps others learn how to work with their patients by giving speeches. See the doctor’s education and in this article.

Life Tips From Dr. Saad Saad

Very rarely do you hear surgeons sharing their life lessons (not medical, LIFE) with the public, but Dr. Saad Saad did it. More importantly, his message inspired a lot of people, with words that will echo in their minds for as long as they live.


Life In Kuwait

Dr. Saad had a rough childhood. Born in Palestine in 1940’s, Saad Saad was unwillingly relocated from his home region to the West Bank. His father was a very skilled man. He was a petroleum mechanic, an occupation that was in high demand in the Middle East.



The family moved to Kuwait, where Saad spent the majority of his childhood years. Saad’s father incepted crucial idea in his head: “Pursue higher education; that’s the only way you’ll ever be successful.”


Becoming A Doctor

Aside from his father’s advice, another event motivated Dr. Saad to pursue a high degree. In the 1960s, Saad Saad was still in high school. One day, he visited to visit a construction site in Kuwait, where he experienced heat stroke.



He realized that open jobs under extreme Kuwait sun were not an option, so he decided to pursue a career that would protect him from extreme temperatures.



Back in the 1960s, the only facilities that had air conditioning in Kuwait were operating rooms. Believe it or not, this was the pivotal moment for Saad Saad: he decided to become a surgeon.


Being A Doctor

After years of education, and with the help of his father, Saad became a pediatric surgeon, graduating at the Univesity of Cario, second in his class. He finished his internship in England and then moved to the US, where he was certified by the Federation of State Medical Boards.



He worked at the King Specialist Hospital, where he performed difficult surgeries, some of which have inspired his colleges and scientific journals. After 47 years of medical service, Dr. Saad finally decided to retire.



He currently lives Red Bank, New Jersey. He was also the co-author of the surgical residency program and has worked hard to build relationships between the US and Saudi Arabia medicine.


Saad’s Life Philosophy

Dr. Saad’s philosophy is simple, but also very profound, assuming that one lives by it. Primarily, he argues that you should never accept anything less than the success you want to achieve.



He was a poor Palestinian refuge that had to escape to Kuwait, a foreign land, with no citizenship or passport. Despite all these difficulties, he became a world-known surgeon.



Secondly, Dr. Saad argues that one should never postpone chores and tasks: “If you can, do it today; do not wait for tomorrow!” Without such attitude, Saad would never become Dr. Saad.

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