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Talos Energy Shows the Potential to Become a Leader in the Energy and Oil Sector

Talos Energy is a small company based in Texas. It operates in the United States Gulf of Mexico as well as offshore coast of Mexico. It has 93 employees and specializes on offshore exploration, acquisition as well as oil production. The leader in the energy and oil sector, Talos Energy, has gained recognition for its good work place.

Top place to work in

It has been voted one of the best places to work in Houston. Founded in 2012, the company has topped the top work place chart. If you are looking to work in a company in the energy sector with a conducive working environment and a great employee culture, Talos Energy is the right fit for you.

The employees of the company are entitled to comprehensive medical coverage, dental as well as vision coverage, a medical savings account, 401k retirement plans, basic as well as voluntary life insurance and paid vacations. Additionally, they have a flexible and balanced schedule to cater for the varying needs of employees day-in day-out.

Talos Energy, Stone Energy Merger

Recently, Talos Energy acquired Stone Energy Corp a move that saw it start trading on the New York Exchange. According to Timothy S. Duncan, the company’s CEO, the merger was a winner combination as it is going to benefit shareholders because there will be increased scale and liquidity.

The CEO continued to say that Talos is now in a better place to utilize its high quality asset portfolio well and take advantage of potential development and growth opportunities. He was also grateful to everyone who contributed to their efforts to reach this point.

Discovery Award

Few years since its conception, the company has strived to excel in the industry and recently, their efforts were recognized by being awarded with “Discover of the Year 2017” during WoodMac’s annual exploration awards ceremony. Specifically, it was a recognition for its Zama oil discovery in 2017. Timothy Duncan, CEO and President, described the discovery as a historic as well as significant discovery.

WoodMac’s award is given to a company which has been voted for coming up with the most exciting discovery by over 200 senior executives and experts.

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