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Sujit Choudhry Influences Future World Leaders

Sujit Choudhry is an international scholar who has attained tremendous success in the interpretation and experience of the practice of law. Born in Delhi, India, Choudhry was heavily influences by his mother and father who constantly read him local newspapers and the CBC radio station throughout his childhood in Toronto, Canada. Although he is the first Indian native dean of a top law school, Sujit Choudhry’s greatest accomplishment has been his speeches and written works about constitutional law and it’s relation to several global issues.

With his vast knowledge of many cultures, Sujit Choudhry approaches constitutional law with a unique point of view. His messages and writings have been cited by several influential members of global society including the United Nations. Choudhry’s experience has afforded him the opportunity to serve as a consultant on the development of constitutions for various countries including Egypt, South Africa and Sri Lanka. As founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions, he has participated in the essay collection entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” which depicts the challenges that disputes over territory lines presents with the creation and implementation of a constitution.

The essay collection “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” includes case studies that provide a view about the real-life effects policy has on a nation. The text explores constitution policies of several countries and offers recommendations of how to best proceed with the creation of a constitution for a newly established government. Sujit Choudhry edited the collection in collaboration with George Anderson, a fellow United Nations consultant.

 The influence of educated scholars in the field help newly formed nations to establish a constitution that provides a foundation for a prosperous future. New leaders can reference works such as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” for explanation of constitutional law and advice on the complex nature that is involved with its inception. The new governments can draw from the vast experience and knowledge of scholars in constitutional law such as Sujit Choudhry.

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Angela Koch: If You Want a Good Investment, Look to Your Employees

Part of running a business is knowing where to allocate resource, how to best invest so it reflects in the customer experience. When people look to invest, they may consider alternatives to stocks, like precious metals or gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve provides that option with backing from the federal government. How CEO Angela Koch keeps things running smoothly comes down to how much she values the independence of her workforce.

Koch has described her management style as one that encourages employees to consider their impact as individuals, giving them ownership over their role and a freeing sense of autonomy. That requires a modicum of trust, and an understanding of when to get involved in a transaction and when to let individual teams handle things on their own terms. It’s a style that’s benefited the company’s bottom line, informed by her own career. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

Before sitting at the top of the U.S. Money Reserve, Koch was struggling with what to do with her college education. She was expecting her first child, and her husband was putting in time to make it in professional golf. This meant Koch had to leave her studies to provide for her growing family. Her immediate concern was finding a job.

Koch wound up finding several, and with each one she made it her mission to invest as much time as possible learning the ins and outs, her responsibilities, and the resources made available to get the job done. Investing time in doing her job better led to her climbing moving up to the next level in whichever business she happened to be working for at the time. Then she realized the limitations of a workplace that wanted her to remain within a limited role. Koch wanted better options for her future.

Things turned around when she got herself a mentor who saw her potential and gave her a big task: secure certifications for his ranch. It was something she had done before, but with her objective met, Koch knew that she was ready for more. In no time at all she learned all she needed to about ranching, meeting the demands of clients and partners, and how to be a real executive running a company.

Today the U.S. Money Reserve is where she makes decisions. With years as CEO, Koch entrusts a great deal of responsibility to marketing and sales, to know how to reach customers, how to create a cohesive environment that encourages investors to return.

What’s next for Koch? Building a bigger company. Koch wants to continue allowing the company’s workforce to handle the day-to-day operations, freeing her up to focus on expansion.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Reserve has spent a decade being the premiere source of precious metals and coins. With assurances from the U.S. Federal Government, This firm has secured more than half a million transactions, helping everyday investors make the best, most secure choice for their portfolios.

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