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Teach to One Transformational Learning

Teach to One is an interactive math program that is tailor to each student’s individual needs. The program is specifically tailored to cater to a specific student’s strengths and needs. Teach to One program creates a web of skills and implements it into a year-long program for each student. The curriculum is adaptive and personalized to understand learning patterns and trends with each student.

The curriculum aggregates many important mathematical skills and ideas into concepts. By doing so, it allows the student to obtain a higher level of deep understanding beyond the individual skills themselves.

Within the curriculum includes skill libraries. The skill libraries are individualized libraries that track the students mathematics skills along the academic year. By doing so, it allows the student, parents, and the teacher to be able to understand how the student is growing and evolving on a yearly basis.

In addition to an individualized curriculum, students are provided a day-to-day personalized playlist. The playlists contain a collection of mathematical skills that the student will encounter over two to three weeks. This playlist helps guide the student, provide instruction, and help them contextualizes the related and applicable skills.

Teach to One has reviewed and scored over 80,000 lessons, and approved over 9000 lesson banks. Across the fourteen Teach to One schools, over the course for three years the schools experienced 23% greater learning gains than other students nationally on the NWEA MAP testing. In addition, students grew 53% above the national average.

Teach to One is providing schools with an innovative new way to approach mathematics. With Teach to One, students are given the personalized education they need to succeed and grow. Teach to One allows constant monitoring of the students’ skills to ensure that the student is understanding every concept essential to the unit. By doing so, students are able to work at their own pace and able to see their greatest strengths and weaknesses. Due to this, students across the nation are beginning to flourish in their mathematic abilities.

ClassDojo knows how to Listen to Teachers in order to Succeed

ClassDojo is an education-based application that is now a standard part of the modern educational system. This app has been around since 2011 and is the number one EdTech app in America. This education app has become the number one application because the app’s founders (Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary) listened to teachers.

Teachers are the main people on the front lines of the education system. They are the grunt workers who are in the trenches with students every day. Their classrooms are learning areas for teaching students. They not only help students to gain knowledge, they also build them up as people.

Educators need resources and tools that will help them to be successful at their jobs. Students want to be at their best and ClassDojo helps them with this process. The app gives teachers many resources for contacting parents. This is an essential part of interacting with students. When a pupil’s mom and/or dad is involved in the education process, a teacher usually has an easier school year. Most students also like the involvement of their parents as well.

The main thing to remember is that ClassDojo listens to teachers and their needs. They made an application that provides them with practical and useful features. These features include mindfulness training for helping to keep students level-headed and focused. They also offer text messaging and video features that allow teachers to communicate with parents in real time. ClassDojo wants to ensure that teachers have tools they need to make their school year great.

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