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Tigerswan Role in Political Risk Management

James Reese TigerswanRisks are the future uncertainties that could cause harm. People, nations, and even organizations are faced with different risks. Political risk is one that affects the three at the same and causes a lot of instability. It is therefore wise to set up ways of curbing such risks to avoid losses. Tigerswan is a global security consultancy firm that was founded by James Reese, a retired U.S Army Lieutenant. It is a company that has been equipped with qualified personnel to help either prevent, control, or reduce political Risk. This has helped it conquer in areas where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver.

As time passes by and technology keeps evolving, so should the political risk management strategies. Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart’s article, “Managing 21st Century Political Risk,” has explained how times have changed over the last two and a half decades politically. This has called in for a change in the way the whole situation is handled. In the past, these risks could be solved by just cold wars and defined borders in terms of opinions. Today according to Rice and Zegart, the affected political base includes “rising states, declining states, failed states, rogue states and non-state actors like terrorist groups and cybercriminals.” The previously set strategies, such as wars and defined borders, cannot resolve today’s political risks.

Tigerswan was established with a good understanding of the evolved 21st-century political uncertainty. It’s been able to capture the four major steps Illustrated by Rice and Zegart as a framework for global risk management:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • Being able to research more about the Risk
  • How to reduce exposure to the Risk
  • How to effectively respond, in case the Risk occurs

Every of its personnel understands the political Risk they are faced within each level of their work. They all know the processes of responding to the Risk and eliminating it as soon as they can. This ensures they are all alert and ready to control it and reduce losses.

Among the different departments at this firm are the global security operations center, the crisis management experts, and the guardian angel platform. These are some of the key sectors that help deal with the various political risks, with every department playing a key role. The global security operations center helps in understanding the anticipated Risk. The crisis management experts use their military intelligence to configure the threats and reduce the Risk. The guardian angel platform uses advanced technology to check the different information systems and try to detect any threat that could arise from the data streams. Every department plays a significant role in managing risk.

Tigerswan has had successful projects in risky danger zones such as the Middle East, where other firms of its kind have failed to deliver. Among some of those projects are;

Reconstruction of the 39 Villas in Saudi Arabia.

This was a 720 days project. It was faced with the responsibility of undoing the previous structures, reconstructing the villas, and providing security during the entire project.

Roofing of the four, 100-room quarters for Marine Corps in North Carolina

It was entrusted with furnishing the apartments with quality security equipment such as generators, lights, landscaping, and water retention ponds. The roofing of the apartments was done correctly with a clear mark of professionalism.

Saudi Arabia’s Gate Entry and Watchtower

This involved building a gatehouse and watchtower with robust security, as stated in their contract.

Being a firm that has always delivered whenever called upon, it has earned its name internationally. Also, working closely with qualified personnel and its flexibility to change are some of the factors that have and will continue contributing significantly to its success.

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Seymour Segnit Invents New Wireless Charging Solution


Every device nowadays seems to need its own cable for it to be charged. This means you need to take along a bunch of cables when you go out of the house for the day. This leads to broken and lost chargers, necessitating buying more.

It used to be that the micro-USP was a universal way to charge devices. There is no longer any standard when it comes to wired charging. The only realistic answer to the situation is to do away with wired chargers and embrace a wireless solution. See This Page to learn more.

Seymour Segnit is an inventor and entrepreneur. He came up with a totally wireless solution to charging small devices. He invented MAGFAST, which is a group of wireless chargers. These are based on Qi which is a universal standard for wireless charging that uses inductive charging.

He used a crowdfunding campaign to launch his wireless solution. The campaign went live on March 21, 2019, and swiftly hit its goal of $300,000. People liked an alternative to carrying around a bunch of cables. They also liked that Seymour Segnit had created a system where the chargers link together magnetically so they don’t clutter your home. Go Here for more information.

Seymour Segnit says he spent many hours looking for chargers that would work in his household. He couldn’t find anything from a charger manufacturer that matched what he was looking for. Seymour Segnit decided to invent his own totally wireless solution. There’s a charger in the MAGFAST family for every situation in which you need to charge a device.

Seymour Segnit created a solution for the two main problems with chargers. First, the mass of wires when charging multiple devices is ugly. Second, most chargers are cheaply made so they quickly break and end up in a landfill. This isn’t good for the environment. MAGFAST solves both of these issues.


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Sharon Prince and How She Managed to Build One of Connecticut’s Premiere Community Centers


Every square foot of the 80-acre land where Sharon Prince Grace Farms community center sits reflects the CEO’s bold vision. Sharon Prince, the founder and CEO of Grace Farms, alongside her friends and neighbors, wanted a space for their community that not only provided basic services that any community center would, but also create a spiritually empowering experience for each of its guests.

The “River Building”, which is what the main building is called, features a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature as well as a variety of ultramodern rooms and centers, such as a nature center, gymnasium, and amphitheater.

This was all made possible by the help of some 100 donors and Prince’s husband, Robert Prince, who is an executive at Bridgewater Associates. The cost of the project was around $120 million, making the center the most expensive one in Connecticut, if not in the country. See This Page for additional information.

Aside from the extravagant price tag the premiere real estate came with, Prince had other challenges that she stumbled upon when trying to turn her vision into brick-and-mortar reality. While the facility is free for public use, not all locals were pleased with the project’s extent.

Neighbors petitioned for the zoning permit to be reconsidered by New Canaan’s governing committee, and the battle drew on for over six grueling years. Eventually, Grace Farms won the verdict and a permit was granted in 2013. To address the concerns of their neighbors, the foundation had to add berms across the estate and had to modify the design of its parking lot.

To pull off a project of such scale requires not only a daring vision but also a fearless and relentless leader. And Sharon Prince definitely stepped up and delivered on both. She has an MBA from the University of Tulsa and has been the face of many media campaigns that are attempting to abolish human slavery and inhumane treatment of women.

Through her efforts, Sharon Prince Grace Farms has managed to grab highly coveted awards including the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Awards, as well as the 2016 Innovation by Design Award by the Fast Company.


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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Strives For Constant Self-Improvement

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is already a stunning success as an entrepreneur, but he has continued to remain dedicated to self-improvement in his professional and personal life. This is a continuous process that he is always working on even if he is not quite sure of what his next step should be. When it comes to self-improvement, the entrepreneur believes that it’s important to at least be moving in the right direction of your goal even while still coming up with a plan. In addition to this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez emphasizes that it’s important to recognize that your plans may need to be changed to adapt to new situations or circumstances. This flexibility is something that has always served him well during his career.

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The graduate of Suffolk University values the power of a strong education and believes in the importance of learning. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez attended Suffolk University from 1998 to 2002 and during this time he studied to earn a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Business Administration. While his formal education taught him a lot, he also values the knowledge that he gained through his experience in his career. He has recently gotten involved in the world of fashion as the President of Hawkers Co. The company that was founded in 2016 produces luxury sunglasses and is hoping to expand its brand throughout the world.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a native of Venezuela and a well-known businessman internationally. He is currently based out of London, England but has business interests located internationally as well. His desire to achieve self-improvement is one of the factors in the business success that he has managed to have during his career. Through these efforts, he has been able to improve himself on a personal level as well as his skills and knowledge. He accredits the history of his family and their values for his desire to improve himself. While he does not know much about his great grandfather beyond the fact that he was the President of Venezuela, he is impressed by the fact that the man did not have much when it came to a formal education despite achieving such greatness in his country.

The Success of Sheldon Lavin in the Meat Business

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC. Over the years, he has built a name in the corporate sector by building a highly successful food company. His efforts through the OSI Group are like no other in the food industry. He has seen this company rise from unknown to a now globally recognized business in the entire world. Today, the company has meat processing facilities in 17 countries and still aiming at expanding further to other regions. The goal of Sheldon Lavin is to see the company reach out to people in all corners of the world. Learn More about Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin’s history with OSI Group started in the 1970s when he joined as a managing partner to spur the growth of the then little-known food business. Armed with knowledge and skills acquired from years of working in the banking sector, Sheldon Lavin was ready to help OSI Group, then called Otto & Sons, become the leader in the meat business.

Through his efforts, OSI Group is now an internationally recognized business. In recent years, its goal has been to expand operations further, especially in Europe.

Under the guidance of Sheldon Lavin, the company has acquired food production facilities in the United States. The purchase of the formerly Tyson Foods production plant in Chicago is one of the achievements made. After this purchase, the company can now produce sufficient food products for its customers in North America.

There has also been the acquisition of two food companies in Europe. Baho Food and Flagship Europe are two companies that were recently acquired to help OSI make entry into the European market. While these companies will benefit from a wide pool of resources to boost their operations, OSI will be making an entry in one of the lucrative markets in the world.

In 2016, there was an expansion of one of the food production facilities in Spain. After the expansion, the production of chicken products is expected to reach 24,000 tons per year. This is double the amount that the facility was producing in the past.

Looking at the expansion initiatives that the company has made so far, it is clear that Sheldon Lavin is interested in establishing a meat business empire that will outlast the current generation. Having survived the past century, the company is now in a better position to conquer many more.


Sharon Prince River Building Offers Opportunity For All

Critical issues of crisis are being resolved through a recreational platform called Sharon Prince Grace Farms, at the River Building. The model diagram, mapped out an advanced agenda to restore a lifeless piece of land and strategically improve the endangered wild and plant life in the area. Aiming to expand the sustainability of life and save endanger species.

Grace Farms leveraged with other businesses to nurture societal relationships. Impacting human life in a significant way. The practical retreat achieved the goal of securing “10 native habitats, including eighty bird species” according to Sharon Prince, the executive director of Grace Farms Foundations. As well as 120 million dollars to fund the project.

The historic pastures are a place where man-kind’s inter-connection with nature is not alter by a false society of traditional city life. View Additional Info Here.

Apart from the scalable demand to develop a geographical structure in a location were the residents depended on Grace Community Church for social engagement. The area was in desperate need of new ideas and new development. The 200 ft glass panels of the “River Building” introduced explicit character.

The flow of sunlight, and no front door created a complete view of the surrounding landscape. The Community Center continues to engage guest with a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages to enjoy. There are many paths for walking, an area for performances, a library and much more.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms encourages everyone to participate in civil rights causes, nature preservation activities, performances by a well-known dance company and the opportunity to utilize the work space.

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Sharon Prince Aims to Bring the Community Together

Sharon Prince has been one of the leaders of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she was one of the leasers when it came to creating the Grace Farms community center. The community center cost $120 million, and Prince says that she and roughly 100 other people combined to fund it. However, she did not say who helped contribute financially to the project.

What Is the Grace Farms Community Center?

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms community center is designed to help people feel hopeful about their lives. Individuals are free to roam roughly 80 acres of open spaces where they can interact with others in their community. They are also invited to the “River Building” where they can spend time exercising, watching a show or attending a church service.

People Of All Faiths Welcome

There was a belief that those who visited Grace Farms would be subject to a hardcore Christian message while there. However, Sharon Prince says that people of all faiths are welcome and that no one will be discriminated against. Furthermore, those who don’t believe in any type of supernatural being are also encouraged to visit the premises to learn more the Sharon Prince Grace Farms’ mission.

Some Say Just Being There Is a Religious Experience

For some people, simply coming to Grace Farms is akin to a religious experience. This is because the River building itself is considered to be an architectural marvel, and the shows that Grace Farms put on are designed to maximize audience involvement. Therefore, it could be argued that the people who visit Grace Farms are just as important as Sharon Prince Grace Farms itself.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with her husband, and it also where the Grace Farms Foundation is headquartered. Prior to living in Connecticut, she got her degree from the University of Tulsa.

In an article with entitled “Grace Farms Foundation Expands Fight Against Slavery”, Grace Farms Foundation expands the effort to disrupt modern-day slavery by focusing on the supply chain for building materials worldwide.


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Finding a Cure for Cancer Is Vehemently Coming Closer Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a 49 years old gentleman who has launched at least five companies, each worth a minimum of $250 million. Tempus is one of his most significant investments as it uses data to solve cancer-related issues.

After Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he realized that very little data was used to contribute to her care. This ultimately launched Tempus, whose goal is to analyze information and thus help doctors customize treatment for each cancer patient.

How Does Tempus Work?

A doctor collects a tumor sample and sends it to Tempus for genomic sequencing. Consequently, Tempus identifies the reason behind cell growth and division. This analysis helps doctors to prescribe better treatment other than chemotherapy.

Although genomic sequencing costs between $1000 and $5000, Tempus loses money while doing it. Why? Probably because they do extensive analysis contrary to what other organizations do. Nonetheless, the company has licensed its library to insurers, researchers, and drug companies, and it increases their revenue. In fact, it collects seven figures from seven out of ten leading drug companies.

Several people have invested in Tempus with the hope of achieving better results on cancer, depression, and diabetes. It has, however, published less than 20 peers reviewed manuscript in four years while its competitor has published 400 in nine years.

Entrepreneur Journey of Eric

Eric Lefkofsky’s journey started at the University of Michigan. He studied history but ventured into entrepreneurship as he began by selling carpets. He later co-founded InnerWorkings, which was a marketing company. He then started a transportation company, Echo Global Logistics, and MediaOcean, an advertising software.

Lightbank is another company that he invested in, and it’s known as one of his most significant achievements. Eric Lefkofsky has done other projects from different industries, and all the experience has led to the creation of Tempus. He hopes to produce more data following the genomic sequence his company is predicted to carry.

Tempus has made a significant milestone as it is currently working with 30% oncologists from the USA. Find out more about Eric Lefkofsky:

Isabel dos Santos and the New Modernization of Africa

Today, Isabel dos Santos widely renowned as one of the most astute businesswomen of today, and through her many efforts within the entrepreneurial world, has garnered the title of “Africa’s Richest Woman.” From the beginning, Isabel dos Santos has been a trailblazer, navigating the volatile waters of a financial world that have been traditionally dominated by men – a fact that rings particularly true in her native Africa.

As the daughter of former Angolan President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, she was able to glimpse the business world at a very young age, and due to constant support of her father regarding the trajectory of her future, she tackled her goals from a very unique coign of vantage. Despite her own individual successes, Isabel dos Santos believes that the unwavering support of her father was a key component of her unrelenting drive.

In understanding the effect that a life devoid of male suppression in the home had on her, she concludes that support from the male figures that dominate industry throughout Africa would undoubtedly be of supreme benefit for the women of the region that have long been held back. Through her entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts, dos Santos has risen to the forefront of African business, and become one of the most outspoken proponents of women’s rights.

While equality between men and women is often the preeminent issue regarding Isabel dos Santos’ philanthropy, she also views the development of communities in her native Angola, as well as throughout the continent of Africa, as an equally important problem to be addressed. According to dos Santos, growth, development, and sustainability have been sorely lacking throughout the continent, leaving necessities such as clean drinking water, viable sanitation, and proper medical treatment virtually nonexistent in many areas. It is her goal to help lead Africa into a new era of modernization – one in which essentials are no longer accessible to a select group. In order for this level of modernization to truly occur, it is her belief that women must be included, not as an afterthought, but as major contributors.

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The Best Investment Advisory By Igor Cornelsen

Decision making regarding the money is a hell of a difficult task. Many of us don’t know how to manage or multiply their money even if they earn a lot. Managing the assets and making the right investments is what financial advisory service is known for. There are few investment advisors who come up with the most practical and efficient investment options. Igor Cornelsen is among those geniuses who show you the best way of investment and asset management.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazil-based investment advisor who was born in 1947. He took engineering as his initial profession and got himself enrolled in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana. It was considered a big achievement at that time because it was the only engineering university available in the region. Soon after his studies, he realized he was more interested in the field of business and economics. He did his degree in his subject of interest in 1970.

Igor Cornelsen began his financial advisory agency and was soon known as one of the most reliable investment planners. He is known as a dedicated investment advisor whose efforts make his clients get the most out of their earnings and savings. He has worked for Libra Bank PLC as an investment advisor and earned the repute of being the most reliable person in the industry.

Soon, Igor Cornelsen decided to open his own firm with his own brand name. He started Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. Since then, the company has been able to advise many valuable clients and to manage its assets. Igor believes in taking some bold steps and risky decisions and is particularly interested in making investments in lower performing areas. He knows his job and knows how to make the best even from scratches. He believes in buying even the lowest of the worth of property, and that is managed in a way that it gets sold in a much higher value.