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The Growth We Only Recognize with Fortress Investment Group

The Steady Rise of Fortress Investments

Taking a “double stand” in investing is how Fortress Investment Group gained traction. This stance, as it establishes a stronger foundation to work on, allows the firm to service both clients and its own interests. Many agencies, instead, provide financial services directly to clients. Fortress Investment Group focuses on its own investments as the foundation of its work. It then seeks outside business.

Getting the public involved establishes the grounds for “diversity,” which works on a simple financial law. As it goes, what doesn’t work with one investment option is leveraged off by the success of other stakes being held. The more money that Fortress Investment diversifies, the more protection it gains. Improving their own interests, the portfolios of clients and government agencies gives the firm a lot to do but with great security to do it with.

The Ambitious Strategy of Fortress Investment Group

The strategy of Fortress Investment Group extends beyond diversification. The group is a private-equity firm that works within every industry and with multiple-asset types. From stocks to bonds and from gold to currency, this “fortress” was built on planned investments and on a spectrum of services. Here’s a better look at how this private-equity firm forwards its ambitious strategy:

500 Experts

  • 500 Experts: Besides the employees who work as assistants and secretaries, the Fortress firm relies on a group of 500-financial experts. Each leader could be working on separate projects at any-given time. When their minds come together for a single-financial objective, however, the results are immovable. The agency manages billions yearly, and with the likes of 500 minds, it creates a notable force.

Real Estate

  • Real Estate: Land is often a long-term stake for Fortress Investment Group. Its properties are diverse and consist of vacation resorts, New York City-entertainment venues and commercial buildings.

Business Equity

  • Business Equity: Business ownership gives a financial agency the power to dictate how society develops. From inventing software to discovering medical solutions, Fortress Investment plays a large role in creating innovations every year.

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Luke Lazarus On How The Current Economy Is Shifting For Good

 Australia’s startup consultant Luke Lazarus has a deep understanding of how to run a business. He uses his firsthand experience to help other companies flourish. Mr. Lazarus likes to start his mornings very early, before the sun comes up. Since he is very busy during the day, meditation is essential to his morning. It helps center him and relieve stress.

Then the work begins. This consists of checking his computer for new emails, news, and anything else he needs to take care of. Next on the daily list is to go to the gym. A good workout helps fuel his energy for the day ahead.

Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant. That means he is able to help new and struggling companies get momentum moving so they can be successful. He founded four companies and sold them all for profit within 10 years. That is quite the accomplishment. Now he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting in 2013 and has been helping companies ever since. The businessman earned his Bachelor and Master’s degree in executive business administration at the Melbourne Business School in 2004.

One trend that excites the entrepreneur is how the economy is shifting. Since he works in the business world, this makes perfect sense. The modern customer expects much more out of a company than a impersonal and mass produced product. They want a personal connection with the company that shares the same kind of values and morals. This is what Luke does for a living. He brings the story of each company he works with alive. If customers feel more connected with the story, then they are more likely to by that company’s product opposed to another company’s product.

To stay productive, Mr. Lazarus records everything. Ideas, feelings, and everything in between can be used in future business meetings. There are many ways he records these ideas. These include a voice memo, writing it down, typing it into his phone or computer, and even takes pictures. Luke believes that passion, perseverance, networking, and luck are all factors that make a business of individual succeed, not just one of them.

4You have to believe in your ideas, work, business, and success to really succeed. Of course you will go through times of doubt, but you must persevere through it. That is how all successful entrepreneurs succeed. They keep going not matter the odds. Luke Lazarus is not perfect and has had business failures.

One of them was going into business with his best friend. In the end had very different ideas of how the company would grow and how they would execute these ideas. It all turned out well for the friends, and they did learn from the situation. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

The Limitless Potential of Nitin Khanna

Whether someone is born in India or the United States, there is a clear path to better one’s social status. Nitin Khanna grew up in the corner of India, where he and his family had to rely on blood, sweat, and tears to live everyday. He realized that this lifestyle offered very little growth for moving up the social ladder, and thus Nitin Khanna was struck with the inspiration to forge his own future outside of the country. The website Digital Mode describes an individual who had limitless potential to tap into.

As someone who grew up seeing the rewards from personal hard work, this mindset would stick when he moved to the United States. Nitin Khanna was 17 at this point, and he was excited at the future before his eyes. The first step was obtaining academic degrees at Purdue University. He studied Industrial Engineering all the up to the doctorate level before finding himself thrust into the workforce. Oracle Corporation was the first company who saw the potential in Nitin Khanna. As a senior level staff member, Nitin Khanna directed and witnessed the company completely overhaul their technology from print based to digital. This was the future of business, and he believed that more businesses needed to have all of these resources available.

Nitin Khanna’s first personal business venture was named Saber Corporation. This was a company designed to aid private and public companies alike adjust their technology infrastructure for the latest software and devices. Nitin Khanna believed in his skills to help bring all of his clients into the modern age. The business had a successful streak, however his desire for new ventures continued to push him forward. In 2009 he was leading the business industry into the next decade by advising leaders through his company MergerTech.

As time pushed forward, Nitin Khanna found himself getting recognized for his accomplishments on a scale he never imagined. Several national publication were listing him as one of the most important figures in modern time. His sense for finding and cultivating a market is unrivaled by most of his peers.

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Ashley Lightspeed Creating Her World


Ashley Lightspeed is an entrepreneur, investor and recently, a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is an intelligent and adventurous entrepreneur, enthusiastic about bringing creativity to her work. She holds a BA degree from Duke University and an MBA from Stanford University. She worked for Bain & Company after graduating from Duke and startup companies such as Thumbtack, BetterUp, and Fundbox. It is through these spaces that she gained her knowledge and skill and aligned her career towards her creative goal. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

Her creative dream

As a child, she admired her father’s architectural creative work, and even though her career took a business turn, her interests lie in creating and developing new products, ideas, services, and business models. Ashley Lightspeed’s fascination for creative work while growing up had her attending summer camps for young designers, and from there she learned a principle that she continues to apply in her work till today; ‘measure twice, cut once.’

At work, no new idea or product gets a free pass. Ashley Lightspeed tests every new project with prototypes for the products and frameworks for the ideas, and this has significantly worked in her favor. Ashley has become one of the pillars for the success of companies such as Fundbox and BetterUp.

Her amazing role

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in businesses, Ashley Lightspeed has the delightful privilege to work with early-stage startups. Here, she brings and works out her creative genius, meeting new ideas, challenges and formulating solutions. She has paved her path of creativity in the business industry, helping startups in growth strategy. She continues to use her knowledge and love for creating new products to grow in the vision of Lightspeed. In the years to come, Lightspeed Ventures will be the it-thing in the business industry. See more:

OSI Food Solutions Is A Strong Example Of Growth

Almost every company has growth in their business plans, but the expansion made by OSI Food Solutions in the last century has made them part of the history of the midwest as well as food processing around the world. If you have ever grabbed a hamburger from McDonald’s, chances are that you ate a product that was supplied by OSI Food Solutions. When the company was first founded at the turn of the century in an area of Chicago that mainly consisted of German immigrants, it was a relatively small meat market that eventually began expansion into wholesale. When the owner passed the business down to his sons, the company was able to grow very quickly after the deal with McDonald’s was struck.

McDonald’s isn’t the only company that OSI Food Solutions is partnered with. They supply food to businesses in 17 countries around the world. In these 17 countries, the company operated at least 65 facilities and this number seems to be going up frequently. They have truly led by example and have managed to make themselves one of the biggest food companies of their kind in the entire world. With future plans for expansion, they hope to be the top company internationally. With all of the developments that they have had in recent years, it doesn’t seem like this goal is too far off for them. While they may be internationally known, they have still kept their headquarters where the company began in Chicago and have even opened new food facilities in the area.

One of the biggest developments that allowed OSI Food Solutions to increase their presence in the world was new freezing methods that were introduced around the early 1970s. By using liquid nitrogen, OSI Food Solutions was able to quickly freeze their products which allowed them to stay fresh during shipping for longer distances. This technology was key in ensuring that they were able to meet the demand for meat from their partner, McDonald’s. The fast food chain was growing and as one of their main supplies, OSI was determined to come up with new ways to meet the demand while keeping their quality high.

Doe Deere’s Rules for Life

Doe Deere, founder of both the Lime Crime makeup brand and the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff, didn’t become the successful woman she is today without working hard for it. Her skill and innovative, gorgeous ideas are a mark of her success, but this empowering icon had to work hard for her dream.

At 17, Deere came to the U.S. with her mother and sister. Far from the idyllic image of a brand new life, Doe and her family spent two years in a homeless shelter before they could afford a home of their own. It was then that Deere was able to fall into her passions, and to grow into the supporter of women we know and love today. Deere’s steps to success are empowering and deceptively simple, and we want you to try them out!

Passion is key.

  • Passion is key. Find what you are passionate about, and make it your dream! For Doe Deere, that passion was color. Colors can have a major impact on our mood. Color is a direct link to expressing emotion, and Doe wanted all of the women in the world to connect with their feelings and express them!

Know your clientelle.

  • Know your clientelle. Deere maintains that you have to get into your customer’s head, really think about what they’ll want in the future, adn bring that to the table.

Take the risk!

  • Take the risk! Last, but definitely not least: jump into it! The only way to succeed is to get out there and try. This last step can be the hardest for many of us, but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you start!

Doe Deere is an inspiration for thousands of women all over the world. The confidence we feel when we’re wearing her makeup or styling an outfit gives her dream life, every day. Make your own dreams come true with Deere’s steps!

Louis Chenevert Reveals How Investing in Employees Can Help Companies

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful and well known businessmen from Canada. Today, he currently serves as the exclusive advisor to the financial services firm Goldman Sachs. Chenevert has recently revealed that companies that invest in their employees will be in better position to thrive. When it comes to investing in employees, companies can offer scholarship programs, encourage team building, reward hard workers and also create an optimal work environment. With all of these things, a company can improve its environment as well as motivating its workforce to perform at their very best.

When a company wants to invest in its employees, one of the first steps is to create a work environment that is both positive and engaging. A company will want to make sure that any facility is comfortable, efficient and one where employees can reach their full potential. Along with making a work environment comfortable and conducive to better employee performance, companies that invest in their employees will also want to make their work environment fun. This can include games and lounges to help employees enjoy their down time and relieve stress.

Another good way in which a company can invest in their employees is by offering scholarship programs. Since a number of job positions may require continuing education, it is important for employees to have funding available to get this. However, some may not be able to fund college degree programs and so a scholarship can help them. A company can provide funds for an employee to complete a degree so that they can gain more knowledge and get promoted to a higher position.

Companies that decide to invest in their employees can benefit by rewarding them for their hard work and achievements. There are a number of ways in which a company can reward hard workers. It can offer promotions, raises in salary, year end bonuses and also provide gifts and gift cards. All of these things can help employees feel that they are making valuable contributions and getting recognized for it. It will also motivate them to strive for more achievements in the future as well.


Luke Lazarus Is A Dedicated Startup Consultant Who Works With Clients In Australia’s Southeastern Coast

Luke Lazarus has been working as a startup consultant for two decades and has continues to be a part of many different successful partnerships. He has helped many brands to find the success they are looking for and mainly works with CEOs in the southeastern coast of Australia. Lazarus studied at Melbourne Business School and received his MBA while in his early twenties. Before he was 33 years old, he was able to create and sell a group of firms.


Luke Lazarus brings ideas to life by ensuring that the story of the brands he works with is in alignment with what it has to offer. He believes that storytelling is a very important method to use to reach customers and focuses on solving problems in any industry he works in. When brands couple what they have to offer with an emotion or an idea they can reach many more people, and this is exactly what he works to help them do. He has found that some of his greatest ideas have come from solving the problems that he faces in his daily life.


Today, customers want to feel more connected with the brands and companies they buy from than ever before. Luke Lazarus enjoys working with companies and watching them meet the needs of their customers in new an innovative ways. When a business shares the same values as its customers, this a win-win scenario. This is why he encourages the startups he works with to always prove how their products can make their customers feel.


Luke Lazarus take meticulous notes throughout his working day and ensures that he is able to access his notes wherever he goes. He has found it most productive to jot down quick notes or to take a photo of a note so he remembers its importance. If he could travel back and time and give himself some advice, it would be to relax and not worry so much. He has revealed that he was very anxious when he was younger and that he was, often, preoccupied with what the future would hold. He now realizes this was unnecessary and could have saved himself from a lot of anxiety along the way if he just believed in himself more.


Luke Lazarus has learned that it is good to surround himself with talented individuals who know how to focus on what is important. He has become quite the networker over the years, which has served him well. Luke Lazarus believes there is plenty of room to revamp the medical sector and feels that an UBER for doctors would be a good business idea. He also believes that health care can be made more affordable and hopes to see the field embrace modern technology.


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The Man Behind Blockchain

How far does one need to look back into the history of an innovative giant in order to find some indication of what they might become?

Does one simply look into their childhood? If so, then if one were to look at the young life of Serge Belamant, one would see a determined child with not only the drive to succeed, but the willingness to change his course in order to ensure it.

Looking at his young life alone would obviously indicate his future success.

For Belamant though, the need to look back that far is unnecessary. Yes, his childlike tenacity pushed him forward in unforeseeable ways. But to see the true measure of his success, one need not delve deep into his past, or even look at the several patents he holds for breaking various molds in the financial industry. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

Instead, one need only look at the way he was able to help over ten million South African Social Security Beneficiaries receive their monthly stipends on time without having to worry about technological delays, or thievery. The three ways he did this were inspiring – the one that stood out the most though was the creation of his variable pin.

In order to prevent thievery at ATM’s, a recipient had to call a number on the back of their cards, that put their voice through identification software. Once their identity was confirmed, the system provided them with a one-time only pin. They would then enter this pin at the ATM. The usage of the variable pin prevented countless acts of fraud and theft.

As such, one need not look into what drove a person to become innovative. Rather, one need only look at how their ability to innovate helped others. Read more:

Carsten Thiel and the Development of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Drugs have an important place in the treatment of disease and, in the same way, Carsten Thiel has assumed an important role in the industry that produces many of these drugs. He has overseen the launch of medications using a promotional technique that has made them successful.

Under Thiel’s guidance, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly learning how the marketing of products is as important as research and development. A good example of the proper promotion of a medication involved the product Xenical, which was designed for weight loss. In the past, such drugs have been sold with high hopes and even false promises. Thiel instead concentrated on selling Xenical to those who would use it with a total commitment to losing weight, leading to the increased effectiveness of the drug and even greater sales.

In selling the cancer treatment drug Vectibix, Thiel emphasized education and the careful testing of patients, a method that would offer better results for them and for the medication itself. Thiel has also overseen the launch of other successful drugs, including Strensiq, which is used in the treatment of the bone disease hypophosphatasia.

Thiel believes in the personalized treatment of patients, as reflected in a case involving a boy who suffered from hypophosphatasia and was also afraid of needles. In a technique suggested by Carsten Thiel, another child would be present while the patient received the medication, with the companionship greatly enhancing the treatment process.

Born in Berlin, Germany Thiel had studied chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry before receiving his doctoral degree in molecular biology. He began his career in the field at the biotechnology firm Hoffman La-Rouche, where he later became involved in scientific marketing. He was also employed at the pharmaceutical companies Amgen and Alexion, and most recently served as the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, which is concerned with gene and cell therapy.

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