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See What Influenced Ian King into the Cryptocurrency Market

Some people haven’t known what to expect whenever cryptocurrencies are mentioned. It’s a blockchain technology that most investors have utilized to be wealthy. However, some people still wonder how they would make money through this digital asset technology. This business proposition was tough some years back but experts such as Ian King have made it more comprehensible today. Ian has helped many people get an idea of what Ethereum and Bitcoin are all about. Ian is a cryptocurrency expert who has shed a lot of light on cryptocurrency through Banyan Hill Publishing. Ian has all the credentials and experience needed to be a cryptocurrency expert.

At Banyan Hill, Ian serves as a reliable and competent cryptocurrency editor. He was in a successful fund career before he decided to create his own website. His main purpose was to teach people how they could sell and buy cryptos like Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin. When a team from Banyan saw the kind of work Ian had done, it quickly decided to hire him. Ian is among the people known to have an inspiring resume. He was working in a mortgage bond department as a desk clerk. Later on, Ian moved to Citigroup credit derivatives. Ian never stopped at this. He then joined the New York Peahi Capital and worked for 10 years as the top trader. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

Ian realized there were many crypto speculators who needed to be trained on cryptocurrency opportunities. This compelled him to start his own firm to advise and educate them on cryptos. Ian was born and brought up on the Jersey Shore. He spent a lot of time as an ocean lifeguard in summers. The busiest Belmar beach appointed Ian captain when he was 19 years old. When the ocean was rough, Ian could make more than 50 rescues a day. It is the lifeguard experience that helped Ian to develop some of the successful tools in the trading industry.

Ian says he could only save a life after giving the situation a thorough analysis. He notes that one has to think on his feet and trust their instincts if they are to get into the surf and save a life. He says such skills are crucial in the trading industry also. Ian dreamt of being a psychiatrist and he joined college to study psychology as his starting point. One thing he loved doing in his dorm room is analyzing trends. Ian King Banyan has been in the cryptocurrency market for about 20 years now. Visit:


The Eco Friendly Success of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Only a few decades ago, the thought of selling bottled water would be quite ridiculous. However, the bottled water industry is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. With the massive amounts of competition in the bottled water industry, the leaders in this field really need to find a way to set them apart. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has set themselves apart not only by superior product but taking a more eco-friendly approach to bottled water. On social media, Waiakea Water has announced that they will have their first biodegradable water  bottle available on the market. Their new bottles will completely degrade over 15 years. This is a new precedent that will be set for the bottled water industry.

Filtering their water through porous volcanic rock Hawaiian bottled water company a very organic way of bringing water to their customers. This is also played into their marketing. As a young company that started only in 2012, they have already worked their way to the top with their creative marketing and packaging. Clear crystal blue bottles give customers a feeling of luxury. The simple minimalistic design of their logo is staying up with the design trends of today.

In 2018, it can be difficult to find a bottled water company that is environmentally friendly. Waiakea Water Is concerned with both their impact on the landfills and their carbon footprint. Will be exciting to see what this forward-thinking bottled water company will do in the coming years. Hopefully, their concerned with the environment will raise the bar for other bottled water companies around the world. It is exciting to see companies pushing forward for a more green future. Waiakea Volcanic Water is forging a new path for a world that is more conscious of how we leave this planet that we live on. With the incredible momentum that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water has gained so far, they are bound to move their way up as a strong in the water bottle industry.

The accomplishments of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin from the time he was young he was always loved healthcare industry. He attended the University of Delaware where he attained the Bachelor of Science. After getting the degree he applied the knowledge that he had attained in the chiropractic medicine, during his time as the doctor, he noticed a peculiar thing that was happening that made it hard for people that were professional in medicine find it hard to get a job. So many jobs at the health care were not being advertised, so it became so hard for anyone to get a job. He saw an opportunity and went for it and launched his own company, HCRC staffing with the motive that it would be able to help the medical community.

HCRC staffing gave an opportunity to the employers to get candidates that were qualified in various fields that were available for hire. Employers that use the HCRC staffing gain so many advantages like they will be assured of getting a well-trained staff in all fields, and the level of experience that they have ranged from nurses, dentists, receptionist and even the specialists. They will ensure that they will respond immediately to any customer’s request. Read more at

Brian Torchin is a very active member of Facebook, but the post that he usually posts is more concerned with who his company is hiring. Like the most recent one was him asking if there was anyone who is interested in working at flower mound Texas as the chiropractor. In the section of about me on Facebook, he listed that he is the managing partner of the HCRC. He has been a founder of so many companies. He operated a clinic in Philadelphia. In 2017, that’s when he opened the HCRC staffing, and this has been the community that has been so helpful in the society.

One of the most significant accomplishments he has it’s that he been able to manage the HCRC staffing to what it is at the moment because the company has now over 200 clients and companies. This company offers its serves to people all over the world in America, Canada, and Australia. Brian Torchin passion to his company it’s what will make the company keep on growing.

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How Ian King Became A Top Cryptocurrency Expert

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting investment opportunities of the decade. However, most people don’t understand the first thing about Bitcoin or blockchains. Now, there is one cryptocurrency expert who is making it easy for people to understand and profit from the cryptocurrency revolution. That expert, Ian King, has been helping thousands of people find crypto opportunities.

So who exactly is Ian King? Mr. King is one of America’s top experts in cryptocurrency. He is currently a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily newsletter published by Bayan Hill. Mr. King’s expert insights help investors understand how to put their first foot into the world of cryptocurrency investing. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

Just to offer a little insight on how Ian King helps educate investors, Mr. King has coined the term “Cryptocorn” to describe crypto projects that have huge potential to become the next bitcoin. Taking off on the Silicon Valley term “Unicorn” – used to describe start-ups that have a minimum billion dollar valuation. Currently, there are 40 crypto projects that have a combined valuation of $1 billion dollars. Mr. King foresees a day when person one of these projects will become a sole billion-dollar phenomenon.

To gain a better insight into Ian King’s writing, one can check out his columns on In one recent post, Mr. King discussed how 2018 would be the year that Bitcoin experiences the “end of the beginning” for its lifecycle. To elaborate, Mr. King believes that 2018 is the year that Bitcoin becomes a more mainstream investment as the coin gains respectability and acceptability. Mr. King also points out that the entire market capitalization of every crypto coin in existence makes up just 0.3% of the global economy. In short, Bitcoin still has a lot of room to run. Visit about Ian King

Ian King has over two decades of experience in the financial world. The cryptocurrency expert began his Wall Street career in the trading room of Solomon Brothers where he worked in the mortgage bond trading department. From there, Mr. King moved to Citigroup where he worked on credit derivatives. Afterward, Mr. King spent a decade at Peahi Capital as one of their options traders.

Since 2017, Ian King has been with Banyan Hill publishing as their in-house cryptocurrency expert. In less than two years at Bayan Hill, Mr. King has helped thousands of investors profit from the cryptocurrency boom. As the world of Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance, Ian King will help investors make the most of their cryptocurrency trades.

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Financial Pro Ted Bauman Writes About Why Government And Big Business Want To Invade Your Privacy

For about 25 years Ted lived and worked in South Africa. He was employed by nonprofits and used his financial knowledge to manage their funds efficiently. One of the areas he keyed in on was building low-income housing, not just in South Africa but many other developing nations as well. He is originally from the United States and moved back around five years ago. He now has a home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his family. More info here.

Ted Bauman has established himself as a financial expert, particularly when it comes to investing. He shares his knowledge in three investment newsletters with the prominent one being The Bauman Report. He says that his goal with this publication is to enable people to grab hold of their own financial destiny where the money their investments earn goes into their own pockets and not those of third parties. He also emphasizes personal freedom and modern strategies for keeping your identity and activities private and away from the prying eyes of governments and big business.

Back in August of 2017, Ted Bauman wrote an article about keeping your privacy. At the time Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci had blown up his White House career within a week due to his foolish antics and perceived paranoia. After this one of his colleagues said they’d be perfectly fine with having a chip embedded in them if it made their lives easier. Ted was aghast at this idea as it opens up the very real possibility of the government and other entities knowing where you are and what you’re doing all hours of the day. No convenience is worth that trade-off, he rightfully said. He wrote that unlike The Mooch” this is good paranoia to refuse being chipped. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter.

This all started when a Wisconsin company called Three Square Market started having employees of the company embedded with microchips. This business claims this is going to be done to help these employees make their lives easier (and of course spend more time working for the company). The implant is about the size of a piece of rice. As Ted Bauman points out this is sold as convenience but the real goal over time is to track people everywhere. It will be used to by the government to do surveillance of people and it will be used by businesses to market to people and otherwise keep track of them. It’s pretty scary stuff that nobody should be taking part in. View interview of Ted Bauman, click:

Jeff Yastine: The Online Financial Guru

Jeff Yastine is the current Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing for Total Wealth Insider. His financial newsletter remains one of the top informational sources for investors looking for new and exciting financial opportunities. This exceptional writer received a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, which he parlayed into extensive media opportunities throughout the business world. He started small, in local markets, but soon became a regular correspondent on nationally recognized networks. He commanded an extensive viewership and was frequently viewed in over 1 million homes nightly. This background has made him ideal for his current role with Banyan Hill publishing. Visit Jeff Yastine at

A recent article entitled “Cash Is Flooding into Cyber Security”, by Jeff Yastine, located on is just one of the many recent articles Yastine has published to help his audience maintain a better grip on the world of finance. Throughout the article, Yastine discusses the extensive opportunities that are becoming available in the cyber security market. He explains that cybersecurity stocks are poised to continue their rise over the coming years. He anticipates that there are still many cybersecurity investment opportunities available for his readers.

In fact, Jeff Yastine knows firsthand the value of cybersecurity stocks. He informs his readers that the Total Wealth Insider portfolio has seen gains totaling over 50% in just a few short months. With the rise of popularity in cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that many investors will pay more attention to the cyber security market. Because a lot of transactions are moving to an online format, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves in this virtual environment. Yastine knows that this sector is only going up from here and that investors will not be sorry that they jumped into their cyber security stock. While stock prices have risen, Yastine believes that there is still money to be made for the savvy investor. Read more on about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine has made a living telling people the smartest moves they can make with their finances. In a recent article, he is urging his readers to review the benefits they could receive obtaining stock in the cyber security market. He has commanded the respect of viewers nationally, but now he is using his financial knowledge to help those that would not normally have access to this type of information. Truly, with individuals such as Jeff Yastine, investors now have the resources they need to make good financial decisions.



Crypto Currency and Ian King’s Advice on the Future of Bitcoin

Earning money online can be challenging for anyone who wants to earn a living instead of a few extra dollars to pad their budgets. While working freelance positions and other assignments can help to make an online worker’s dreams come true, it is nothing compared to the latest frenzy that’s going on online and crpto currency. Specifically, as it relates to investing in cryptocurrency. However, learning what to do to get ahead is not always as simple as some may think. Specifically, for the average investor who needs to learn the dynamics of this technology and the security involved in being successful. Fortunately, with the assistance of professionals in the industry like Ian King, he is focused on adding as much value and opportunity as he can to the mainstream investor. In order to accomplish his goals and objectives, he is publishing information on digital currency topics that can help people want to obtain crypto assets. So, if you are interested in what is coming up next and how it will affect you and your goals in crypto, you may start by subscribing to daily insights that Ian King is offering for free. Learn more on crunchbase  about Ian King

Joining Banyan Hill to Inform and Educate

One of the biggest problems with getting in on the front end of any investment opportunity is gaining access to the knowledge and experienced that is needed to do well. Because this is a huge barrier for those who lack the experience and expertise, the only want to leverage the playing field is to acquire information from the leading experts in the investment field like Ian King. Having said that, Ian is not only known for being a leader in the crypto currencies, his experience goes far beyond that into being an experienced trader on wall street. Therefore, the wealth of knowledge that he holds makes his background idea for being both being an adviser and an educator on this subject matter. Especially, as his experience relates directly to the year 2018 and bitcoin going forward. Read more about Ian King at for more updates

Bitcoin – 2018

According to the latest advice from experts in the industry, bitcoin is not winding down and going away into the sunset. Instead, based on professionals like Ian in the Industry, it is just the beginning of an awesome way to make crypto earnings. In fact, people all over the globe are finding their niche by providing digital wallets and digital credit cards too. Read:


An Insight on the Products offered by IDLife

IDLife is a company that is involved in the wellbeing business. It serves as a retailer of nutritious supplements. IDLife was founded by Logan Stout in 2014 and has ever since exhibited a lot of growth and success. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality supplements for their customers to live healthy and happy lives which are free from all types of diseases. Apart from offering the supplements, IDLife offers training to their clients about the importance of exercising and eating the right kind of foods. Currently, the company has more than 140 members of staff who share same vision and values of the company.

The income of IDLife is estimated to be from $3 million to $6 million. This impressive success can be attributed to the exemplary leadership of Logan Stout who serves as the company’s leader. IDLife has managed to earn a reputation in the health and wellness industry as one of the most reliable and efficient companies. The healthful supplements offered by the company are redone so as to meet the unique needs of each client. They understand that each client has different health needs and therefore develop customized products for each client. Before giving any supplements to their clients, IDLife takes the medical history and conducts a propensity survey. This helps them in developing the right supplements to suit the clients medical and health needs.

At IDLife, they utilize the science-sponsored research and concentrates on the proposal of their products. This unique approach offers the company a lot of popularity since their products are authentic and meets high quality standards. Logan Stout entered into a partnership with Garmin so as to enhance the operations of the organization and also change the company’s highlights of health application. From this partnership, the company was able to develop an alternative n its website that gives customers the license to buy the Vivo trackers from Garmin in

Through this, customers are able to achieve rapidly their health and wellbeing wants. IDLife attributes the success that it has currently acquired to hard work, talented staff, discipline and commitment to its strategic plans. Logan Stout plans to take the company to the next level whereby they will introduce the products of the company to the entire world. IDLife also seeks to train more people on the importance of healthy living and also how to go about it.

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Paul Mampilly Reaches 60,000 Readers With His Excellent Investment Tutelage

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter investment industry newsletter Unlimited Profits has now reached 60,000 subscribers. The eight page newsletter is distributed monthly and in it Mampilly’s shares with readers his investment pick of the month. Mampilly gives an in depth analysis of his montly pick and shares with readers the specific reasons he selected the particular investment.

Profits Unlimited: Reasons For Success

A main reason that investors of all experience levels flock to read Paul Mampilly’s investment advice is his own proven track record in the world of investing. In 2009, Mampilly was named winner of the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. The action that earned this honor? Paul Mampilly parlayed a $50 million investment into an $88 million yield. To add to this accomplishment, Mamphilly accomplished this feat while the country was in the depths of the recession.

Paul Mampilly has also produced a newsletter that is both detailed and useful. Profits Unlimited gives in depth analysis of the investment world while making information understandable to the novice investor. Though the newsletter has only been in circulation for under a year, Mampilly’s passion for helping others navigate the investment world is clearly evident. Readers are also able to track stocks on Mampilly’s website in addition to reading the newsletter.

Unlike traditional brokers who perform most of the duties for clients, Mampilly prefers to empower his readers with the knowledge base to accomplish goals themselves. He instructs readers in smart investment strategies and then readers are responsible for setting up their own brokerage accounts. Readers trade their own stock, update portfolios for themselves, and track information using knowledge gained from the Profits Unlimited newsletter and website.

Readers of Mampilly’s newsletter have also raved of the monthly briefings they receive. Readers receive trade alerts when trades become a necessity and given in depth instructions about what to do and philosophy behind selected trades. Customers can use phones, computers, or tablets to complete their trades. Read more:

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly relocated to the United States from India at an early age. His career in wall street investing began in 1991 when he accepted a job with Deutshe Bank. At Deutshe Bank Mampilly was responsible for the management of million dollar accounts. Paul Mampilly has also managed accounts for the for the Royal Bank of Scotland and worked in a leadership capacity with Kinetics International Fund. Paul Mampilly officially retired from wall street investing at the age of 42 but continues to build his legacy with Profits Unlimited.

What Eric Lefkofsky has Planned Next

Building His Fortune

Eric Lefkofsky has managed to build his fortune by working on a variety of different startups. Whenever he manages to succeed in his ventures, he takes that money and place sit towards something with a greater purpose. While other billionaires use their fortunes to attempt to enrich themselves, he’s using his wealth to solve a variety of world issues. Everything from childhood poverty to cancer is on his list, but he doesn’t have plans to quit this anytime soon.

The Next Step Forward

The next step for Lefkofsky is to find a way to help his Lefkofsky Foundation further the causes he holds dear. At past periods, he focused largely on finding a way to help out children in need. His foundation gave charities around the world the money needed to help out those who needed the help. Outside of his work at his foundation, he has also made a name for himself for his work on his new company Tempus. With his help, he envisions Tempus turning into something much more respectable than what most people usually envision when they think of cancer research.

Fighting Cancer

Tempus tries to fight cancer by trying an entirely new approach to the disease. Normally, most cancer treatment plans are cookie cutter solutions designed without any thought given to the individual. However, this new approach is specifically designed to make sure that each person’s genetic sis taken into account before any treatment begins. The effectiveness of this approach is easily observed and it appears to work far more often than other traditional methods. Tempus is still a relatively young company, but it appears to have reached incredible heights in the relatively short amount of time it’s existed.

What Goes On From Here

Lefkofsky has already shown he understands how to create successful companies better than anybody else. With the work he’s doing here, it’s clear he understands how to fight disease better than anybody else. We need to change the way we think of cancer and this is the guy who is best prepared for that.