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The Growth of Fabletics in the Fashion Industry

A lot of people eventually find their store preference. There are a lot of factors that play into what the preferred store is going to be for clothes. Among the factors is the style. Not all styles are going to be offered at every store. In fact some styles are very rare. Among the rare styles is athleisure. This is the style of clothes that could be worn working out and leisurely activities. At the same time, there are other varieties that are almost customized to the joy of the customer. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is experiencing a lot of growth in the fashion industry.


With the growth that is happening in Fabletics, there is also a change that is happening in fashion. Therefore, there are going to be a lot more interesting trends that people of all walks of life are going to like. Fabletics makes it a lot easier to find something when compared with Amazon. People have to look through a lot of items in order to find what they are looking for. However, it is not just Amazon that is losing to Fabletics, there are tons of other fashion retailers that are being given a run for their money.


Fast fashion retailers are among all of the retailers that are struggling because of the internet. People are moving to the internet for their shopping needs. Even with groceries and food, people are turning their attention towards the internet. Therefore, a lot of the fashion retailers are going to have to shift their attention over to the internet as well so that they can keep the customers interested. Fortunately, the companies that will take advantage of what the internet has to offer with sales are going to be the most successful.


With Fabletics using the internet for growth, it is going to be able to have a huge influence in the fashion industry. People will be able to enjoy some of the styles that the TechStyle brand has to offer. Fabletics may also inspire other brands to bring forth some even greater styles.

The Connection Between Technology and Fashion According to Chris Burch

Chris Burch talks about the future of fashion and technology in an article posted on on 22nd September 2016. Chris is a fashion enthusiast. He believes that fashion and technology can work together to come up with something good. Chris says that the technological industry and the fashion industry have seen numerous changes over the years. He says that the two industries have grown together. Chris states that fashion gets to be technologically fashionable and technology gets to be fashionable with time.


Chris Burch says that the growth journey of fashion and technology is fascinating and that there is light in the future on what the industries have to offer when you compare the past and the present. Chris says that there was excitement with the Boombox in the 70’s since people got the chance to carry around their favorite stations and tunes. He says that the boom box was changed to become the iPod which people consider helpful and fashionable due to the use of technology.


Chris Burch says that the amalgamation of fashion and technology applied nowadays. He says that fashion designers are committed to creating things that are useful and that they have been able to see this possibility through the help of technology. Chris also adds that such use ensures that the fashion created is modern and highly functional. Chris talks about a Dutch fashion designer known as Anouk Wipprecht who combines fashion and technology. Anouk says the technology serves as a playground where you experiment. It rewards you with lots of possibilities as you dive deeper and deeper. Anouk has been able to design a drink-making dress (the DareDroid) and the self-painting dress (Pseudomorphs) with her avant-garde designs. Chris also says that fashion and technology can be married together so as to generate energy and that there is a designer who is working on an invention which will ensure that individuals can charge their mobile phone while taking a jog or running.


Chris Burch works as the principal of Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded. He is a successful entrepreneur who has extensive experience and expertise in a range of industries such as real estate, fashion, and technology. Chris is a graduate of Itchica College. He serves as the Principal of Burch Creative Capital and has been able to steer the firm to growth and success. Chris and his brother started an apparel company and sold it.