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Fashions’ Future is Bright at the Academy of Art University

If fashion is your forte, the Academy of Art University may be just the place for you! Boasting a beautiful campus in San Francisco, California, and an online option for those who can’t make the move, this University is one of the premiere art institutes in the United States.

The Academy of Art University thrives on building a community of students and graduates that support one another throughout the process of achieving dreams and taking on the global market in all things art. Even online students have the option of chatting with classmates in class discussion areas.

On September 9, 2017, the Academy had their 21st runway show at Skylight Clarkson Square which included two collaborations between graduates. With seven collections provided by ten graduates of the University, this show proved to be yet another addition to the successes of this institution. The graduates proved to be a very diverse group, coming from not only all over the United States but ranging all the way to China. Even though these graduates spent countless days working on their collections, they literally only got “fifteen minutes of fame,” as that’s how long the runway show lasted.

 The designers’ inspirations came from many different places, with Hailun Zhou from China stating that hers came from the personal experience she gained while out and about on a random days conquests and Eden Slezin being inspired by his “love affair” with vintage denim. It is evident that these designers had put a lot of thoughts, feelings, and passion into their collections before constructing and presenting them; one of the many things that were taught to them at the Academy of Art University.

Within the aspirations and beautiful designs shown throughout the fashion show, it is evident that the University is producing graduates who are thriving in their fields. Not only do they offer degrees in fashion, but in an exuberant amount of fields within the art, media, and design world. This is a university that truly cares about growing the art community and providing well-educated people to contribute to an already budding industry.

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Academy of Art University : The Future of Fashion

Designing the future of fashion was the challenge presented to Academy of Art University students this year at New York Fashion Week. The creative opportunity gave select students the chance to showcase their most inspired and original takes on fashion forward thinking. Not only were their designs to reflect what trends may be popular in the future. Unique fabrics, textures in addition to a vision of landscape were common themes in the artistic creation. Each outfit featured a unique sense of emotional connection to something from the student’s past. Several students also included elements from their ethnic heritage from China in couture. Gaining momentum, the styles were not only forward thinking but played on interesting elements of size and shape.


Outfit choices included multiple kinds of insight, with some students incorporating valuable relationships as inspiration. A unique sense of transcendence and travel were communicated through each piece. The most prominent examples were displayed on the runway at New York Fashion Week in front of prominent industry executives and notable fashion leaders. The results were astounding, as each creation was well received by the dynamic audience.


Academy of Art University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to students in the fields of fashion and design. Originally started as an advertising college, it has grown to be inclusive of numerous art programs and fashion related topics. They are currently the largest design school of their kind and have a roster of several thousand people. The continual advancement of this university has propagated change as well as research in numerous aspects of artistic design and development.


Academy of Art University offers community engagement, valuable first hand experience as well as rigorous coursework to help students improve their opportunities for future academic progress. The world renowned faculty was hand selected in order to provide an incredible quality of education and superior level of service. The Academy of Art University offers valuable first hand exposure for students both during their academic careers and afterwards. Because of the amazing opportunities it is an incredible way for students to gain a foothold in the industry in addition to first hand standards of operations.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics started as an alternative way to offer affordable and fashionable athletic wear to women. Focusing on the everyday women who works out to stay fit and wants to look good while doing so, these closes are all hand picked by Kate Hudson herself. The brand has stayed relevant with trendy styles, an easy shopping experience through an affordable subscription service, and fun, hip commercials that give insight into Kate Hudson’s daily life.


Since breaking into the scene Fabletics has started to take on Amazon‘s fashion division. Some experts have even pointed out that Fabletics has done so rather successfully. As of 2016 Amazon held 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, which means that any company that tries to take them on has to be serious about it. So far, they have been tremendously successful. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to a $250 million business in just 3 years. Most businesses are barely breaking even in such a short time period.


Much of the success behind Fabletics is fairly simple, at least on the surface. The brand has combined quality and convenience to tap into a growing, trendy market. Athletic wear is a growing market, especially for women, many of whom see it as aspirational. Combining this with a subscription service, which is not only convenient but also helps to retain customers. Of course, having a big name behind the brand helps too.


One of the biggest reasons for Fabletics success is something that many competitors overlook. In the past, high-end businesses were defined primarily by the quality of the product. Today’s customers want high customer service and personalization as well. The unique membership model helps keep Fabletics customers happy and returning to the company month after month.


Fabletics unique subscription model allows customers to sign up for a membership that is then tailored to their interests and needs. Members receive a monthly e-mail with hand-picked recommendations. All they need to do is login in and purchase these or other clothing, or simply decline to purchase anything. If they don’t log in, a fee is added to their account which can be used for future purchases.


Before becoming members, customers can take a Lifestyle Quiz that is designed to tailor your recommended selections to items of clothing that you would actually want to buy and wear. Fabletics takes a number of factors into consideration, including your sense of style, daily activities, and other personal preferences. This quiz is easy to take and will help you sort through the many clothing options available through Fabletics.

EOS Lip Balms that Come with Delicious Flavors and Soothing Spheres

Walking around with caked and cracked lips can be a trying experience. That is why many people, especially ladies, prefer to equip their bags with a lip balm. However, deciding on which type to use can be frustrating because there are countless brands in the market. You need not worry because now you can choose your favorite from a variety of flavors found in EOS lip balms. These unique balms are natural and contain butter oils. They have been tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic. Importantly, the balms packed with antioxidant enriched with vitamin E, and they come in many delightful flavors.

If you want stress-free, soft and beautiful lips, EOS is the perfect product for you. The range of flavors includes; blueberry, coconut milk, passion fruit, raspberry, and pomegranate, just to mention a few. Apart from the many flavors and colors in which they come, EOS lip balms also have different smooth spheres such as soft, smooth, organic, and shimmer smooth spheres. Others are available in multipacks that give you a ready variety from which to choose.

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Smooth Sphere Lip Balm can be found in Vanilla Bean form. They are tantalizing to the lip, and they leave you with a feeling of freshness. Their color is beautiful purple. You can also decide to pick Smooth Sphere Lip Balm which is in the form of Strawberry Sorbet. Their soft color makes them attractive to see, and obviously, they are delicious when applied to the palate. Hop over to and take your pick. If you love the taste of honey, you can go for Smooth Sphere Lip Balm that has Honeysuckle Honeydew feeling to it. Others include; Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Summer Fruit, Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Sweet Mint, and Smooth Sphere Lip Balm – Passion Fruit. You cannot fail to get a flavor that suits you, and what’s more, they are cheap, but their soothing effects last long. Follow EOS here.

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