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How Entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos Gives Back To The Broader Community

Economic development in Africa is something that needs to be approached from many different angles according to entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos. She recently spoke at a European Parliament panel about this issue which was named “Africa and Emerging Technology”. She talked about everything that needed to be involved including agriculture, telecommunications, and digital technology.

Isabel dos Santos has built a number of successful businesses over the past 20 years. She has worked in Africa and across Europe in executive roles such as being the chairperson of Unitel which is Angola’s biggest telecommunications firm. Other industries she has worked in include oil & gas, finance, construction, and education. Her experience across a broad range of industries gives her the ability to speak in depth about Africa and the key issues that continent faces.

She says that Africa features very male-dominated societies which makes it especially tough on female entrepreneurs such as herself. Isabel dos Santos says that discrimination and prejudice exist at every level of society. There have been many times when she was negotiating a business deal and her male counterpart would look at her male assistant instead of her, for example. This was despite she was the owner of the company.

It’s because of the challenges she has faced herself that she philanthropically supports women becoming entrepreneurs in Africa. She says that women should make their best business bet which involves their passion, skills, and motivation. She says they need to develop five-year plans built around an idea they had for starting a company. She says they must execute their plan themselves without delegating parts of it to others.

Isabel dos Santos says that she is passionate about supporting social ventures. From when she began her career she would have a division of the company that focused on being socially responsible and creating sponsorship programs. Dos Santos supports nonprofits and believes that entrepreneurs and companies should give back to the countries in which they operate. Among the nonprofits she has supported are a children’s hospital and a program to prevent malaria. She has also supported several clean water initiatives and a Christmas telethon that supported underprivileged children.

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Lori Senecal Shares Tips on How Companies Can Make the Best of Facebook as an Ads Tool

Social media, and particularly Facebook, has grown to become the largest marketing platform in recent times. Companies have been moving to take advantage of this cost-free chance by developing websites that work for both mobile devices and PCs. As much as this has yielded results, Lori Senecal believes that there still are ways through which companies can best exploit the advertising space offered by Facebook.

Tips for Making a Kill in Facebook

According to Adage, it is important that companies understand what works gauging from their key performance indicators. This is to mean that if a company is looking for popularity, the best thing to emphasize on is post likes and shares. For a top company struggling to remain competitive, on the other hand, what matters most are post comments. This is because it’s through these comments that the company engages its clients and gets to get honest and first-hand reviews.

Secondly, Lori is of the opinion that as much as Facebook is a social platform, a company must never compromise on the quality of content it posts. She emphasizes on visually-attractive content that will be too tempting for any Facebook subscriber to scroll past. In the case of a video, getting the right caption for it is key. The better and compelling the caption is, the higher the chance of having people clicking on the video. If the company wishes to advertise using photos, then those pictures must be well-colored to catch people’s attention. For more details visit Business

Thirdly, creating an ad that people can easily relate with is a sure way of getting users glued to their phones. As Lori describes, the impression an ad creates is highly dependent on whether or not the ad correctly captures the problem in a good way. While at it, Lori advises that a funny video can do the trick for companies seeking to have their company’s name popular.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the outgoing global CEO of CP+B. Having joined the agency a couple of years back, Lori has been on the front line in the globalization of the company.

Previously, Lori served as global chief innovation officer for the New York-based McCann Worldgroup. She also served as CEO of KBS.

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