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Leading Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital and its Founder Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is a firm in the financial services sector that specializes in providing advisory services and financing for a number of corporate clients. The firm works with major corporations and medium sized businesses that are looking to raise capital and more efficiently manage their finances. Since 1996, the firm has been able to help over 300 companies go public by issuing stock as well as engineering overall business growth. Southridge Capital is based in Connecticut of the United States and also has another office location in New York. With Southridge Capital, corporate clients can take advantage of a number of services that include funding, commercial real estate and advising.


One of the most common services offered by Southridge is financial advising. The firm helps businesses by providing things such as balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy advice, mergers and acquisitions and also financial analysis. These services have helped clients find ways to increase their capital, complete merger deals and also ensure profitability. The firm has also been involved in funding services which entail helping clients finance certain aspects of their business. These funding sources have allowed them to find creative ways to acquire other businesses, obtain credit for operations and also come up with funding to issue publicly traded stock. Lastly, Southridge Capital helps companies with commercial real estate, They are able to get the office space to conduct business in a productive environment.  You can visit for more info


The firm Southridge Capital has key leadership that makes it a very successful financial services firm. Stephen Hicks is the founder and chief executive officer of the firm. He founded Southridge Capital in 1996 and has build it into one of the most trusted corporate finance firms in the industry. As the chief executive officer, Hicks provides the overall business direction and strategy for the firm. He is also responsible for getting more clients and finding more ways to accommodate the firm’s clients. Under the leadership of Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital has quickly grown into a very well known financial services firm that offers a wide range of valuable financial services. Before founding the firm Stephen worked in the finance industry for many years. He was part of a hedge fund firm where he would participate in investment banking and financial analysis. This gave him the experience and expertise to start up a firm of his own.


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Private equity investor and an accomplished American businessman, Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an established American born entrepreneur born in the year 1961. He grew up in Montana but currently resides in New York City with his wife Lynn and four children. He went to Capital High school after which he graduated to join Oregon State University.In the year 1984, he attained his Bachelor’s in Finance and Business Administration.After completing his university education, he started his career at a California loan and savings firm. In the year 1987, he moved to Lehman’s Brothers where he worked as a managing director and a partner. In 1993, he left Lehman for BlackRock and worked in the Asset Investors as a partner and an MD. He later left the firm in 1997.After working for a long time as a managing director, Wes Edens gained sufficient skills, and extensive leadership expertise to establish is own firm. In the year 1998, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group in partnership with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone.

Working at Fortress Investment Group, he specialized in private equity.In the year 2007, he enabled it to become the first large-scale firm to be traded out publicly. His style of leadership was extensively covered in The Wall Street Journal. The article included his witty ways of creating finance and building businesses from small investments.In the year 2007, Fortress’s assets under management increased to include publicly traded out and private equity assets. Wes Edens became a paper billionaire when the Japanese company, Nomura Holdings purchased 15% of the company.The Holding firm acquired the bit of Fortress at $900 million, and the dividends were shared amongst its principals. Wes Edens confirmed the sale of Fortress Investment Group in January 2018.

Japan’s SoftBank Group Corporation acquired the firm at $3.3 billion.In a five-year contract deal, it was agreed that the firm’s headquarters would remain in New York. Fortress also retained its chief principals. He is a great philanthropist who has donated much to society.His charity mainly benefits educational, art and health-related causes. He has released over $2.7 million to charity. Macalester College, GiveWell and Martha’s Vineyard Hospital are some of the primary beneficiaries of his philanthropic work.He is interested in sports, mountain climbing, and horse riding. He is renowned for his ownership of the Bucks basketball team. He purchased Wisconsin’s side in the year 2014 together with Marc Lasry at the cost of $550 million.

Paul Mampilly warns investors about Apple

The ability to maintain good sales define the success of any business. This is the only way a business can remain relevant in the market. A company that is not introducing new innovative products will most likely perform poorly. The number of sales a business makes will reflect in good profits and also better share value. In the field of technology, there is high competition that is taking place at the moment. Companies are taking any measure possible to come up with the most innovative products in the market. Any company that does not invest in innovations may be kicked out of the industry.

The fate of competition in the business sector can well be explained to what is happening to Apple. Apple is among the top phone manufacturers in the world. The company have been performing very well for almost two decades now. It has been accepted in the market as a company that makes unique products which resonate with the customers. Apple is the manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. The three products came as the first products in the industry. They were innovations which came to replace the traditional products in the market. The person behind the three product was the then CEO of the company Steve Jobs.

Since the death of Steve Jobs Apple has not performed well. It is facing a challenging time trying to bring unique products. There has not been any significant improvement from the company except that it has been taking the product which were introduced by Steve Jobs and making them look more impressive. Although the company may seem to be still doing well as far as the stock market is concerned, there is risk that the stock prices will fall very soon.

According to Paul Mampilly who is a prominent investor, Apple is not a good stock to invest in right now. If the company does not do something about innovations right now, it will lose touch with the customers. It will not be possible for the company to continue attracting new customers. With the efforts being applied by other companies regarding technological innovations, it is going to be hard for this company to make any gains in the way it is right now. Interviews with Paul Mampilly

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investment adviser on matter of stock investment. He has been a stock trader since 1991. He is the owner of the “Profits Unlimited.” Paul Mampilly won the 2009 Templeton Foundation Award by emerging the best trader in the completion. Paul has a unique method through which he determines which stocks will e the higher gainers in a calendar year. His system is known as GoingUpnes and it is one of the most successful methods ever. Paul’s Youtube Channel.

A New Look For A Class Act


US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest dealers in bullion, coins, and government-issued metals. They have a brand new look. Their new web site has a much more user-friendly appeal than most web sites. US Money Reserve has a leading edge on the precious metal and coin investing market. They stay right on top of it so you will know exactly how and when to invest.

The new web presence has on line competitive prices for coins and bullion, giving the customers the information needed to make informed decisions about purchasing coins and precious metal bullion. Everyone wants to make money. That almost goes without saying. On the US Money Reserve’s web site, you can thoroughly investigate many different ways to invest in precious metals and either old coins or new freshly minted coins from around the world.

With their new web site, they can offer just about any amount of precious metals in just about any with a secure, safe connection. You can view up-to-the-minute reports on the value of your particular investment, proposed or otherwise.

Founded in 2001, they have grown over the years into one of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of coins, bullion, and other forms of precious metals.

They have numismatic professionals waiting to answer your questions on a secure, private connection. they have the market knowledge to give you, the investor, the necessary foundation and knowledge to determine what is best for you and your investment plans.

Based in Austin, Texas, they can connect one-on-one with clients on a secure connection to better serve their needs.

When it comes to the knowledge, the know-how, and the experience, it is hard to beat US Money Reserve. You can see them on line or give them a call today. If it is metals that interests you, give them a call.


Equities First Holdings Experiences A Boom In Stock Borrowing

Equity First Holdings is a market leader in shareholder financing and a global lender with presence in several countries across the world. One of their most recent activities includes the changes noted by the company regarding the issuance of stock-based loans. Equity lending is growing in popularity and more institutions are entering into the market to address the rising demand for financing among investors.

Changes in the banking world have seen more banks tighten their lending regulations and review their loan qualifications while increasing interest, but this has not prevented people looking for financing from borrowing. People seeking working capital can opt for collateralized stocks and stock-based loans offer a higher loan to value ratio when compared to margin loans. They also come with a fixed interest, so there is not much worry about inflation and other market factors that may trigger changes in the interest rate.

In the conventional loaning system, fluctuation in the market is inevitable and may lead to additional costs with time. Many borrowers who opt for stock-based loans enjoy protection because they operate on a lower investment risk. Additionally, a big number of stock-based loans offers a non-recourse feature that enables the borrower to get out of the stock at any point in time, even when the value of the stock depreciates.

The interest rate that is offered for stock-based loans is low and stands at between 3 and 4 percent, and the rate is fixed. However, this is not the case with margin loans as they offer ratios ranging between 10% and 50% and the lender may choose to liquidate the collateral attached by the borrower without notice if there is a margin call.

About Equities First Holdings
Equities First Holdings, LLC offers clients with financing options that are alternative to the conventional options available in different markets. The company offers capital against stocks that are publicly traded to help clients meet their goals, both professional and personal. Equities First Holdings provides capital with shares as collateral as long as the shares are in publicly traded companies across the world.

As a global company, Equities First Holdings has opened offices in nine locations including London, Australia and China. The company is looking to expand to other markets to address the rising demand for alternative lending options at lower interest rates.

Do You Need Help in Investment Decisions?

Investments decisions are among the major decisions that one needs to make after adequate consideration. In many cases, one needs to consult an expert before making the decision; because of the money involved or the implications that come with the wrong choice of alternatives. Investment bankers have since emerged to help individuals and corporates in their decisions and hence enhance the success of their investments.

Role of Investments bankers
Investments bankers not only give investment advice but also help corporates raise capital for their different investments. They play a much greater role in overseeing mergers and acquisitions. An investment banker evaluates the financial implications of the business agreement, whether a merger, acquisition, consolidation or advice on whether to go ahead with the decision after weighing the alternatives. In other words, they are the major investment or financial advisers for any business venture.

Martin Lustgarten
One of the leading investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is an experienced investment consultant, who has made significant investments decisions for himself. Martin is, therefore, not only being consulted for advice but rather offers mentorship to many regarding investments. He is among the few that interpret different market trends, and act quickly, more so in time of turndown in any financial environment. Investment bankers like Martin Lustgarten are fast enough to avoid any negative impact on their investments and of their client’s investments.

Lustgarten’s interpretation of the financial market makes him a person to look out for in case you need to make an investment decision. His experience in the field for quite sometimes plays an upper hand in the success of his investments and that of his client’s businesses. In addition to being a banker, Martin Lustgarten is outgoing. Hence he is an easy person to interact with. His character makes a conversation with him, easy and any consultation comfortable as well.

Anyone can consult an investment banker. You should never look down on your idea or undermine it. Your idea will propel you to greater heights, all you need is talk to a professional about it, and they will guide on the way forward e.g. viable investments that one may consider.

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