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OSI Group, the McDonalds supplier of hamburgers partners with Impossible Foods Inc.

Impossible Foods, one of the fastest-growing startups in the American food industry, recently partnered with OSI Industries to ramp up production of their plant-based burgers. OSI Industries is one of the oldest food companies in the country. OSI Group partnered with the McDonalds in the early 1950s, and they have been supplying McDonalds outlets with high-quality meat products since then. Impossible Foods seeks to tap into OSI’s potential to meet the ever-growing demand of plant based burgers. OSI Industries has already commenced the production of impossible Burger in their Midwest-based processing facilities. OSI announced that it would start producing Impossible Burger in other facilities soon. Impossible Foods Inc. became a household name because of its plant-based substitutes for meat products.

The company was established in 2011 to provide nutritional benefits and taste of meat without the risks attached to the consumption of quality meat products. Impossible Burger is the company’s signature product. Impossible foods are also producing plant-based sausages. Impossible Burger was launched in 2016, and it has become a favorite for many customers seeking to reduce consumption of meat products. For the last few months, the demand for impossible Burger has been overwhelming. Impossible Foods Inc. has been struggling to meet demand from its customers, including renowned outlets like Burger King and White Castle. In April, they tried to double the number of employees in their Oakland-based processing facility, but still, it wasn’t enough. Amidst the production crisis, Impossible Foods announced that it would begin selling popular impossible burgers in grocery stores in September.

Impossible Burger was sold at 5,000 restaurants at the beginning of the year, but the number has doubled. Woodside, the president of Impossible Foods Inc., says that OSI Industries will help his company to increase its production by the end of the year. OSI Industries currently operates more than 65 food processing facilities located in 17 countries. Besides helping Impossible Foods to increase its production capacity, OSI Group will also help the company to develop new food products. Impossible Foods Inc. is already testing meatless Burger in a few restaurants. Two months ago, Impossible Foods Inc. was given the go-ahead by the FDA to use soy leghemoglobin, a key ingredient to their meatless products.

Angela Koch: If You Want a Good Investment, Look to Your Employees

Part of running a business is knowing where to allocate resource, how to best invest so it reflects in the customer experience. When people look to invest, they may consider alternatives to stocks, like precious metals or gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve provides that option with backing from the federal government. How CEO Angela Koch keeps things running smoothly comes down to how much she values the independence of her workforce.

Koch has described her management style as one that encourages employees to consider their impact as individuals, giving them ownership over their role and a freeing sense of autonomy. That requires a modicum of trust, and an understanding of when to get involved in a transaction and when to let individual teams handle things on their own terms. It’s a style that’s benefited the company’s bottom line, informed by her own career. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

Before sitting at the top of the U.S. Money Reserve, Koch was struggling with what to do with her college education. She was expecting her first child, and her husband was putting in time to make it in professional golf. This meant Koch had to leave her studies to provide for her growing family. Her immediate concern was finding a job.

Koch wound up finding several, and with each one she made it her mission to invest as much time as possible learning the ins and outs, her responsibilities, and the resources made available to get the job done. Investing time in doing her job better led to her climbing moving up to the next level in whichever business she happened to be working for at the time. Then she realized the limitations of a workplace that wanted her to remain within a limited role. Koch wanted better options for her future.

Things turned around when she got herself a mentor who saw her potential and gave her a big task: secure certifications for his ranch. It was something she had done before, but with her objective met, Koch knew that she was ready for more. In no time at all she learned all she needed to about ranching, meeting the demands of clients and partners, and how to be a real executive running a company.

Today the U.S. Money Reserve is where she makes decisions. With years as CEO, Koch entrusts a great deal of responsibility to marketing and sales, to know how to reach customers, how to create a cohesive environment that encourages investors to return.

What’s next for Koch? Building a bigger company. Koch wants to continue allowing the company’s workforce to handle the day-to-day operations, freeing her up to focus on expansion.

About the U.S. Money Reserve:

The U.S. Reserve has spent a decade being the premiere source of precious metals and coins. With assurances from the U.S. Federal Government, This firm has secured more than half a million transactions, helping everyday investors make the best, most secure choice for their portfolios.

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OSI Group and Rose Packing

OSI Group is a meat processing and distribution company based in the United States. They were originally established in 1903, but since then have grown massively. OSI Group now provides best meat services to some of the biggest names in the industry, like McDonald’s. The past few decades have been especially full of growth, as the ways that companies acquire food has changed. In response to this change, OSI has since acquired Rose Packing, which is one of the United States’ best leading producers of pork packing products.

The acquisition of Rose Packing opens up a lot of new possibilities for the OSI Group. Rose brings a team of 700 people to the group, as well as a massive headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, they have a high quality food distribution network and a great relationship with their customers. These are both major assets to OSI. In this merger, Rose Packing is being fully absorbed and acquired by OSI Group. This means that Rose Packing will cease to exist, but a larger and better OSI will be formed.

Both of these leading food companies had several similar goals, assets, and facilities, so the merger works terrifically. In addition, this provides several new avenues for rapid and substantial growth, as the network has opened up a bit. These two companies combined also have more than 200 years in the meat packing, producing, and meat transporting industry, which is a crazy amount! Overall, this merger is great news for everyone who was a part of Rose Packing as well as all those who were and still are members of OSI Group. This was not a hostile takeover by any means, but rather a mutually beneficial acquisition that retained most of Rose’s employees. This opens up massive growth for OSI in the near future as well.

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The McDonalds Burgers processing methods

In the past, there have been apprehensions about the usage of preservatives by companies such as McDonald’s on their best quality food to expand the lifespan of their products. One man experimented in Germany to find out how long the food could go without rotting; it is said that McDonald famous burger could stay for over ten years without rotting completely. Whether it is the preservatives or the drying of food by the company that keeps the burgers staying fresh still remains to be a subject of concern.

A recent visit to the OSI Group McDonalds factory in Germany revealed the whole process of manufacturing the burgers until they are sold. For instance, the factory insists that they source their beef from farms that organically rear their livestock. The livestock is slaughtered in the OSI Group McDonalds slaughterhouses that maintain cleanliness as one of their prospective business objectives. The meat is cut into huge junks with extra care not to allow bones into their prominent food factory.

The McDonalds Burgers are produced at stringent hygienic conditions.

When one enters the factory, they cover their heads, and no plastic is allowed even for journalists they use metallic pens which can be easily detected by the machines if they fall into the food processing machines accidentally. Workers who fall sick are given sick-leave until they are fully recovered, and the cause of their sickness investigated thoroughly. The meat is cooled in cooling tanks that do not allow for the survival of bacteria and other microbes.

The meat is cut into small sizes and packed by machines that measure the meat accordingly in very hygienic conditions after they have been dried to low moisture levels and exported to their final destinations. The OSI Group McDonalds meat is sourced from different farms in different countries; they, therefore, have different tastes as the feeds used in these countries differ from one to another. The preference for the amount of salt differs from one country to another. Therefore, the burgers will have different tastes. Recently OSI Group McDonalds one of the partners of McDonald added Baho Food to broaden their presence in the European market. The partnership has seen growth in a successful business as Baho Foods has five subsidiaries equipped with processing plants in Germany. McDonald aims at growing their in Europe and the rest of the world. Click here.

“James River Capital & The Top 3 Changes it Embraced To Enhance Its Leadership Style “

It takes a great amount of development and skills for a person to manage and lead a team effectively. Although it requires a concerted effort and time to become a good leader, there are several changes that you can do to your style that can spell out the difference. Here are some of these leadership style changes that you could use.


Support, Don’t Lead

Facebook leaders used a fascinating strategy that has greatly improved their leadership style. The leaders made a crucial shift of mentality of supporting instead of leading their teams. This word shift from lead to support totally altered how employees look at the leaders’ role in the organization. This also improved how the leaders communicate and interact with their teams.


Encourage Critical Feedback

According to studies, 85 percent of employees keep critical feedback from their employers. Most often, if employees feel that their feedback could get them in trouble they hesitate to do it. Lack of transparent and open communication will limit room for growth and improvement, innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement. Google conducted research which yielded that leaders should provide psychological safety to their team. In other words, leaders should function in a way that subordinates feel safe whenever they approach you with suggestions, challenges, problems, and improvements in the business. The research further revealed two ways to develop psychological safety. One way is by recognizing and appreciating escalation when it happens. The other way is by ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to air their sentiments, speak, or be heard during meetings.


Every Person’s Opinion Matters

As a leader supporting instead of leading and by providing psychological safety, the most important change is by giving value to everybody’s opinion. Make a list of your employees attending the meeting. Engage with them and ask everyone about their opinion. The quiet ones often have something to say but are most often intimidated or afraid to share their opinions. By doing this, you not only see others’ perspective on the matter at hand, but you are also empowering each of them to bring creative and helpful ideas on the table.


About James River Capital

James River Capital Corporation or simply James River was established in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp. It served as the investment department of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. In 1995, James River Capital attained its autonomy when Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the business from Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. during the time when Kidder was acquired by Paine Webber.


Today James River Capital is registered with the SEC as an Investment advisor. It is also registered in the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor. it offers investment management, commodity trading, advisory, and several other related services. Learn more:


HGGC – Functions of Private Equity

Private equity firms like HGGC typically manage funds on behalf of their investors. Private equity funds and investing are fairly simple to understand. Perhaps you have never invested before and need expert assistance. Maybe you want to find a highly reputable and experienced team of investment advisors.
Private equity firms generate huge amounts of money. This type of investment has created numerous success stories and continues to be very popular. HGGC is a clear choice for anyone looking to get into this industry.
Before you start investing in any opportunity, you need to learn about the industry. It is extremely important to know what works and what doesn’t and the different types of investments. You’ll want to know how that investment can benefit you.
Private equity is an investing style that involves buying an ownership interest in existing companies that are not publicly-traded. This means they buy ownership in private companies. Common strategies within private equity firms include distressed investments, growth capital, venture capital, leveraged buyouts, and mezzanine capital.
As a reputable private equity firm, HGGC has a group of investment professionals with vast experience in the industry. These professionals apply pools of capital from endowment funds, pension funds, affluent individuals, insurance firms and other sources. The funds are then invested in companies that show the potential for growth. HGGC uses its private equity holdings to perform a variety of functions for its investors and for the businesses in which it invests.
Professionals at a private equity firm take the time to create a convincing business plan. The purpose of a business plan is to convince investors that you have a good understanding of the business environment.
The team at HGGC understands the importance of having a compelling business plan and includes detailed market analysis, an overview of the competition and realistic financial projections. These professionals also strive to highlight risks so that clients or investors have the complete picture.
Reliable investment firms endeavor to help clients understand the risks involved in their chosen investment vehicle or the opportunity they’re considering, and they pay attention to past trends as well.

“Reasons Why Investors Invested in Marc Beers Vision “

Pelvic floor disorders are one of the most dangerous reproduction disorders if left untreated. Marc Beer is, however, one of the few professionals that are rewriting this reality by investing and in alternative ways to treat reproduction disorders. Late last year, Beer was able to raise more money for this important cause. He was able to raise 10 million dollars as a venture debt and an addition of 32 million dollars.


According to Renovia management, the funding was timely, and it will help the company to design and produce futuristic medication for people suffering from all types of pelvic floor disorders. However, this will not be the first product by this company, but it will be a perfect continuation of the company’s tradition in making the best products.


Investors in the medical world believe in consistency, which Mark Beer has shown through this company. Early last year, Renovia was one of the few companies that the FDA approved their products. According to the management of this company, Leva was their first major product and approval by FDA is a perfect illustration that the company is not only innovative but it also operates under the relevant medical rules.


This approval was one of the reasons why investors trusted Marc Beer’s dream. According to Beer, the project aims at helping over 250 million women who have different complications (pelvic disorders) around the world.


Another angle investors use to evaluate such a major project is ‘if the company has the capacity’. Renovia is a hub for the best innovators and researchers in the world of medicine. Marc Beer believes that having the best human resource, especially in the form of researchers is key in being a competitive company.


In the past 24 months, Beer has brought Samantha Pulliam to the team as well as José Bohorquez, PhD. The two are experts in their respective fields and apart from being highly educated; they have been in this market niche for years. The collection of these professionals was enough evidence that Renovia has the capacity and the necessary resources to provide medication to the 250 million women.


However, the biggest reason why investors were willing to put their resources on this project was Marc Beer’s resume. In the last two and a half decades, he has revolutionized both the biotechnology and pharmaceutical world through his innovative projects. Beer is one of the few investors in the medical world that have worked for different companies under different capacities.


Working for different companies has given him unmatched experience. However, Beer believes that his redefining moment in his career is when he joined hands with the talented Yolanda Lorié and the visionary Ramon Iglesias to create this entity. In this entity, he is not only the CEO and the chair but also a mentor to young professionals in Renovia.


“It is $32 million for Marc Beer Startup

When you successfully raise money to support the activities of your startup company, it always is a significant achievement. That is what Marc Beer, CEO of Renovia Inc. did. He recently announced that the company had secured a deal worth $32 million in support of the development of products that will help in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The money, raised through Series B round will be used by the company to develop diagnostics and therapeutic equipment for Leva, Renovia’s first product. Leva received the FDA approval in April and have been on a mission to create innovative gear that will help women suffering from these conditions.


Pelvic floor disorders


One of the many pelvic floor disorders that the company wants to treat with the new equipment is urinary incontinence. According to various studies, this disease affects more than 250 million from around the world. The worst part is that most of these women do not have access to treatment because the equipment has not been developed yet. Therefore, they suffer hoping that things will change one day. It is good news to these women because Marc Beer has now secured the funding that his company needed to come up with appropriate diagnostic equipment. There are also planning to create a newer version of Leva.


Thrilled to get support


While announcing the news, CEO Marc Beer said that he was excited to gain support for leading health care investors and that the company will ensure that they have machines and other re-equipment that will make it easy to diagnose, treat, and improve the lives patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He went ahead to add that since the companies have similar visions to theirs, they expected to have a smooth working relationship, and this should speed up the process of finding the right solutions to the problems that affect hundreds of millions of women.


Although the company declined to respond to questions about the investment and the products that are still in the pipelines, Marc Beer indicated that they would like to combine their innovative sensor technologies with unique proprietary skills to realize their goals. The digital health platform is still top on their priority list so that they can provide better information to patients. Customers will now know what to expect once they start treatment thanks to the availability of more information.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is not a new name to the healthcare industry. He has helped to formulate solutions that have improved the quality of health services. He is currently the CEO of Renovia Inc., a company that is based in Boston and which specializes in the development of equipment that helps in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. Learn more:


“Marc Beer Specializes in the Commercialization of Biotechnology Start-up Companies “

Renovia a biotechnology firm that is headed by Marc Beer. He is the chief executive of the corporation. Over the years, Marc Beer has gained popularity for his ability to transform numerous start-up companies into commercial entities that eventually gain the financial strength to attain their goals. As the founder of Renovia Inc., Marc Beer sought some funding worth $42 million. The money would then be used to finance the endeavors of the biotechnology company. The funds were acquired through venture debt and Series B funding.


At the moment, Renovia Inc. is trying to come up with a suitable form of treatment for the pelvic floor disorder. The company has been working towards developing advanced types of technology that can be used to diagnose and test ailments such as urinary continence. The pelvic floor disorder and the urinary continence are somewhat related disorders. The ailment has affected approximately $42 million women worldwide. The $42 million will also be used to come up with affordable drugs that will be used in the treatment of the pelvic floor disorder in women.


Some companies such as the Longwood Fund believe in the research being carried out by Renovia Inc., which is why they attended the fundraisers and issued a reasonable amount of money to support the company’s cause. Other companies such as Perceptive Advisers were tasked with offering some advice to Renovia Inc. Since the Renovia Inc., has access to a considerable amount of funds, the corporation can further their research on formulating a drug that can be used to treat the pelvic floor disorder. Renovia Inc. has successfully developed a digitized health system known as Leva. The Leva technology also has been approved by the FDA. The Renovia Inc. will channel some part of the funds to come up with a more advanced form of the Leva technology. Marc Beer is hopeful that the Renovia Inc., will come up with a solution to the urinary continence and the pelvic floor disorder. Learn more:


Marc Beer has been transforming start-up companies into profitable commercial entities for more than 25 years. He has garnered lots of experience about the pharmaceutical industry, business, and development throughout the two and a half decades. His skill set as a business person and a remarkable leader can be witnessed through Renovia Inc. Marc Beer founded the company in 2016, and the corporation has achieved numerous milestones in the healthcare sector. Marc Beer is passionate about the goals that the Renovia Inc., is set to achieve. He also ensured that the fundraiser went on accordingly thus ensuring that the company had the necessary funds to fuel some of the projects such as finding a suitable remedy for the pelvic floor disorder

Western Union Connection With PSI Pay Shows Growth in e-Wallet Solutions

In recent months Western Union has connected with PSI Pay, a provider of worldwide payment solutions, to get any money regulated the ewallet type of service for customers. This is a great concept for the Western Union that shows that the company is considering ways to grow as technology is changing.


PSI Pay is a United Kingdom-based platform, and the Western Union connection with ecoPayz makes it possible for people to get money transferred from the United Kingdom in an instant. The need for this type of money transfer is much more prevalent now that technology allows more people to connect with one another. People are traveling more, and they find themselves in places where they need to get money when they are away from their home base.


Western Union has always been the company that has specialized in these money transfers, but in the past, this was primarily done by going to a Western Union location. These locations still exist, but this cannot be the only method that people rely on when it comes to getting money to someone else. The e-money concept, along with PSI Pay and all other types of electronic currency is becoming much more prevalent. In order for a company like Western Union to remain relevant, there had to be a change in the way that business was being done.

The effort to connect with ecoPayz and PSI Pay shows that Western Union is conscious of the need for cross currency and across the border currency transactions. For a company that has been known for getting money to customers within a short time frame, this works perfectly into the platform that this company was already known for. It is not a new concept that they are exploring. By contrast, Western Union is simply focusing on expanding a core competency to a new environment where more people can benefit from these services.

For the Generation Z that depends primarily on technology for all of their various transactions, it makes sense to incorporate an e-money based solution where people can use electronic wallets to initiate transactions. This is an excellent growth strategy for a company that is known for helping customers move currency.