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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings has partnered with several states and countries inside the United States and places like the United Kingdom. One thing Equities First Holdings promises their customer is the collateral they hold, they promise to give it back once your loan is paid in full and if for whatever reason the collateral you have goes up in the stock market then Equities First Holdings will provide refinancing.

Profile of Colbeck Capital Management

Colbeck Capital Management is a unique type of financial services company. The firm specializes in providing situational based financing for a variety of clients. With this firm businesses and institutional investors are able to get the funding they need to address any financial issues that they are currently facing. Colbeck Capital Management is dedicated to helping clients get the funds they need in order to meet financial obligations, expand their businesses and also pay off existing debts. The firm helps its clients by offering financing solutions that capitalize on the credit markets.

With Colbeck Capital Management, clients are able to get a variety of services that help them reach their financial goals and address their needs. The services are often financing arrangements that are based on the value of assets and also arrangements to help clients restructure their debts. By getting these services, clients have been able to more easily manage their capital.

One of the services that this firm offers to clients is secured loans. The secure loans come in a variety of forms. They include asset based loans, cash flow loans and ones that are based on the enterprise value. The asset based loans are financing arrangements that are based on the value of an asset that a client has. This can include a real estate property or a portfolio of financial securities. A cash flow loan is one where a client receives funds in order to provide it with a steady stream of funding on a regular basis. This is almost like an income and revenue but its in the form of financing. Lastly, the enterprise value is a funding source that is based on the value of a business.

Another service that Colbeck Capital Management provides is second lien structured equity financing. This is a service that entails providing a loan to a client that is based on the equity of any asset. Whether a client owns real estate, a business or a portfolio of financial securities, this financing arrangement will provide them with funds that are equivalent to the amount of equity they have. Most of the clients who receive this service are either institutional investors or entrepreneurs.

As well as providing financing sources to clients that are based on assets or provide immediate cash flow, Colbeck Capital Management also offers debtor in possession exit financing. This is a type of financing that allows a client to better manage their debt. This service will allow them to restructure debt and then put themselves in position to eventually get out of any debt obligations that they currently have.

At Colbeck Capital Management, clients can count on talented staff of professionals who are ready to help them. The firm has numerous professionals that specialize in a variety of tasks in the financial sector. Like all other firms, Colbeck has a team of executives that manage its daily operations. These executives include the managing partners, the vice presidents and the chief operating officer. There are also a number of other professionals who specialize in specific functions such as the chief financial officer and the chief technology officer. At Colbeck, there is a business development specialist who is responsible for acquiring new clients.