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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings has partnered with several states and countries inside the United States and places like the United Kingdom. One thing Equities First Holdings promises their customer is the collateral they hold, they promise to give it back once your loan is paid in full and if for whatever reason the collateral you have goes up in the stock market then Equities First Holdings will provide refinancing.

NexBank Provides Opportunities Gaining Supporters


It’s always exciting when companies can say they have completed a big goal they set for themselves. This was especially the case for NexBank, based out of Dallas, Texas when they were able to secure a private placement of their unsecured notes. With this completion, they were able to bring their total issuance to one hundred and fifty-five million.

These notes bear an interest rate of five-point five percent for five years and are callable starting March 15, 2021. The notes have a stable outlook and the company is happy to report the investment rating of BBB. NexBank’s goal with the money is to pay back some debt.

John Holt is NexBank’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He believes that this securement shows the confidence that customers have with his company. He feels that they, along with the company, can see the long-term business strategy of making these investments. He notes as well that NexBank has a known track record of strength and stability, as well as, choosing their investments wisely.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielsks feels the same way as Holt, going on to say that this is among many accomplishments NexBank has had in its lifetime. He also notes that the company has raised two hundred million dollars of debt and equity within the last year.

NexBank prides itself on providing its customers with three core offerings- Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. NexBank mission is to provide uncommon value every opportunity that they get. As the years have gone on, they are proving their worth in the Texas marketplace more and more. Currently, they are the fourth largest bank in Dallas and tenth largest in the state.

NexBank is also giving back, having provided accommodative housing and consumer loans for over 2,200 Texas Veterans; as well as helping over a thousand low- to moderate-income families secure home loans. In order to assure that our next generation is financially savvy, they support finance classes in eight schools throughout Dallas County.

With all the good they have going, it is no wonder their customers see the vision and NexBank, along with Dallas, is going to continue to be a leading force in the state and in the nation. See This Article for more information.


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