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OSI Group Continues to Expand to Global Markets

The food production industry is one of the most incredibly significant businesses in the world. One of the leading food product companies that has been in the business for more than a century is the OSI Group. From its humble beginnings, the company is now a multi-billion business that has helped and worked with reputable names in the food industry all over the world. The biggest food processing and largest production company is continually dominating the industry not only in the US but also all over the globe. Let us take a look at how the OSI Group successfully founded and maintained major and strategic offices around the world.

In 1909, a German immigrant named Otto decided to leverage on the demand for high quality meat in the Oak Park area in Illinois. He founded a small meat market that later expanded to a wholesale meat trade. Otto brought his family from abroad and transformed his business into a company and named it Otto & Sons. Over the years, it exponentially grew and expanded its products to companies like McDonald’s and collaborated with General Milling Corporation in 1990. From there, Otto & Sons became a privately held corporation, OSI Group. Under the leadership and direction of its chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin and president Donald McDonald, the simple meat store in Illinois operates in more than 17 countries and is still looking to expand its scope worldwide. In 2016, the company purchased the controlling stake of Baho Food.

It is a Dutch company with affiliates operating in the Netherlands and Germany. Additionally, OSI acquired Flagship Europe in the same year. As a result, it took over Flagship Europe’s production of frozen poultries, condiments, and pies. For over 110 years in the industry, OSI Group maintained an impressive growth and longevity that no other company in the food processing company and food production industry has ever accomplished. Very few companies managed to remain on top of the industry for a long time. OSI Group’s achievement in the domestic and international market is especially impressive given the economic chaos that happened in the past several decades. The OSI Group was able to achieve all of this because of its precise and detailed unique marketing strategies and careful product development born from comprehensive research and market analyses.

OSI Food Solutions Is A Strong Example Of Growth

Almost every company has growth in their business plans, but the expansion made by OSI Food Solutions in the last century has made them part of the history of the midwest as well as food processing around the world. If you have ever grabbed a hamburger from McDonald’s, chances are that you ate a product that was supplied by OSI Food Solutions. When the company was first founded at the turn of the century in an area of Chicago that mainly consisted of German immigrants, it was a relatively small meat market that eventually began expansion into wholesale. When the owner passed the business down to his sons, the company was able to grow very quickly after the deal with McDonald’s was struck.

McDonald’s isn’t the only company that OSI Food Solutions is partnered with. They supply food to businesses in 17 countries around the world. In these 17 countries, the company operated at least 65 facilities and this number seems to be going up frequently. They have truly led by example and have managed to make themselves one of the biggest food companies of their kind in the entire world. With future plans for expansion, they hope to be the top company internationally. With all of the developments that they have had in recent years, it doesn’t seem like this goal is too far off for them. While they may be internationally known, they have still kept their headquarters where the company began in Chicago and have even opened new food facilities in the area.

One of the biggest developments that allowed OSI Food Solutions to increase their presence in the world was new freezing methods that were introduced around the early 1970s. By using liquid nitrogen, OSI Food Solutions was able to quickly freeze their products which allowed them to stay fresh during shipping for longer distances. This technology was key in ensuring that they were able to meet the demand for meat from their partner, McDonald’s. The fast food chain was growing and as one of their main supplies, OSI was determined to come up with new ways to meet the demand while keeping their quality high.

OSI Food Solutions Expands In Spain

OSI Group is the leading food processing company in the globe. It has recently been expanding its operations to many places around the world. One of the places that they have added production and supply of their products in Spain. The market in Spain has been impressive. The products coming from the company are selling very well in the market.

To meet the high demand for food products that is coming to their facilities, OSI Food Solutions have expanded the plant in Toledo, Spain. The plant was expanded so that the company would meet the high demand for chicken products. Customers in this region are have shown interests in consumption of chicken products. In the past one decade, the number of people who have been consuming chicken products has grown tremendously. According to consumer data from this region, there has been an increase in consumption of consumer data by a great extent. The increase was six percent every year, and soon it has climbed to eight percent.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded the facility to now be producing double the amount of chicken products. Before the expansion, chicken products production stood at 12,000 tons. After the expansion, it has climbed to over 24,000 tons. With the new production capacity, the company will be in a position to meet the needs of the industry. It will be doing very well in ensuring that people have better solutions to the challenges that the food industry poses. Ability to meet the demand from the customers is one way of identifying a company that cares about the welfare of the customers.

OSI Food Solutions cares about the status of their customers. They have added 22,600 square feet of space to ensure that everything that they meet any further increases in demand. Looking at the manner this company has developed over the past few decades. It is clear that it is a company that has progressed because of the love they have for customers. The history of this company goes back to once century ago when a German immigrant established it. OSI Food Solutions is now one of the largest producers of processed food in Europe.

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Sheldon Lavin Showcases Exemplary Leadership Skills at OSI Group

When it comes to the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin will always ring a bell in the minds of many. Well, some people may ask, who is Sheldon Lavin? The simple answer to that question is that Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI Group. Since the OSI Group has been mentioned, it is good to note that this is a multinational corporation that has emerged as being amongst the leading companies dealing with meat and food processing. With that said, it is now clear that Lavin is famously known for being a leader in such a renowned company. Additionally, his fame arose from being a great leader and leading the company to unimaginable heights.

Background Information

As much as OSI Group is well recognized as a leader in the food provision industry, the journey has been quite long before OSI managed to reach where it is. Well, Otto Kolschowsky is the founder. However, the organization didn’t start as OSI Group; the organization started out as a butcher shop. The butcher shop grew eventually, and even transitioned into a family business that went by the name Otto & Sons; this transition took place after the sons of Otto Kolschowsky became part of the company.

Otto & Sons eventually became the sole supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s entity. Since McDonald’s was growing super-fast, Otto & Sons had to keep up and they, in turn, experienced the challenge of transporting meat products from one town to another due to the long distance. Nevertheless, they decided to look for a solution. Luckily, scientists were able to discover that liquid Nitrogen could be used to preserve products such as meat through a process known as flash freezing. The breakthrough was an awesome one, and Otto & Sons were now able to overcome the challenge that had presented itself.


Since challenges are part of a business, Otto & Sons were in need of capital to finance the construction of a certain plant that was meant to serve the McDonald’s entity. During this tough time, Sheldon Lavin came through ad assisted Otto & Sons to seek funds to finance their project. This was during the 1970’s. Otto & Sons always kept in touch with Lavin. After some time, the company rebranded to OSI Group and the mantle of leadership was passed on to another capable individual. That is how Sheldon Lavin became the chief executive officer of OSI Group, and he has been serving at the organization for more than four decades.

After Three Decades In The Food Manufacturing Industry, David McDonald Says It Feels Like It’s Just A Start

After leading his OSI Group for over 30 years as a president, David McDonald now says that he feels that it is now that he is starting. Over the years, OSI Group, under David has been able to achieve many things. First, the company employs over 20, 000 workers who assist in its facilities. But this number is destined to change soon after OSI Group acquired Baho Foods recently. Over the years, it has been David’s dream to satisfy the ever-growing demand of food products. It is for this reason the company announced early this year that it is expanding its Toledo poultry processing plant. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

According to Mr. McDonald, unless the company did that, there is no way it can be able to meet the increasing number of clients that are ordering poultry, pork, and beef products. When launching the expansion early this year, David McDonald the president said that he was happy that while they are at the right track as a company, they are also giving back to the community. He was speaking with regard to employment.

In more recent days, the company has been in the forefront of acquiring more and more businesses that are in line with their food manufacturing process. This is placing OSI Group at the top of the helm as the world’s number one food manufacturing company, something that David McDonald looks up to.

Humble Beginning

David McDonald was born in Iowa. He grew in the community with other boys. As a child, he loved animals. Later, he realized that he was overly interested in helping people get food products from the animals. It is with this passion that David enrolled in college to study Animal Science. Upon graduation, he got a job at the North America Meat Commission. He later became the OSI Group company’s chairman. While in the position of a chairperson, David McDonald formed his company, OSI Group. This is the company that has grown to become one of the largest food manufacturing companies in the world today with over 20, 000 employees. All these achievements would be futile without the oversight of David McDonald.

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OSI Food Solutions Expands Its Toledo, Spain Facility With Over 22,000 Square-Feet Of Improvements

OSI Food Solutions has made the news recently as it purchased a soon-to-be abandoned Tyson Foods facility in the South-side of Chicago. The purchase was made for $7.4 million, and while hundreds of employees were slated to lose their jobs, OSI decided to offer whoever remained new employment opportunities with them. The 200,000 square-foot plant is close to another OSI Chicago-based plant, and this means that it will be offering infrastructure to support the growth of the business in the area and the nation, at-large. Kevin Scott, the Senior Vice president for OSI Food Solutions, commented that the new facility will add to the already strong capabilities of the company in North America and that OSI is glad to have it.

OSI Food Solutions has been doing even more on the global stage to increase offerings. In Toledo, Spain, the company has increased the amount of chicken products it can produce by double. This means that OSI can pump out 24,000 tons of processed chicken products every year and that it can also produce more than 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork products, altogether. OSI spent €17 million on the new facility, and it will be adding 20 new jobs in the area, as well. This will bring the combined total to 160 people that will be working in the Toledo, Spain plant, and there could be even more in the future.

OSI Food Solutions Managing Director of OSI Spain, José María del Río, commented that the new facility extension came due to an ever-growing demand for the chicken products that the company produces. In the Toledo, Spain area, demand has increased by over %6 every single year over the last ten years, and the last few years have seen an astounding 8% growth in demand. It is expected that this trend will continue, which means the company needs to build more facilities in response. This new addition to the existing facility in the area adds 22,600 square-feet. Included in the additions are new shipping and receiving areas, a new production hall, areas where oil can be serviced and taken care of, nitrogen and hot water tanks, a social area, and storage for supplies that the facility needs to have on-hand.

OSI Food Solutions expects to continue its rapid growth as demand for its products and services increase. If this is true, then the Tolede, Spain addition is just the beginning.

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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald grew up in Iowa Farm. In his tender age, he developed much love for agriculture, and he wanted to bring a positive change in the industry in future. When his family realized the desires of McDonald, they decided to support him at all cost. The family took him to a reputable school to gather proper education. In the year 1987, McDonald joined Iowa State University where he pursued a bachelor degree in animal science. With the knowledge about animal products and agriculture as an industry, he joined OSI Food Solution in the year 1991. McDonald is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of OSI group. Through determination and consistency, McDonald made his way up the ladder of leadership to the current position. Thus, he is the most adored authority in the group.

Due to his expertise in strategic leadership, David McDonald got honored with the Wallace E, Barron Outstanding Senior Award. At OSI Group, the CEO exercises his various skills in leadership to develop the industry further. OSI Food Solutions is a company that provides quality products of chicken, beef, and pork to a vast market. OSI Group spreads to various countries with more than 17 facilities. In China, McDonald makes the group the leading distributor of the processed food. Early this year, the OSI Group completed its expansion process. The extension improves on the customer relation and networking.

The expansion resulted in the increase of the chicken products from a total of 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. Therefore, the total amount of production of quality beef, chicken, and pork products shifted to 45,000 tons per year. Also, the expansion brought about more job opportunities in the industry adding on the number of employees by 20 on top of the current 140 workers. David McDonald successfully shifted the profitability of the OSI Group by raising the productivity in China. The president established the expansion of the Poland Beef-Processing Plant by 30 percent. Also, McDonald initiated a new frozen food processing plant in India and opened a modern feed mill in Shandong Province.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group got honored with the top 100 American food company awards of the year. In the year 2016, the industry decided to cross borders to increase its services to North America by purchasing the Tyson Food plant. Acquisition of Baho in the Netherlands is the most recent achievement. David McDonald encourages commitment between the firm’s logistics operation team and the local operation. The OSI Group, therefore, shows the ability to keep up with the ever-moving global trends.

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The OSI Industries’ Successful Business in the Food Sector

The OSI Industries which started as a small butcher shop in America has grown over the years to be a top multinational company in food processing. The company has so far ventured in 17 countries where it has established more than 60 premises in different locations. Its core business involves producing, packaging, and a supplying to the markets. What’s more, the company was first founded in Chicago, Illinois by an immigrant from Germany who was called Otto Kolschowsky in the 20th century. Mr. Otto started the business after two years on arriving in the U.S. where he began a butcher shop on a small scale retail market. Moreover, his business picked and within ten years he specialized as a wholesaler and even opened another shop in Maywood.

Further, the business continued to grow and was later branded as Otto & Sons in 1928. On the other hand, the first McDonalds’s food business was opened in 1955 by Ray Kroc at Des Plaines, Illinois who was a franchise agent of Richard and Maurice McDonald. With the opening of the restaurant saw Otto & Sons become their main meat supplier. This was after Kroc had a handshake agreement with Arthur and Harry who were Otto’s sons as their franchised supplier of fresh beef. Furthermore, Kroc purchased the McDonalds and took the position of the CEO in the corporation which with time grew to become a renowned brand in the world.

About the Cutting Edge Technology and Growth of the OSI Industries

The two companies grew exponentially beyond their region within the next 20 years to become a corporation that was known as the OSI Industries. Also, with the quick expansion and growth of the corporation of the McDonalds and Otto & Sons posed new challenges. This was due to the widening of the McDonalds restaurant networks while still maintaining the product consistency. The 1960s new technology, however, saved the situation as there was the invention of the freezing-cryogenic food processor where food was frozen using the liquid nitrogen, hence ease of transportation.

Currently, the OSI industries have grown to have businesses in various cities where it includes joint ventures in Poland, Brazil, hangar, and Austria. The McDonalds also spread its presence to Germany and Spain in the late 70s and further entered into joint ventures in many other countries. Also, as one of the largest food processors, the OSI Industries are responsible for products that include sausages, bacon, chicken nuggets, and patties among many more. The company which is now ranked as a multinational food processor continues to expand to date where it was recently listed as the 58th largest private entity with revenues of $6.1 billion by Forbes.


OSI Food Solutions: 109 Years Of Excellence, Innovation And Consistent Growth

The growth of neighborhood meat market Otto & Sons into the international food processing juggernaut OSI Food Solutions with annual revenue of over $6.1 billion annually is an example how visionary management can lead to a meteoritic rise. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, the company was known for quality cuts of meat and excellent service. By the 1920s Kolschowsky had expanded to providing wholesale meat to restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois. In the 1950s the company agreed to provide the growing McDonald’s franchise with ground beef.

In the 1960s the company’s founders purchased the latest equipment for mass producing and flash freezing their meat patties to enable then to serve a wider market. Then in the 1970’s they turned to the financial services company owned by former banker Sheldon Lavin to get money to expand into new, larger facilities. Lavin got them the money and began investing in the company as it continued on its growth trajectory. By the 1980’s the original owners of OSI Food Solutions retired and Sheldon Lavin owned enough of their stock to take control of the company and begin expanding it globally.

Under Lavin’s leadership OSI Food Solutions has become a leader in the international food processing industry. They have customers in 85 countries and 70 processing facilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. The company also bought the Europe based food companies Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. That has given OSI Food Solutions a presence throughout Europe. Plus, the company has built 10 poultry facilities in China and more than doubled their poultry production there. They are now China’s leading poultry products processor.

However, even as OSI Food Solutions has grown exponentially, providing the highest quality products and maintaining facilities that work in harmony with the environment have remained top priorities. That has led the British Safety Council to award the company their Globe of Honor for environmental management three times. The company has also won countless awards for food and worker safety and effective environmental stewardship.

It has taken excellent vision, planning and execution to make OSI Food Solutions a leader in the industry. Recognizing this, the Vision World Academy in India gave their 2016 Global Visionary award to OSI Food Solutions CEO Sheldon Lavin. Many people agreed that was an inspired choice because OSI Food Solutions has continued on its 109-year-long upward trajectory under his visionary guidance.

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OSI Industries Acquires EU Major Food Competitor

OSI Industries: Food Service Leaders

Based in Aurora, Illinois, and the largest food processing groups in North America, OSI Industries Food Group was established in 1992. They have been able to surpass their competitors with over 55 facilities across 16 countries. Their food services utilized at their facility is one of their most sought after partnerships. They have had the ability to process a nutritious meal under the strict rules set forth by the food services industry. Get more details about their food content and where they get their ingredients on their website for full disclosure details.

OSI Partners With Major Food Group

The OSI Industries food group has been able to partner with one of the largest food processing plants in the EU food market. They were able make a successful bid for the Flagship Europe facility. They will be processing their food condiments and frozen poultry. The deal was worth an worth an estimated $7 million dollars and has helped Europe expanded their business portfolio. OSI says, it has been as successful as their United States and Asian network. They’ve also celebrated being a part of the China food industry for more than 20 years.

Recent News About OSI Industries

OSI CEO, has made headlines for one of their executives, Sheldon Lavin, the Global Visionary Award for his global job initiative. He has been has been able to create over 2,200 jobs worldwide. He understood the need to actively reach out to the customers they serve. They ensure that millions of customers are fed a nutritional meal while thousands of people have jobs to sustain their families to improve economic growth. Today, OSI customers can enjoy hot dogs, frozen poultry, dessert, pie fillings, meat patties, and organic vegetables from OSI Industries foods.

They also had a successful bid for a local Chicago food plant

Their successful bid allowed them to acquire a Chicago food plant and retain the jobs of hundreds of workers. You can also find a great job opportunity by visiting the popular OSI website portal for more details today.