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Geoffrey Cone on Taxes in New Zealand


Since Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney, he has a lot of experience helping people out when they are considering a move to a different country. One of the biggest things that he does when it comes to the different things that there are to do in other countries is look at the taxes that are there.


Most people who Geoffrey Cone helps are people who make a substantial amount of money. They either have their own business or they are very high up in another person’s business. They work hard for their money and they want to move to a different country. People may want to move to a different country for tax reasons, to simply get away or to find a better market for themselves than the country that they are currently a part of and working in. Geoffrey Cone helps to advise them on what country they should move to.


Many people make the choice to move to New Zealand. They think that this will be the best option because there are not very high taxes there, but they are wrong. New Zealand actually has taxes that are right on par with the taxes in other developed countries. People are expected to pay the taxes and they do not get tax breaks. While New Zealand is a tax transparent country, people who move there can expect to pay around the same amount in taxes as what they are paying in other countries that are similar to that one.


Even if New Zealand does make people pay taxes, there are still some countries that do not. These are what is known as tax havens and they are a place where people do not need to worry about paying taxes. This is something that is important for people who make a lot of money and who do not want to be skimped on money just because they need to pay taxes that are higher than what is average since they make so much money. Tax havens are great places for people to be able to do different things with their money instead of just paying taxes.


Geoffrey Cone is a great example of someone who makes a lot of money moving to a different country that promises lower taxes on what they already have. Geoffrey Cone was tired of paying the high taxes that were in New Zealand and this is something that the no longer wanted to have to do. He wanted to make sure that he was saving as much money as possible and he did this in the way of moving to Uruguay. He has taken a lot of New Zealand influence with him but he does not miss the high taxes.