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Oren Frank, Talkspace, And Mental Health Therapy Over The Web

One of the main things that keep businesses thriving is that they can serve as answers or solutions to a question or problem. The better a business can answer a question, or the more unique they can answer it, the higher the chances that they keep up success over long periods of time. That being said, the goal for most businesses is still financial gain. Instead of focusing on solving problems on a personal level, they do it in a way that will get them the most money from any given client.

This is what makes companies like Talkspace so interesting. Instead of operating with the mindset of gaining the most financial profit, Talkspace focuses on the well-being of people and solving their problems. As far as what Talkspace does as a service, they are verified therapy and counseling service. As we can imagine, the well-being of their clients is of their utmost priority. Worth mentioning, they have achieved success through the leadership and guidance of Oren Frank. As co-founder and CEO of the platform, he has found a way to break the stigma of online therapy platforms and has learned how to get over the hurdles that come with it. Having said all of that, let’s take a closer look at the career of Oren Frank to see how he is achieving success for him and Talkspace. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

Breaking The Stigma And Getting Over The Hurdles

In an article on Oren and Talkspace, we learn that the way he approaches running a successful mental health therapy platform is through being as personal as he can with clients. Given that each client is going to have different situations, this approach allows him to get over reduce any hurdles to a smaller personal level and ignore any stigma that the platform is naturally going to get. Without a doubt, this way of thinking will ultimately allow Oren and Talkspace to maintain the success they’ve had for years to come. Learn More:


OSI Food Solutions has become one of the largest food suppliers in the world. Its food products are value-added and healthy, earning their trust with companies. OSI owns over 65 facilities located in 17 countries and works with 20,000 employees. The company is ranked among the largest private companies in the world. OSI Food Solutions has numerous resources that make it a reputable and unparalleled company in the food industry. OSI started from a humble beginning in Illinois. It was initially a family-owned meat market in Oak Park. The company was opened in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German who had recently relocated to the US. Otto earned a reputation among the residents for providing them with high-quality meat products, and he soon moved his business to Chicago. OSI expanded outside the local region and began serving a wide range of customers in Chicago.

OSI Food Solutions made a significant partnership in 1955 that led to its vast expansion across the US. The partnership was with McDonald’s that was opening chain restaurants in the region. OSI was hired as a supplier of meat patties, and over the years it has become a primary supplier for McDonald’s. OSI worked towards growth, and in 1973 it opened a meat processing plant. The invention of liquid nitrogen freezing aided OSI in storing and transporting food products. The meat plant shaped meat patties using special machines and freezing was conducted in tunnels. OSI Food Solutions continued making partnerships with various companies that led to its expansion. The General Million Corporation and the Alaska Milk Corporation are among the many companies that OSI partnered with. GenOSI was formed as a result of the partnership with the General Million Corporation. It is found in the Philippines and is responsible for processing and shipping foods within the region.

OSI Food Solutions expanded further to China and India and opened OSI China and Vista Processed Foods in the two regions. OSI has access to the world’s food chain, and can, therefore, acquire the best products at affordable prices. The products are then used to produce superior food products that require little preparation time and fit their client’s needs.

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Visiting Grace Farms Provides Pleasure and Purpose for the Public

Grace Farms is a foundation that has a large 80 acre landscape located in New Cannan, Connecticut. The foundation has a building structure that is right by the landscape that is one of the most appealing structures of modern design. This building is made up of rounded glass enclosures, steel poles and a canopy of Douglas fir beams. It also has a wooden walkway that is 1400 feet long as well. Grace Farms commissioned the complex from a Japanese architectural partnership. The Japanese partnership was also responsible for remodeling a cluster of barns that would be part of both a welcome center and a collection of meeting rooms.

Three years ago, Grace Farms opened up to serve as a place for members of the community to learn about and experience nature firsthand. The foundation looked to establish its landscape in order to preserve some remaining undeveloped land of countryside in Fairfield County. Before Grace Farms established its landscape, New Cannan was a very quiet town that had many churches along with farms and watermills for providing power. During the late 1940’s, a few individuals built a community of houses and New Cannan became one of the most modern communities in the area.

In order to create an area that would address the concerns of nature and the local community, Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation consulted with 25 architects. When consulting with these architects, Grace Farms found architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa who were able to provide a model of the River Building. With the introduction of this building, Grace Farms decided to have it built. Within a few years, the structure was completely built and became one of the top landmarks in the local community. Today, Grace Farms Foundation uses this building to carry out its daily operations and offer access to visitors who want to learn more about the organization.

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Isabel dos Santos- True Definition of Women Power

Isabel dos is one of the most influential figures in the world of business and especially in Africa. She is a businesswoman and boasts being at the top of charts of the richest women in the region. Isabel is the elder child of former Angolan president dos Santos Senior and his Russian wife. According to reports from Forbes and other magazines, she acquired her wealth by taking huge stakes and investing heavily in Angola and Europe. Isabel dos Santos has accumulated over 2 billion dollars in wealth, making her the wealthiest woman in Africa.

Isabel dos was born and raised in Baku, where she acquired primary education. She later traveled to Europe for her high school studies. She completed her studies in an all-girls boarding school based in England. She then joined Kings College for her university education. In the college, she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and met her Congolese husband, Sindika Dokolo.

For over two decades, Isabel dos Santos has been managing high-end companies with global recognition. She started her career as a project manager in the early 1990s after her return to Africa. She later started investing, and her first business was a trucking business, and after a short period, she opened Miami Beach Club, a restaurant based in Luanda Islands. Her entrepreneurial skills and expertise in electronics have contributed significantly to her dominance and success in the technology industry. She continued investing in large businesses before going back to Europe in 2017.

Isabel dos Santos interest in telecommunications made her launch a considerable bid to take over Portugal telecom which was later accepted and approved by the commission of Portuguese security markets. Also, in January 2017, she purchased 2 percent of BFA Bank for around 28 million euros, and she now controls over 50 percent of the firm’s capital.

Back in Africa, Isabel dos Santos has investments in major companies that operate in Angola. In 2011, she signed joint ownership with a Portuguese based company for the establishment and operation of a retailing company in Angola. She holds various companies based in Africa and Europe that operate in many fields ranging from motors, banking, mining, energy, and precious metals, among other sectors.

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Great Advices by Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem is the president and founder of the Sellem Industries based in England. he always ensure to take part in all activities in the firms. He organizes all the activities to bring about efficiency and maintaining a safety and productivity in the working environment.

Alec Sellem is an expert in gold mining and refining and brings forward diverse talents, skills and interests to enhance success in the entrepreneurial venture.Listening is one strategy that has helped him in growing his business.

He believes that it is important to listen because it helps one to learn. Listening to feedbacks desires and needs help in learning something new. When you develop an idea, Alec Sellem believes it is important to listen to other peoples perspectives. Listening to the outside world, being flexible to market changes and utilizing insights positively are some of the crucial things to succeed in business.

Alec Sellem recommends all entrepreneurs to involve themselves in philanthropic works that go hand in hand with their businesses. He particularly recommends them to make discoveries on ways through which they can approach business development. He believes that through this crucial relationships can be created whereby one successful business leads to the success of another. This will lead to greater development in the business sector.

Viewing hindrances as just mere challenges has helped Alec Sellem to overcome many barriers. Every potential roadblock, act as a motivation to succeed. He believes that the existence of a problem come with a solution. This has helped in shaping his whole approach to business. Accepting the notion that all problems have solutions, have made him to become more productive in his ventures. When a situation fails to exist, he examines it again to ensure there was no problem and carry on with his tasks effectively. Alec Sellem always advice people to find a good balance between work life and personal life.

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Matt Badiali’s Take On Natural Resources And An Exciting Growing Change In Energy Use

Natural resources are what makes the world go round. They help heat people’s homes, create energy for the world, and essentially are the backbone of everything. Matt Badiali has always been fascinated with science and natural resources. He studied them in college and now is using his knowledge to help average Americans invest in them. In 2017, Mr. Badiali created Real Wealth Strategist to inform others of the world’s resources.

This newsletter was a perfect culmination of all of Matt’s experience, background, skill, education, etc. Educating people on natural resources takes a range of skills including a background in science, finance, markets, and so much more. Luckily for Matt, he has those skills. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in geology and earth science from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University. This would not be the end of his education. Matt Badiali earned a Ph.D in sedimentary geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

To learn more about Matt Badiali, visit his crunchbase profile.

Real Wealth Strategist covers investments in oil, energy, natural resources, metals, and so much more. Each newsletter covers smart investments that Mr. Badiali himself has researched and learned a lot about. The financial expert takes his work very seriously and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Matt Badiali has traveled to countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and many more to see the natural resources he recommends in person. This have given him a more grounded and deep understanding of these resources.

With that being said, Matt brings his audience on a journey. Through his travels, experience, and knowledge, the financial expert weaves a story why certain resources are good to invest in. It is not just a nice idea, Mr. Badiali’s investment recommendations yield real results. Double and triple digit gains are regularly made through these stock picks. There a trend on the rise that has got the attention of Matt Badiali. The change of energy use is going to change the world. From oils to electricity, the change will bring a more environmentally friendly approach that will help tremendously. Mr. Badiali is excited for this change and how it will impact the world.

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Invest the Right Way with Isabel dos Santos

In order to become a prosperous and successful person, you have to be good at investing and managing your finances. Accomplishing your purpose and goals in life simply means that you know how to handle problems well, create wise solutions, have the correct mindset, and you are driven. Most successful people in life like Isabel dos Santos who knows precisely how to run her own business, contribute to her country by reaching out to the people, and she encourages others to do the same. She pushes people to move forward and to take advantage of their skills and abilities without any fear or doubt. The people of Africa are motivated by dos Santos because of her integrity and her accountability for her actions. She has been continuously supporting the people of Angola and Africa as a whole.

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According to the supervisor of Isabel dos Santos, they are staying in Portugal. Mario Leite da Silva is the supervisor of the Angolan businesswoman in Portugal. He stated that her investments simply show that they are in it for the long run and that they have a long-term perspective. Isabel dos Santos and the history of their investments in Portugal show that whenever they enter and engage in investments, they always make sure that they are entering into a stable and long-lasting perspective. This helps them create value, invest more, build qualified jobs. Da Silva has been one of the most loyal and committed managers of dos Santos. He said all the things that he wanted to say at the end of the visit of the European commissioner Carlos Moedas to Efacec.

Winterfell is a company that is being controlled by Isabel dos Santos and ENDE holds a stake that possesses approximately 75% of the capital of Efacec. According to the representative of both companies, the shareholders are certainly satisfied with their accomplishments and the overall results. They were able to demonstrate the proper strategy that they needed. It can be clearly seen that Isabel dos Santos and Mario Leite da Silva knows how to invest properly and to handle any situation they are in. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s Rules for Life

Doe Deere, founder of both the Lime Crime makeup brand and the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff, didn’t become the successful woman she is today without working hard for it. Her skill and innovative, gorgeous ideas are a mark of her success, but this empowering icon had to work hard for her dream.

At 17, Deere came to the U.S. with her mother and sister. Far from the idyllic image of a brand new life, Doe and her family spent two years in a homeless shelter before they could afford a home of their own. It was then that Deere was able to fall into her passions, and to grow into the supporter of women we know and love today. Deere’s steps to success are empowering and deceptively simple, and we want you to try them out!

Passion is key.

  • Passion is key. Find what you are passionate about, and make it your dream! For Doe Deere, that passion was color. Colors can have a major impact on our mood. Color is a direct link to expressing emotion, and Doe wanted all of the women in the world to connect with their feelings and express them!

Know your clientelle.

  • Know your clientelle. Deere maintains that you have to get into your customer’s head, really think about what they’ll want in the future, adn bring that to the table.

Take the risk!

  • Take the risk! Last, but definitely not least: jump into it! The only way to succeed is to get out there and try. This last step can be the hardest for many of us, but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you start!

Doe Deere is an inspiration for thousands of women all over the world. The confidence we feel when we’re wearing her makeup or styling an outfit gives her dream life, every day. Make your own dreams come true with Deere’s steps!

The Man Behind Blockchain

How far does one need to look back into the history of an innovative giant in order to find some indication of what they might become?

Does one simply look into their childhood? If so, then if one were to look at the young life of Serge Belamant, one would see a determined child with not only the drive to succeed, but the willingness to change his course in order to ensure it.

Looking at his young life alone would obviously indicate his future success.

For Belamant though, the need to look back that far is unnecessary. Yes, his childlike tenacity pushed him forward in unforeseeable ways. But to see the true measure of his success, one need not delve deep into his past, or even look at the several patents he holds for breaking various molds in the financial industry. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

Instead, one need only look at the way he was able to help over ten million South African Social Security Beneficiaries receive their monthly stipends on time without having to worry about technological delays, or thievery. The three ways he did this were inspiring – the one that stood out the most though was the creation of his variable pin.

In order to prevent thievery at ATM’s, a recipient had to call a number on the back of their cards, that put their voice through identification software. Once their identity was confirmed, the system provided them with a one-time only pin. They would then enter this pin at the ATM. The usage of the variable pin prevented countless acts of fraud and theft.

As such, one need not look into what drove a person to become innovative. Rather, one need only look at how their ability to innovate helped others. Read more:

Carsten Thiel and the Development of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Drugs have an important place in the treatment of disease and, in the same way, Carsten Thiel has assumed an important role in the industry that produces many of these drugs. He has overseen the launch of medications using a promotional technique that has made them successful.

Under Thiel’s guidance, the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly learning how the marketing of products is as important as research and development. A good example of the proper promotion of a medication involved the product Xenical, which was designed for weight loss. In the past, such drugs have been sold with high hopes and even false promises. Thiel instead concentrated on selling Xenical to those who would use it with a total commitment to losing weight, leading to the increased effectiveness of the drug and even greater sales.

In selling the cancer treatment drug Vectibix, Thiel emphasized education and the careful testing of patients, a method that would offer better results for them and for the medication itself. Thiel has also overseen the launch of other successful drugs, including Strensiq, which is used in the treatment of the bone disease hypophosphatasia.

Thiel believes in the personalized treatment of patients, as reflected in a case involving a boy who suffered from hypophosphatasia and was also afraid of needles. In a technique suggested by Carsten Thiel, another child would be present while the patient received the medication, with the companionship greatly enhancing the treatment process.

Born in Berlin, Germany Thiel had studied chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry before receiving his doctoral degree in molecular biology. He began his career in the field at the biotechnology firm Hoffman La-Rouche, where he later became involved in scientific marketing. He was also employed at the pharmaceutical companies Amgen and Alexion, and most recently served as the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, which is concerned with gene and cell therapy.

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