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Your Work with Expert Michael Nierenberg

With a lot of people wanting a great investment banker they can trust, it’s why so many have chosen Michael Nierenberg. With the years of experience he has and the work he has done for Bear Stearns, it is absolutely no wonder that he has become a tried and trusted investment expert for individuals needing his help. He has an extensive history with other companies and some of the top banks in the world, giving him an edge over other experts who you might have hired and worked with in the past.

The wonderful thing about Michael Nierenberg is that he can be found easily online, giving you the opportunity to find and look at the profile that he currently has. You can see for yourself the work he has done in the past as well as how much he charges for the services he is offering. You can feel confident in using Michael Nierenberg for his investment services and know that you have the help of a professional who is going to help in more ways than just one. By giving Michael Nierenberg and his services a try, you’ll see just why this option has become a trusted source.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Learns About Global Investments

Investments are growing in today’s economy. Some investors have traveled around to seminars to hear about the best real estate offers. Bhanu Choudhrie is a business owner that has had successful investments throughout his career. Bhanu studied International Business and Marketing at Boston University. In his educational pursuit, he decided that it would serve a purpose to become a part of the Harvard University community. With all of his success, Choudhrie has learned to surround himself with a successful management team. They keep each other motivated throughout business transactions. Join Linkedin to see Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile.

Typically, Bhanu Choudhrie starts his day watching CNN and Bloomberg. He is able to keep up with investments and banking by listening to the latest news. From that point, Bhanu Choudhrie decides to invest and get advice from his management team. The team stays motivated while Bhanu Choudhrie explains what he needs within his business.

Bhanu knows that a business day will be surfing the Internet and talking to his management team. Bhanu is a native of Delhi, India and was born in June 1978. He spent a lot of time listening to his family members about education and business. Bhanu decided to invest into his own business. Today, Bhanu Choudhrie is the CEO of C&C Alpha Group. Throughout his career, Bhanu has made successful choices with investments and banking. Bhanu meets with his colleagues to come up with ideas for investments, especially if he’s not traveling.

For a fun activity, Choudrie chooses to maintain his health by attending boxing and cardio classes. While he’s helping others with long term health issues, he wants to maintain his great health through the gym. Bhanu still continue to research and find out about stock investments and business exchanges. Because of his hard work, he has become one of the most successful company owners in India. C&C Alpha Group is known to make the best investments while having a capital that continues to grow. India is proud to have a native that works hard to keep his management team informed about investments and choosing to help India with their business management and aviation education. More Information about Bhanu at

Dutch Brand Philips Taking Advantage of AI on China’s JD.Com Selling Platform

JD.Com and the Dutch technology company Philips announced a new partnership at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference conducted in Shanghai on August 29 through 31. The new collaboration involves leveraging AI to enhance the performance of the flagship store Philips maintains on the JD platform.

JD.Com, also called Jingdong, is the largest retailer in China. Its e-commerce platform commands more than 300 million active users. In recent years, Jingdong has been forming numerous partnerships with international brands. Companies all over the world are eager to tap into the vast Chinese consumer base. JD.Com is the best place to accomplish that, many firms say, including Philips.

JD.Com has become well known for its unparalleled adoption of AI technology. It is used for an array of functions across this vast selling platform. Among the most valued AI-assisted function is the analysis of customer behavior and other marketing data that can provide deep insights into the needs and demands of consumers.

Officials with Philips say that adding AI to their flagship store on Jingdong has helped them better understand something called “structured data.” These are clearly defined types of data that display patterns that make them easily “searchable.”

However, there is another kind of data that is important as well – “unstructured data.” This data is not as easy to search. Examples are audio and video formats, as well as product pages, customer feedback information, advertisement videos and social media data.

JD experts say they are gaining a much better grasp on how to more effectively take advantage of unstructured data. One way is using computer vision technology that can ferret out fine-grain nuances. An example of this would be determining if a consumer prefers product images and/or marketing with a highly professional look, or if they like something more basic, such as cartoons.

Another insight that can be gained is understanding the pre- and post-shopping behavior of consumers.

Jyh-Ching Yaur is CTO of Philips Greater China. He said that Philips has been working on an “Innovation for You” philosophy since the company was founded more than 100 years ago. He said leveraging JD.Com’s remarkable AI capability bolster’s the Philips company philosophy perfectly.

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Territory And Power In Constitutional Transitions Is A Must Read

A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto University, Sujit Choudhry is nothing short of a master of comparative constitutional law and politics. He currently holds the prestigious position of Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and has served as advisor to many countries’ constitution building process during their transitions from war-torn and chaotic areas to ones striving for peace and prosperity.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry has had many publications. He is an author over over 100 literary pieces. Some of his books include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, and most recently Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions in which he was a co-author with George Anderson.

The book is composed of a collection of essays detailing the multitude of challenges that arise when territorial disputes impede the development of constitutions. It contains 17 examples of extremely diverse countries and their issues with politics and culture. Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom dealing with territorial disputes and political differences. Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson also provide a companion piece providing insight on territorial claims and how they affect the constitutional process and design, all the while offering advice for those in the current process of drafting a country’s constitution. Both the book and the companion piece have been hailed by many as a great work of literature and a wealth of knowledge.

Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions is available on Amazon in both digital and traditional formats. And the companion piece is available for digital download.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Born from Poverty

The most inspirational entrepreneurial stories begin in poverty. People born at the bottom of the food chain see the world in ways that wealthy people could never understand. It’s how people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs grow up and change the world.

One of the poorest beginnings belongs to Richard Liu Qiangdong, founder of Richard Liu’s family owned a small shipping company that only shipped coal from one end of China the other. As coal became less used, their company fell into dismay, leading to Richard Liu being raised in one of the impoverished communities on the outskirts of a major city.

After earning his primary degree, he enrolled in the People’s University of China intending to obtain a degree in sociology. From an early age, Richard Liu wanted to be in politics; the People’s University of China was known for its political-elites connections.

To earn extra money, Richard Liu worked as a freelance computer programmer. That extra came in hand when his grandmother got sick and his family needed help affording her treatment. He continued working as a freelance coder after earning his degree from the People’s University. He realized such a degree doesn’t come with such a profitable career, so he later enrolled at the China Europe International Business School.

His first entrepreneurial venture ended badly, but he learned from the experience. With some spare freelance money and some family loans, he acquired a small restaurant. As a young man, he believed that owning a restaurant would be easy but that cheerful disposition quickly faded. Like many restaurants, Richard Liu’s failed within the first six months.

His next attempt would be the one that changed the world. In 1998, Richard Liu opened a tiny four-square-meter shop called Jingdong that sold magneto-optical products. The business found huge success, allowing Richard Liu to open 11 more locations by 2003. Not even that year’s SARS outbreak could stop Richard Liu. In 2004, he closed his brick-and-mortar stores and changed the company’s name to

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Sujit Choudhry Shares Useful Insights In Constitution-Making through Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a globally distinguished personality when it comes to politics and comparative constitutional law. At present, he sits as the Center for Constitutional Transitions’ director. He co-authored the book titled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” along with George Anderson.

Sujit Choudhry has been to many countries all over the world and has shared his expertise in over thirty countries. His greatest assets include his wealth of experience, expansive research agenda, and comprehensive exposure in different countries as a consultant and advisor in their building and rebuilding processes. These countries include Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Nepal, Myanmar, Yemen, Ukraine, and Tunisia.

Sujit Choudhry has been working hand in hand with different countries and institution for more than a couple of decades in a wide range of context comprising political violence cases and ceasefires. Sujit helps facilitate public dialogues with various civil society organizations. He also trains and guides bureaucrats and civil servants and helps draft memoranda and technical reports in the field.

Sujit Choudhry was a Rhodes Scholar and earned his law degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. He taught at the New York University, University of Toronto, and Berkeley. He also worked as a law clerk of one of the chief justices of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The book “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” is a collection of essays that discusses the various ways in which the constitutional design, as well as the process of developing the constitution, is greatly affected by territorial disputes. The book is significant especially in countries like Yemen, Libya, and Myanmar. Additionally, it provides a recommendation on policy-making based on the realist’s perspective of the political and territorial cleavages.

Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions also comes with a synthetic portion that pictures conclusions based on the case studies’ comparative analyses and relays it with current studies. This book could serve as a guide especially for advocates of federalism, devolution, consociational power-sharing arrangements, and asymmetric devolution. The broad analyses along with the comprehensive case studies enable distinct conclusions that are very helpful to both advisors and practitioners.

Aside from this, Sujit Choudhry also co-authored a policy paper with the same title as the book. This companion paper aims to offer ideas on how territorial claims could affect the forging of the constitution of the particular country involved.

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Jeunesse Global as a Winner of Direct Selling News Competition

BusinessWire recently acknowledged Jeunesse Global as the winner of Direct Selling News’ competition for one of the best places to work in the article, “Jeunesse Global Selected as One of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.” The article indicates that the company was named as one of 2019’s best places to work by Direct Selling News, which worked in partnership with Quantum Workplace to determine the top workplaces in the industry. They seek eligible companies by using engagement surveys and anonymous employee interviews to determine which companies are the best. Companies are required to meet the minimum participation requirements to be eligible for the awards. 

Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse Global was recently interviewed to demonstrate why they were nominated. They have been winners for the past three years in a row, and Scott Lewis believes it is because of the family culture created at the company. Though they are honored by the award, they reveal they are even more touched by the thoughtfulness of their employees. Lewis indicates they place a high priority on work-life balance for their employees to ensure they have meaningful lives while also reaching their potential. 

Jeunesse Global supports the professional and personal development of its employees by providing leadership training and seminars. They also believe in promoting internally to help people move forward in their careers. Jeunesse believes in making employees family, and when they find someone who is the right fit for the job, they promote them. The large company has a number of different opportunities for employees, and they provide loyal and high-performing workers with the chance to move into different departments and positions if they want to. They recently promoted 47 employees into other positions. 

Jeunesse establishes trust with their distributors and workers by having a focus on open communication at all levels. They also encourage others to become empowered to meet their goals by providing resources to help them succeed. This open-door policy creates a more meaningful conversation that is great for the company and its employees. They encourage collaboration and cross-functional meetings between departments so that each individual can feel recognized for their contributions.

Oren Frank, Talkspace, And Mental Health Therapy Over The Web

One of the main things that keep businesses thriving is that they can serve as answers or solutions to a question or problem. The better a business can answer a question, or the more unique they can answer it, the higher the chances that they keep up success over long periods of time. That being said, the goal for most businesses is still financial gain. Instead of focusing on solving problems on a personal level, they do it in a way that will get them the most money from any given client.

This is what makes companies like Talkspace so interesting. Instead of operating with the mindset of gaining the most financial profit, Talkspace focuses on the well-being of people and solving their problems. As far as what Talkspace does as a service, they are verified therapy and counseling service. As we can imagine, the well-being of their clients is of their utmost priority. Worth mentioning, they have achieved success through the leadership and guidance of Oren Frank. As co-founder and CEO of the platform, he has found a way to break the stigma of online therapy platforms and has learned how to get over the hurdles that come with it. Having said all of that, let’s take a closer look at the career of Oren Frank to see how he is achieving success for him and Talkspace. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

Breaking The Stigma And Getting Over The Hurdles

In an article on Oren and Talkspace, we learn that the way he approaches running a successful mental health therapy platform is through being as personal as he can with clients. Given that each client is going to have different situations, this approach allows him to get over reduce any hurdles to a smaller personal level and ignore any stigma that the platform is naturally going to get. Without a doubt, this way of thinking will ultimately allow Oren and Talkspace to maintain the success they’ve had for years to come. Learn More:


OSI Food Solutions has become one of the largest food suppliers in the world. Its food products are value-added and healthy, earning their trust with companies. OSI owns over 65 facilities located in 17 countries and works with 20,000 employees. The company is ranked among the largest private companies in the world. OSI Food Solutions has numerous resources that make it a reputable and unparalleled company in the food industry. OSI started from a humble beginning in Illinois. It was initially a family-owned meat market in Oak Park. The company was opened in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German who had recently relocated to the US. Otto earned a reputation among the residents for providing them with high-quality meat products, and he soon moved his business to Chicago. OSI expanded outside the local region and began serving a wide range of customers in Chicago.

OSI Food Solutions made a significant partnership in 1955 that led to its vast expansion across the US. The partnership was with McDonald’s that was opening chain restaurants in the region. OSI was hired as a supplier of meat patties, and over the years it has become a primary supplier for McDonald’s. OSI worked towards growth, and in 1973 it opened a meat processing plant. The invention of liquid nitrogen freezing aided OSI in storing and transporting food products. The meat plant shaped meat patties using special machines and freezing was conducted in tunnels. OSI Food Solutions continued making partnerships with various companies that led to its expansion. The General Million Corporation and the Alaska Milk Corporation are among the many companies that OSI partnered with. GenOSI was formed as a result of the partnership with the General Million Corporation. It is found in the Philippines and is responsible for processing and shipping foods within the region.

OSI Food Solutions expanded further to China and India and opened OSI China and Vista Processed Foods in the two regions. OSI has access to the world’s food chain, and can, therefore, acquire the best products at affordable prices. The products are then used to produce superior food products that require little preparation time and fit their client’s needs.

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Visiting Grace Farms Provides Pleasure and Purpose for the Public

Grace Farms is a foundation that has a large 80 acre landscape located in New Cannan, Connecticut. The foundation has a building structure that is right by the landscape that is one of the most appealing structures of modern design. This building is made up of rounded glass enclosures, steel poles and a canopy of Douglas fir beams. It also has a wooden walkway that is 1400 feet long as well. Grace Farms commissioned the complex from a Japanese architectural partnership. The Japanese partnership was also responsible for remodeling a cluster of barns that would be part of both a welcome center and a collection of meeting rooms.

Three years ago, Grace Farms opened up to serve as a place for members of the community to learn about and experience nature firsthand. The foundation looked to establish its landscape in order to preserve some remaining undeveloped land of countryside in Fairfield County. Before Grace Farms established its landscape, New Cannan was a very quiet town that had many churches along with farms and watermills for providing power. During the late 1940’s, a few individuals built a community of houses and New Cannan became one of the most modern communities in the area.

In order to create an area that would address the concerns of nature and the local community, Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation consulted with 25 architects. When consulting with these architects, Grace Farms found architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa who were able to provide a model of the River Building. With the introduction of this building, Grace Farms decided to have it built. Within a few years, the structure was completely built and became one of the top landmarks in the local community. Today, Grace Farms Foundation uses this building to carry out its daily operations and offer access to visitors who want to learn more about the organization.

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