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Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe Campaign for Homeless Animals

New York lawyer Ross Abelow has publicly declared the establishment of a GoFundMe campaign on January 13th to aid New York City animal shelters in caring for homeless animals, with the goal of raising $5000 for this purpose. Due to the frigid weather of this particular winter, homeless animals are at an elevated risk with no means of protecting themselves against the weather.

Some of the ways the money raised by this campaign is meant to help out is by providing medical treatment, vaccines, and acquiring more food and covers for the ever-increasing population of homeless animals, which are unfortunately now being turned away by shelters because of a shortage of funds and space. The extra money collected by the campaign efforts will help to lessen the physical and mental pain of these unfortunate animals.

Mr. Abelow made the decision to begin the fundraising campaign as part of his dedication to his community. As a partner and co-founder of the prestigious law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP, his legal expertise is in business litigation, as well as both family and entertainment law. He is also an active contributor to his own and various other legal blogs, with a high-profile presence in the online social communities like Facebook and Twitter.

Mr. Abelow’s campaign gives pet lovers the opportunity to lessen the burden on homeless animals suffering the harsh environment of the winter, to bring them into a shelter that has the space and financial budget to accommodate them. Mr. Abelow’s project will help to prevent animal fatalities in shelters, and the money raised will go to those that need help the most in housing and caring for needy animals that have been lost or abandoned.

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