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Matt Badiali Sees Huge Future For Cannabis

Matt Badiali really has become a fan of cannabis. In fact, the investment guru has dedicated a whole series of his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist to the subject. Badiali is one of many analysts caught up in the fervor of possible cannabis legalization. A conversation that has caught new fire thanks to Canada’s forthcoming legalization.

Canada’s decision to become the first G7 nation to permit full legalization only marijuana across the board has put markets in a tizzy. Although partial legalization has been enjoyed in various states full legality has been nothing more than a dream. Now, it may be a reality. As the U.S. cannabis market made $6 billion dollars in 2016 alone the full implications of just legalizing medical marijuana are huge. This is what Matt Badiali is talking about in his newsletter.

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The latest issues have described what affect medical marijuana’ legalization would mean

As usual Badiali has followed these projections up with facts and figures. Long story short investors should buy on now, because the market will boom. This is not the first time Badiali has made projections about cannabis, he has been following its journey on social media as well.

Matt Badiali is always fascinated with the implications certain events have. He marvels in the affects they can have on respective markets, which is why he always looks toward the future in his projections. As an accomplished investor as well as trained geologist Matt Badiali has the merits necessary to back up his claims. It is one of the reasons so many listen to him.

The U.S. is still far from full legalization, but 30 states have allowed partial to full use so far. The uses of medical marijuana are growing and gaining more legitimacy, and society’s acceptence is also growing. According to Matt Badiali the time has never been better for full legality. Canada may be just the lynch pin needed to make it happen.

This is why he recommends investing now

The market is already growing and stock will not get cheaper. Buying in now could spell huge returns in the future and Badiali thinks the possibilities are endless. For more information on Matt Badiali, follow him at

Alec Sellem Finds Success In The Gold Mining & Refining Industry On His Own Terms


Entrepreneur Alec Sellem is the founder and CEO of Sellem Industries Ltd. His company mines for gold and also refines it.

Alec has localized the process of mining and refining gold. Other companies mine for gold in places such as Africa and then sell it to other companies who refine it in Europe. Instead, he has built refineries in the same communities in which his company’s gold mines are located.

By localizing both the mining and refining of gold in the same community, Alec Sellem has helped remote African communities prosper. People can get jobs both mining the gold and refining it. This is more efficient and profitable for his company while providing needed jobs. Some of the money his company earns is used to further help the communities in which his company operates. This includes funding agricultural initiatives and providing money to educate children.

Sellem Industries performs smaller-scale artisanal mining. Alec Sellem says that he has worked hard to develop trusting relationships with the other stakeholders in his company’s operations including local people and governments. He says that by improving these communities he is able to help his company gain sustainable, long-term success.

His company is based in England. Alec Sellem spends his time working on-site at his company’s gold mines in Senegal and Sierra Leone as well as back home in England. When in the field he manages his company’s day to day operations. When at home, he spends time with his family. Sellem says that he takes a “big picture” approach to how he operates Sellem Industries and prides himself on finding long-term success on his own terms.

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