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Slyce: A Groundbreaking App Ready to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience

Smart technology has revolutionized the way that people interact with the real world, and people are hungry for more. It is human nature to seek escalation, and there are a few companies who are doing their best to meet people’s demands for visual search, like Slyce.

Slyce is an app that some people are very excited about. The image recognition technology has been around for some time and has made big steps forward like with QR codes, which were a great success. But people were looking for the next big thing, and Slyce decided to give people the next big thing and took a step forward with image recognition technology.

The technology would use normal smartphones with good image quality to analyze a photograph. The image would be interpreted the same way that the human eye would analyze an image. The app uses complex algorithms to analyze the picture. This app analyzes everything from possible textures, colors, patterns, size, and style, just to name a few features of the app. The software uses full 3D capturing technology to ensure that the entire product is analyzed.

This is going to revolutionize the way that people interact with businesses. A person will be able to download an app, like Slyce, and start searching without having to do much more than take a picture. Many retailers are looking at this technology as a lucrative tool. Think about taking a picture of something you see someone using or wearing. This photograph will tell you what the item is and where you can find it.

But the technology wants to go further than just finding an item online. The next big thing is to ensure that the app works simultaneously with the smartphone’s GPS system. The GPS system will track where the person is and if the item that they are interested in is near them. It may even be possible to get different prices for the item or find a possible sale going on at the moment you upload that photo into the app.

There will be no more second guessing and shopping will be faster. Many experts are happy about the idea and feel small business owners will benefit from product recognition as much as bigger companies. Some say that sales might even go up as this technology becomes popular. This is the reason that many small companies are supporting Slyce and are donating money so that the software can be fully developed.