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How Wen Transforms Your Tresses

In the attempt to prove the abilities of a popular Haircare product called Wen, a young women decides to hold a one week trial and record her findings. You may have heard of Wen hair in magazines or infomercials before- it’s creator Chaz Dean is a professional celebrity hairstylist who wanted to make the process of styling less time consuming and easier. So, he created his own cleansing conditioner that washes, conditions and treats all in one single bottle. The woman who wrote the article is very intrigued by this “Miracle in a bottle,” and decides to give it a go. See the results on

In just the first day, she notices a difference. With normally thin hair, she noticed that while applying the conditioner, their was immediate volume. Though you have to use quotes large amount of product, it is highly intensive repair and moisturizing to your locks. By the end of the WEN Hair experiment, she had noticeable increased volume, softer hair and shine. She was receiving attention from her peers because it was a complete transformation. The only thing she advised to her readers was to always use the product in the morning because the product is not meant to be slept on. Other than that, it was all positive outcomes.

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Although, she only used the Sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner for one week, it was able to transform her hair in that short amount of time. The buzz about Wen makes sense now- it’s clearly a great product and meant to improve the health and appearance of hair, no matter what type you may have.

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