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4 Facts You Should Know About Healthy Dog Food

Though all dog owners love their pets, many don’t realize that there are some dog food brands that are better for their dog than others. Though commercials will always boast that the brand they endorse is the best one, the key is to look for dog food quality, not flashy, commercial salesmanship.

1. Healthy dog food is affordable. Though you can pay a lot of money for a small single serving dish of gourmet dog food, you don’t have to. Beneful, for example, is a pet food brand that is actually healthier than most gourmet brands on the grocery shelves, yet it doesn’t cost much more than generic, store brand varieties.

2. Healthy dog food features food humans would eat. Though the popular advice is to not let your dog eat human food, or not to let your dog eat off your plate; there are some human foods that are just as healthy for your dog as they are for you. Of course, dark chocolate and onions don’t fall into this category; but standard fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats do. Beneful features wet and dry dog food recipes that only feature these natural ingredients.

3. Dogs don’t only like cheap, meat-filled dog foods the best. Yes, it’s true that dogs love meat. However, dogs will eat vegetables and whole grains as well if they are part of a delicious recipe. You will find that dog food recipes from Blue Buffalo, Beneful and Freshpet all smell and look like the types of foods you would feed your own family, the types of foods your dog craves most.

4.Pet owners that buy healthy food from Amazon aren’t silly. About 10 or 15 years ago, the rumors or urban legends started going around that most popular dog foods featured all types of disgusting ingredients including meats from strange animals and high percentages of ingredients like congealed fats and processed soy, corn and wheat flours. Even the toughest pet owners didn’t want to feed this type of food to their best friend. The pet food industry is now a $23.7 billion one because pet owners from all walks of life want to feed their pets healthy food.