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Maintaining Your Online Image

It is very important for everyone to learn from their mistakes. To discover there are better ways to go about it. The same thing happened to a Missouri professor recently when they were fired for one thing that appeared on social media. Status Labs, an online reputation management company, wants you and everyone else to understanding that once something goes online, it is there forever and it becomes nearly impossible to change that. So, it is important to take precautions when out in public as whatever is said or done in front of others might end up online. It simply is the nature of the beat nowadays.

So what is it this Missouri professor did to warrant being fired? Well, first of all, the professor being fired for what she did may not have actually been warranted, depending on who you turn to or ask, but it caused such an outcry from students the university really didn’t have any other option available to them. During a student protest on the grounds of the university, more and more college students were showing up and, in the eyes of the professor, were being destructive. Someone recorded the professor proclaiming that security needed to show up and “strong arm” the students into leaving.

It is this little phrase that got the professor fire. Now, she has since claimed she should not be fired for one little mistake, but Status Labs now uses it as an example. The company specializes in issues like this when someone says a statement like this or posts something online and it causes detrimental image issues with the business. Thankfully, with the help of Status Labs, individuals and companies can avoid additional negative content from coming out of this sort of a situation. However, the easier way to avoid this kind of situation is to never find oneself in the situation in the first place. Status Labs is going to do everything in its power to assist with public relations to help individuals avoid this.

Everyone needs to understand that whatever they say and whatever they do may be recorded by other individuals and posted to the Internet.