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ClassDojo making the life of parents and teachers easy

ClassDojo Company was founded a very long time ago. Though when it comes to revenue, the company had not made any in a very long time. That was until the start-up at the company decided that something had to change and the app had to make returns. Through marketing, things are slowly changing for ClassDojo as parents and teachers are slowly embracing the technology. For parents that have children that are below 14 years, the ClassDojo app will be so useful.

In 2011, that’s when the app was launched, and they have committed themselves in not charging the teachers to use the app. However, recently they made some changes that will be of help in maintaining the app for better services, that they will be charging a monthly subscription fee. The app has a feedback tool that the teachers use the digital point found there to reward a child once he or she does an excellent job. The other thing included in the app is features that will enable the parents to engage with the kids through the reflection activities, meditation and mindfulness exercises.

The parents will be able to monitor how a student is doing in school by checking the digital points that the teacher once a good behavior is done. The app will make the students cautious with everything that they do. Through the ClassDojo app then the students can take responsibility for any miss behaving. The other thing that the app offers is videos that will guide the parents on how to carry out the activities.

The app gives a platform that the parents, teachers, and children can use to make a child’s life easy. To get the ClassDojo app, it’s easy to install in any computer, Kindle Fire, iOS, and Android. The monthly subscription fee has to be paid by the parents, and for the teachers it’s free. Through the app, parents will know how each day of their kids is spent and what they are up to in each particular time. Through the use of the ClassDojo avatar that’s meant to be used by the kids, they will have something that they can use to be creative. 

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