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Grupo RBS Takes On A New Way Of Delivering Content Online

The online entertainment sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world with many different outlets looking to gain traction in the digital area through a growing internet presence. For many media groups, the chance to develop their content online has been built on the creation of different websites and the investment in in-house content creators. One of the media outlets in South America to identify their entry point into the online content sector was Grupo RBS.

The first steps taken by Grupo RBS into the online world were small and involved the purchase of existing content creators who were already working towards developing a powerful viewing base. To create their first content, Grupo RBS invested in a series of content producers from the year 2008 onwards. The first of these was the digital entertainment creator Guila da Semana and ObaOba. These online content creators have been at the heart of the work of Grupo RBS since they were merged into the larger brand and became a key part of its future. The development of the internet has been of great importance to the leadership of Grupo RBS with the brand growing its work for a number of years but it has also created new ways of working that have become industry standards. One of the most impressive aspects of the online movement of the Brazilian brand has been its desire to move to mobile content that is scalable over that designed specifically for laptops and larger screens, reports by

RBS has become one of the leading companies in the online sector with a large number of specialist websites added to the brand in the last few years. Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as the Chairman of the board, the desire to become one of the leading content creators in Brazil in sectors including wine and a huge number of other websites offering educational and entertainment opportunities.


Online PR Can Save Your Business

When it comes to making a successful business you would think that the creator needs to do little more than have a great product and put it in front of customers at the right price. Unfortunately, as chef and entrepreneur Andrew Gruel can attest, there is so much more that factors into the process. Now, with websites like Yelp and Angie’s List dominating the ‘review sphere’ we have seen entrepreneurs have to pick and choose how they do battle with these online review firms. As it turns out, companies like Status Labs can help them out.

When Mr. Gruel first established his sustainable seafood restaurant, Slapfish, he had little idea of the backlash that was waiting for him. The food was good, no doubt, and the presentation was beautiful but Andrew hadn’t found the sweet spot for serving size/price points for his clientele. As a result, his company was quickly hit with negative reviews all over the internet due to his pricing. As any good owner would, Andrew took the critiques to heart and amended his menu. However, the damage had been done and now prospective customers were reading these reviews and making formative decisions about his services. Not fair, right?

That is where a company like Status Labs can step in. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps individuals and their brands appeal to the public. With online reviews in particular, Status Labs would focus on being social and quick on the response to these customer complaints. Andrew is too busy actually running his business in order to make online PR a part of his work schedule, so Status Labs would take care of that for him.

The goal in having a responsive social outreach on review websites in particular is to give former customers attention and make them feel better and listened to. In this way other customers who read the review will see the owner’s outreach and feel better about going to the restaurant of their own accord. It’s a way for companies to fix their image on the fly if they ever run into issues.

Don’t Let Google Results Do Any Harm

Online activities are capable of causing people a huge amount of trouble. A business that is attacked by an unhappy customer through various message board posts might be stuck losing a lot of business. Some people may be a little too carefree with their social media posts and end up really regretting their actions. Others are checking out those Google results and the negative response might end up being a severe one.

Google results are quite revealing. This is why performing a basic Google search and learning about any serious problems with the results is a must. Anyone who types in his or her name and sees something really horrible has to take action.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, notes reputations brand a person. A bad reputation brands a person in a terrible way. Allowing negative Google results to define a reputation can ruin personal relationships and careers. To address these problems, Fisher using solid digital marketing and public relations principles to reverse the impact of Google disasters.

There are a few smart steps that can be performed to reverse the current Google landscape. If current online content is causing harm, then new content should be produced to replace it. At the very least, new blog entries, social media notes, and other content should (hopefully) push the weak content down off the first page. As the troubling content is buried past the top ten, the less of an impact the text (or video or images) will not do as much harm. Even something as simple as posting on message boards, while minimal, could have an effect.

Darius Fisher was named to the Innovation 50 list as he is considered an up-and-coming digital marketing expert to watch. Fisher stresses people have to be proactive with addressing a situation with Google results. Working with a professional reputation management firm definitely is a proactive step to take.