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How Chris Burch Conquered Fashion and Real Estate

What does a gorgeous Indonesian island, a runway show in Paris and venture capital have to do with one another? Each of these things represent important milestones in the career of the incredibly accomplished businessman Chris Burch. While there are probably lots of people who would like to have the titles of luxury resort owner, fashion entrepreneur and investor on their resumes Chris Burch is one of the few people around who can actually say that they have a resume that spans these varied and interesting industries.

Like many people Chris Burch got his start in business as a college student. Most college students do not necessarily choose to go down the path of entrepreneurship before they graduate from school. Many young people who are enrolled in college concentrate on doing things such as joining clubs, working at an internship or spending their time on leisurely activities that define the college experience. While Chris Burch probably did all of these things during his time as a student at Ithaca College he ultimately chose to invest his time as a college student in doing something that would end up paying off big time in his future and career.  Additional reading on

Rather than simply seeking out an internship with a local company or national company, Chris Burch ended up spending his time in college doing something far more intensive to prepare himself for the professional life that he wanted to enjoy after he completed college. Chris Burch used the time and security of his college experience as a way to try his hand at entrepreneurship. Chris Burch was able to start a business while he was a student at Ithaca College that specialized in selling clothing. Starting his own business as a college student proved to be no easy task but as Chris Burch built his business in between juggling all of the responsibilities that come with being a college student he was able to learn important business fundamentals that have served him well to this day.  Keep up-to-date with his latest timeline activities, click on

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Chris Burch started out as the founder of just one company but today he is able to say that he is the founder of many different companies including an international clothing line, a venture capital firm that is called Burch Creative Capital and a hotel that is on an island in Indonesia.  Check the website, hit on   After spending many years in the fashion industry and years helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses Chris Burch’s involvement in the hotel industry might seem like a deviation. But it actually is not. Chris Burch has been involved in the real estate industry in the United States as well and was involved with construction because of his father.  Read more of his award-winning investment, hop over to

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