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Chris Burch: Producing a Paradise on Sumba Island

The Nihiwatu Resort located on Sumba Island in Indonesia has been named the best resort in the entire world. This glowing accolade has been bestowed my Travel+Leisure, one of the most highly regarded benchmarks for those looking for unique and exciting travel destinations ( The secret to the success of the resort lies in the tenacity of the owner, Chris Burch.

From the very beginning of his career, Burch has always demanded excellence from the companies he has been involved with that is why it comes as no surprise that a resort he has personally spearheaded is making such a splash on the international stage of leisure. This resort has become the gold standard for relaxation and wellness. Visitors from around the globe will feel a sense of unmatched peace while visiting this one of a kind location.

One of the reasons that Nihiwatu has earned such a stellar reputation is because the staff goes out of their way to create an experience for the people that are coming to the resort. Instead of simply providing a place for their guests to sleep, they are looking at the opportunities all over Sumba Island that will surprise and excite them. In addition to the beauty and activities that guests can find simply enjoying the beach, guests will also find that there are resort hosted excursions. The cultural activities that guests can do will give them a very real sense of the history of the Indonesian people that reside on Sumba Island. There are also equestrian activities for guests that are looking for a more outdoor experience. Throughout the activity guide, guests can find an experience that will suit their predilections.

For Chris Burch, this resort is not simply a destination or a way to expand his already vast financial portfolio, it is a chance to create something that has never been made before. It gives guests an experience that they will not find at any other place on earth. When he started his first company as a very young man selling sweaters to other students throughout his college campus, it was probably not clear to his classmates or peers that he would be here today owning one of the top resorts in the world, but that determination has gotten him very far. His future is secure in the business world and guests will continue to marvel at the excellence of the Nihiwatu resort.

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