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Igor Cornelsen The Investment Expert

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. His native origin is in South America. Igor is an investor and a retired banker. He now works at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor is an investment advisor in stocks at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor held a lot of high ranking positions in some leading banks in Brazil before retiring. He now stays in Florida where he is an investor. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor is referred as the champion investor. He has vast knowledge on how to invest in commodity or company. He attributes this to the invaluable experience that he has gained from working in this field. Cornelsen advises people on how to make long-term investments which are more successful. Igor also gives advice on how to avoid investing in companies that are damaged. He tells people to invest in stocks that are damaged. Igor terms these as stock opportunities that anyone can purchase cheaply. He claims that they are guaranteed to bring returns in the long run.

Igor Cornelsen has created a brief profile for investors who are busy. The purpose of the profile is to brief them before they consider Brazilian stocks for their portfolios. Igor has transformed many lives through his visions and insights during his stay at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Cornelsen says that there is a gold mine waiting to be discovered in every area of life. His advice to potential investors has proved to be very beneficial because he understands the advantages and disadvantages of investments.

Igor says that the Brazilian market is now ready and open to new investments and ideas. Individuals should take this opportunity and run with it. Igor Cornelsen offers advice on investing outside the stock market although his primary focus is investments on the stock market. Igor says that it’s difficult to understand the Brazilian banking market at first. Potential investors should take time and learn it before making any investment decisions. Cornelsen was able to stay afloat regardless of the recent collapse of the Brazilian stock market. This is due to his keenness on investments and his extensive experience. Cornelsen loves to play golf for fun.



Paul Mampilly Has Significant Market Expertise

Paul Mampilly is the author of the notable investing newsletter called Profits Unlimited and it is the conduit to hedge fund quality research for everyday Americans who wish to approach the markets with an edge. This effort has grown substantially for Mampilly and his more than 90,000 subscribers can access his unique insights for a nominal charge.

The expertise that Mampilly displays with Profits Unlimited is geared toward finding explosive stocks that are poised to take off. This often involves cutting edge technology or changing demographics like the all-important Millenial generation. These high-growth, high potential avenues are areas in which he has decades of experience to draw upon and his results demonstrate that.

Paul Mampilly is also a prolific writer as a market analyst showing a deep level of knowledge and ability. His numerous articles highlight promising market developments as well as warnings if need be. A good example of this is his cautionary note regarding the fortunes of everybody’s darling stock known as Apple. His insights draw attention to the maturity of their business and the potential for a steady decline in their fortunes. Watch Paul Mampilly on youtube.

The career of Paul Mampilly has been characterized by success at every stop along the way. He found success in the investing world with companies like Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, and ING to name several. One significant stint for Mampilly was his tenure at Kinetics Asset Management where he was their hedge fund manager during a time of remarkable growth. They were signaled out by Barron’s for superlative performance and Paul Mampilly became a sought-after figure for financial television as a result. He appeared regularly on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg as a leading market analyst.

One extraordinary milestone for Paul Mampilly was when he competed in and won the high-stakes Templeton Foundation investing contest. His 76 percent return raised a lot of eyebrows considering that it came during the height of the Great Financial Crisis. This outstanding performance has opened a lot of doors for Mampilly and it illustrates his acumen as a stock picker.

Bitcoin has made a ton of headlines in recent weeks and it is proving to be a pattern that Paul Mampilly has seen before. Market bubbles are nothing new to him and his forecast of Amazon stock going under ten dollars around the turn of the century proved to be prescient. The speculative bubble appears to be upon us again in the form of Bitcoin and similar vehicles. Paul Mampilly has a wealth of market insights for all of his subscribers.


matt badiali’s natural resources investment reviews.

Matt Badiali’s natural resources investment reviews.

Matt Badiali took a bachelors degree in earth science, and a master degree in geology. Matt worked as a lecturer until a friend introduced him to finance in 2004. Matt is an expert in mining, energy and his research has seen him travel the world, which he believes is the best way to verify one’s investments. He has constantly met with major mining industry CEOs making many Americans turn to him for research during his career.

Matt also doubles up as a senior editor at banyan hill publishing. The Banyan hill is a source for smarter and gives insight on profitable investing. Badiali indulges himself in natural resources and related information to his readers. Follow Jeff Yastine at

Matt Badiali released a video on freedom checks. The video is about an investment that is the direct result of America’s goal of reaching energy independence in the years to come. Freedom checks come from companies that operate in production and final processing of natural resources and are basically focused on the gas and oil industries. These companies also explore for new gas and oil wells. Hence, freedom checks are payments that companies must pay to investors, usually 90 percent of their income. He discovered master limited partnerships exclusive to some companies that issue freedom checks. Investors do not have to pay taxes on them as they are treated as a return of capital and not as income. These companies are poised to generate massive incomes in the years to come. Freedom checks pay two or three times more than conservative investments.

Matt Badiali launched a newsletter in 2017, the real wealth strategist, which has immensely built a sizeable network of loyal readers. Natural resources are highly speculative and hence require an unusual skill set. The newsletter has greatly favoured him as he has both education and experience backgrounds. This then has made it possible to help readers find the best investments in natural resources.

Matt Badiali reveals that small changes in the price of gold can make a huge impact on the profits of gold miners. There is a tremendous rise in the prices of gold making the profitability of these gold mining stocks go high. He advises people to invest in the gold stocks as he oversees the returns being excellent in the near future. Read more: Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

How Ian King Became A Top Cryptocurrency Expert

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting investment opportunities of the decade. However, most people don’t understand the first thing about Bitcoin or blockchains. Now, there is one cryptocurrency expert who is making it easy for people to understand and profit from the cryptocurrency revolution. That expert, Ian King, has been helping thousands of people find crypto opportunities.

So who exactly is Ian King? Mr. King is one of America’s top experts in cryptocurrency. He is currently a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily newsletter published by Bayan Hill. Mr. King’s expert insights help investors understand how to put their first foot into the world of cryptocurrency investing. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

Just to offer a little insight on how Ian King helps educate investors, Mr. King has coined the term “Cryptocorn” to describe crypto projects that have huge potential to become the next bitcoin. Taking off on the Silicon Valley term “Unicorn” – used to describe start-ups that have a minimum billion dollar valuation. Currently, there are 40 crypto projects that have a combined valuation of $1 billion dollars. Mr. King foresees a day when person one of these projects will become a sole billion-dollar phenomenon.

To gain a better insight into Ian King’s writing, one can check out his columns on In one recent post, Mr. King discussed how 2018 would be the year that Bitcoin experiences the “end of the beginning” for its lifecycle. To elaborate, Mr. King believes that 2018 is the year that Bitcoin becomes a more mainstream investment as the coin gains respectability and acceptability. Mr. King also points out that the entire market capitalization of every crypto coin in existence makes up just 0.3% of the global economy. In short, Bitcoin still has a lot of room to run. Visit about Ian King

Ian King has over two decades of experience in the financial world. The cryptocurrency expert began his Wall Street career in the trading room of Solomon Brothers where he worked in the mortgage bond trading department. From there, Mr. King moved to Citigroup where he worked on credit derivatives. Afterward, Mr. King spent a decade at Peahi Capital as one of their options traders.

Since 2017, Ian King has been with Banyan Hill publishing as their in-house cryptocurrency expert. In less than two years at Bayan Hill, Mr. King has helped thousands of investors profit from the cryptocurrency boom. As the world of Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance, Ian King will help investors make the most of their cryptocurrency trades.

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Financial Pro Ted Bauman Writes About Why Government And Big Business Want To Invade Your Privacy

For about 25 years Ted lived and worked in South Africa. He was employed by nonprofits and used his financial knowledge to manage their funds efficiently. One of the areas he keyed in on was building low-income housing, not just in South Africa but many other developing nations as well. He is originally from the United States and moved back around five years ago. He now has a home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he lives with his family. More info here.

Ted Bauman has established himself as a financial expert, particularly when it comes to investing. He shares his knowledge in three investment newsletters with the prominent one being The Bauman Report. He says that his goal with this publication is to enable people to grab hold of their own financial destiny where the money their investments earn goes into their own pockets and not those of third parties. He also emphasizes personal freedom and modern strategies for keeping your identity and activities private and away from the prying eyes of governments and big business.

Back in August of 2017, Ted Bauman wrote an article about keeping your privacy. At the time Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci had blown up his White House career within a week due to his foolish antics and perceived paranoia. After this one of his colleagues said they’d be perfectly fine with having a chip embedded in them if it made their lives easier. Ted was aghast at this idea as it opens up the very real possibility of the government and other entities knowing where you are and what you’re doing all hours of the day. No convenience is worth that trade-off, he rightfully said. He wrote that unlike The Mooch” this is good paranoia to refuse being chipped. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter.

This all started when a Wisconsin company called Three Square Market started having employees of the company embedded with microchips. This business claims this is going to be done to help these employees make their lives easier (and of course spend more time working for the company). The implant is about the size of a piece of rice. As Ted Bauman points out this is sold as convenience but the real goal over time is to track people everywhere. It will be used to by the government to do surveillance of people and it will be used by businesses to market to people and otherwise keep track of them. It’s pretty scary stuff that nobody should be taking part in. View interview of Ted Bauman, click:

Jeff Yastine: The Online Financial Guru

Jeff Yastine is the current Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing for Total Wealth Insider. His financial newsletter remains one of the top informational sources for investors looking for new and exciting financial opportunities. This exceptional writer received a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, which he parlayed into extensive media opportunities throughout the business world. He started small, in local markets, but soon became a regular correspondent on nationally recognized networks. He commanded an extensive viewership and was frequently viewed in over 1 million homes nightly. This background has made him ideal for his current role with Banyan Hill publishing. Visit Jeff Yastine at

A recent article entitled “Cash Is Flooding into Cyber Security”, by Jeff Yastine, located on is just one of the many recent articles Yastine has published to help his audience maintain a better grip on the world of finance. Throughout the article, Yastine discusses the extensive opportunities that are becoming available in the cyber security market. He explains that cybersecurity stocks are poised to continue their rise over the coming years. He anticipates that there are still many cybersecurity investment opportunities available for his readers.

In fact, Jeff Yastine knows firsthand the value of cybersecurity stocks. He informs his readers that the Total Wealth Insider portfolio has seen gains totaling over 50% in just a few short months. With the rise of popularity in cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that many investors will pay more attention to the cyber security market. Because a lot of transactions are moving to an online format, people are looking for new ways to protect themselves in this virtual environment. Yastine knows that this sector is only going up from here and that investors will not be sorry that they jumped into their cyber security stock. While stock prices have risen, Yastine believes that there is still money to be made for the savvy investor. Read more on about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine has made a living telling people the smartest moves they can make with their finances. In a recent article, he is urging his readers to review the benefits they could receive obtaining stock in the cyber security market. He has commanded the respect of viewers nationally, but now he is using his financial knowledge to help those that would not normally have access to this type of information. Truly, with individuals such as Jeff Yastine, investors now have the resources they need to make good financial decisions.



Ted Bauman Shares Useful Tax Tips

January 1st and the new year always bring a lot of excitement. It feels like a new start, so people make their resolutions to make the new year better and more productive than the old one. But another thing the new year brings is the end of the old year, and that means it is closed as far as taxes go. Therefore, after celebrating the new year and making plans for the new year, people must also think about filing their tax returns and paying the taxes they owe. Therefore, it’s also a time for experts in personal finance such as Ted Bauman to give tax advice. That’s especially true this year before Congress passed President Trump’s new tax bill just before Christmas, so many people do not understand all the changes it is bringing. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

One of the changes the new tax law made, effective 2018, is it put limits on the amount of mortgage interest and real estate property taxes that are deductible. Also, the higher standard deduction might keep them from deducting those expenses in 2018. Therefore, Bauman’s first tax tip was for people to prepay their 2018 mortgage interest and property taxes before January 1. People must make sure they deduct both their 2017 and 2018 mortgage interest and real estate taxes when they file their 2017 tax returns in April.

Bauman’s second tax tip is to pay for medical services in December even though you won’t receive them until 2018. Because of a change in the income threshold in 2018, you may not be eligible for the tax deduction in 2018. There is still a penalty under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). That doesn’t go away for another year.

Similarly, under the new tax law’s higher standard deduction, some people will no longer find it beneficial to deduct donations to nonprofit organizations. Therefore, Bauman advised his readers to make their 2018 charity deductions in December 2017 so they can take the deductions on their 2017 taxes. And, of course, to take the charity deduction for nonprofit donations, taxpayers must remember to get receipts from the organizations. The IRS does not accept canceled checks.

Bauman is the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company in 2013, and edits The Bauman Letter, Smart Money Alert and Plan B Club. He specializes in writing about low-risk investments, living and traveling internationally and asset protection. He lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. More information can be found at


According to Matt Badiali, Natural Gas and Platinum Will Rise In Price Next Year

We all use natural gas. Most of us rely on natural gas in order to heat up our homes. This winter, many of us will use a lot of natural gas. Matt Badiali, a mining expert, warns that the cost of natural gas may go up, and thus your heating bill may go up as well.

First, here is a little history of natural gas and coal. Coal was always the cheaper and more popular of the two. Not because it was better in any way, but because natural gas was harder to get and more importantly, harder to move around. Natural gas went down tremendously in the 1990s, during the shale revolution. Check more reviews at For Exceptional Investors about Matt Badiali

Natural gas continued to drop, and the supply continued to grow. Matt Badiali, however, warns that we may see a great turnaround. It seems like natural gas is at a peak. Prices are at an all time low, and supply is at an all time high. However, based on the history of natural gas production and trends, it looks like the price may rise, and in turn, the cost of heating your home may rise as well.

As far as metals are concerned, Matt Badiali has some predictions as well. When it comes to metals, remember one thing: Prices will only rise if there is more demand than supply. If there is more supply than demand, then the prices will drop.

Matt Badiali says that platinum is one metal which may see a big growth in 2018. It is true that since 2011, the price of platinum has plummeted tremendously. If you look at charts, you will see that there has been a great drop over the years. However, Matt Badiali believes that the trend may reverse itself next year.

Why? Remember the rule about supply and demand. Although prices have been dropping, supply has been dropping as well in regards to the demand. It is hard for it to keep up with the demand, and not long ago, they became even. Experts are expecting that the demand for platinum will rise in 2018 by several percentage points. They also say that at the end of the year, there will be a small deficit. This deficit will make platinum sellers need an incentive, and that incentive may be raising the prices. Read more at to know more about Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali, of Banyan Hill Publishing, is an expert on energy and mining.

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