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Felipe Montoro Jens on Latin America’s Industrial Revolution 4.0

As Latin America prepares for the onset of the fourth industrial revolution, the coming convergence of the physical, digital, and biological sciences, Felipe Montoro Jens reports the continent has some groundwork to lay. The Spanish-speaking countries, like Argentina, and Portuguese-speaking Brazil, must leverage their geography and resources to lay the groundwork in basic infrastructure, like roads, sanitation, and clean water, that will pave the wave for the advanced infrastructure to come.

The industrial revolution 4.0 will be built on advanced machinery like AI and nanotechnology, but the connectivity needed between South America’s countries is not where it should be. Felipe Montoro Jens, who specializes in public-private infrastructure projects, notes that private-sector involvement, with strong government regulation, is the most efficient way to finance and complete these projects. Montoro Jens was on hand at the recent meeting of the Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in Argentina. The Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, Dyogo Oliveira, even encouraged more outreach to the private-sector. Read more at

Oliveira noted the success Brazil has found with its PPP projects (public-private partnerships), a concept that Felipe Montoro Jens has helped encourage across Brazil. PPP projects across Latin America and the Caribbean are currently valued at more than $360 billion, but the Ministry of Planning for the IDB cautions that, despite the more than 1000 PPP projects under taken in last ten years, they struggle to secure adequate funding from the private sector.

IDB President, Luis Alberto Moreno, encouraged the group to utilize future infrastructure in building a solid economic foundation for the region’s people, and to bring the countries all closer together, connected by shared roads, power grids, and technology. Moreno believes the region will not grow in line with its potential without these investments. Felipe Montoro Jens also reports that Moreno is spearheading an upgrade in IDB’s mission and operating policies that takes into account the gender equality so lacking in much of Latin America, and a culture that includes environmentally sustainable foresight.

Felipe Montoro Jens, leveraging his skills and background in PPP development, will certainly be keeping an eye out to guide Latin American in preparing for the coming 4th of wave of industry that is just now breaking on the shores of the region.

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Jeff Yastine Out to Help Investors

Jeff Yastine Out to Help Investors

It is not uncommon to find leaders in the business world as to being men of many hats. Jeff is one such leader. He is a venture capitalist with a particular interest in stock markets, a journalist who reports and commentates the financial markets and is the creator of Total Wealth Insider.

The insider published weekly by the Banyan Hill Publishing. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff serves as the Editorial Director. Its safe to say he is a busy man and a committed leader. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Total Wealth insider is a newsletter focused on explaining investment opportunities that are not as hyped to the market. Mr. Yastine is combining his knowledge, as a Telecommunications graduate from University of Florida, and his experience in investing over the years to help the investor.

After university, Jeff Yastine landed a significant opportunity in the PBS’ Nightly Business Report for about two decades. His work at this job was as a correspondent for stock markets and also doubled up as an anchor for the report. The highlight of the statements he did with PBS was covering the inadequacy of American infrastructure system, a fete that got him nominated for an Emmy award in 2007.

Yastine is selflessly out to help the average investor. He acknowledges the gap in the information cycle. Where the mainstream media gets adviced by the wall street on the information to release to general public. The difference in the information delivery ensures that Wall Street keeps making profits maintaining the status quo. Jeff Yastine together with Banyan Hill Publishing is out to give the information to all its readers.

Information is often the difference between a huge payday and a considerable loss. Investing without the right knowledge on the future of such investment opportunities or not investing due to lack of adequate information is something Jeff Yastine is out to kill.

Notably, earlier this year Jeff Yastine gave pointers to investing in the Retail industry. He predicts that the retail sector will be infested by mergers and acquisitions. The mergers and acquisitions will lead to improved stocks especially for the less favorite stocks. He, therefore, gives his convictions on why investing in the retail industry is a good investment.

Yastine is just one of the experts in Banyan Hill Publishing who is determined in cushioning the investor. They are out to give detailed information on market trends and predict using facts potential of growing investment opportunities for its readers. Moreover, prepares readers for a bubble in the economy if any hence protects customers and their money. Know more:


An Overview of Michael Hagele’s Career

 Michael Hagele is a senior as well as a general counsel for companies, especially in the technology sector. He provides counsel to firms in defense, biotechnology, and internet as well as in aerospace industries. He also interested in investing during initial stages of development of technology companies. Additionally, he is a founder as well as an investor in various companies in the hospitality sector. In his council career, Michael Hagele has obtained expertise and extensive experience in negotiations. He drafts and closes deal as well license distribution on the internet whether locally or internationally, software, hardware as well as in telecommunication sectors.

Michael has also worked in capital venture internet firms and managed legal affairs such corporate governance, merger & acquisitions, employment as well as handling strategies on intellectual property. Additionally, Micheal worked in Fenwick & West LLP which is under Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa and his J.D. is from University of California.

A Typical Day for Micheal and He improves his Productivity

In a recent interview, Hagele starts the day by handling daily issues concerning tech clients. The issues involve around intellectual property legal advisory as well as drafting and checking contracts. In the afternoon, Micheal goes on a bike ride which enhances his creativity. In the evening, Micheal engages investment partners to check on progress as well as on strategies.

Trend and Ideas

Michael Hagele adds he implements the ideas through perseverance. He advises not to give up enables him to utilize new information and obtain amicable results. One trend which most excites Micheal is artificial intelligence (AI). He argues that AI provides numerous applications including genetic programming. He has invested in AI and advises companies on the best application to invest their funds on. He adds that machine learning offers an opportunity for new discoveries as well clarifying concepts.

Habits for an Entrepreneur to Develop

Michael Hagele advises entrepreneurs to prioritize customer service delivery. He adds that every entrepreneur should develop the habit of daily physical activity. Micheal emphasizes that exercise sharpens the mind which can enhance creativity.

Benefits of Social Media to a Business

Hagele outlines that social media is crucial for the growth of any business during the digital age. It helps business connect and engage with its customers. Check:


Michael Hagele: A Tech Counsel and an Investor

Michael Hagele is an experience-focused counsel who has worked for many years for technological companies. He has represented firms such as those involved in research and development. He has also worked for other companies like the design and consulting services as well as those supplying products in electronic, internet, aerospace, and biotechnology industries. Visit to learn more.

Michael Hagele is a graduate of law from the University of California (UC), earned his B.A from the University Iowa and received his J.D from UC. In addition to legal practicing, he is the founder and investor in hospitality industries such as restaurants and first-stage technology companies. He has closed many deals both locally and internationally on software and hardware firms as well as telecommunication. He has succeeded progressively in technology and commercial transactions on intellectual property trade, and its analysis together with other transactions such as corporate financing and M&A transactions. In the early days of his career, he had worked as an in-house attorney and General legal counselor for Venture Capital companies where he steered in governance, employment issues, merging and stock option plan and acquiring activity. He has also been at Silicon Valley offices of Fenwick & West LLP doing online commerce and Licensing.

Michael Hagele has a variety of views about business; he put his emphasis on making better services to the clients. He states that small practices are simple to do, cheap for technology clients and produce high-quality results. In business, tenacity brings the best idea to life and with iteration, assumption challenges and utilizing newest information available in the market gives the best outcome. He advises companies that the productive usage of funds is by using machine learning that enables one to use algorithms to solve patterns by identifying bonds that join sets of data. This clarifies unclear issues and discovers the unknown concepts of any program. Since the clients are most important in any business, they should be put first by simply putting oneself in their position despite the workload. One can differentiate several methods of handling each customer, and by doing that, proper and satisfactory services are provided



Igor Cornelsen: Helping Investors Benefit From Brazil’s Abundant Natural Resources

Making money investing in Brazil requires a clear understanding of the country’s banking and investment laws, research into the companies there that are poised for success and experience gauging the country’s economic situation and the buying habits of the locals. Veteran investment advisor Igor Cornelsen has all of those things and for more than four decades he has been providing investors with the guidance they need to make significant profits in this natural resources-rich South American country. Corporations and private individuals and foreign and local investors have benefitted from Igor Cornelsen’s advice.

Part of the secret of Igor Conelsen’s success providing investment advice is his banking background. For over 20 years, he worked with banks in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Cornelsen was even the chairman of one of Brazil’s largest banks. Plus, Igor Cornelsen is a man with his finger on the pulse of Brazilian consumers. Add the copious amount of research he does on companies in Brazil and all around the globe and it’s easy to understand why Cornelsen has been able to consistently help his clients to make wise investment decisions. His advice in particularly helpful to foreigners to help them deal with Brazil’s currency exchange laws. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Brazil is rich in natural resources, has some excellent companies and great growth potential. Investors can make a great deal of money there. However, they need the advice of Igor Cornelsen to give them the keys to taking advantage of the country’s potential. Otherwise they could be tied up in red tape for years and miss the opportunity to make money in this mineral rich South American nation. Knowledge is power when it comes to investing in Brazil and Igor Cornelsen’s background and research habits make him a font of wisdom when it comes to making the right investment choices.

Brazil has been acknowledged as a country that contains great wealth for hundreds of years. It’s also well-known that without proper guidance gaining access to the country’s vast resources and wealth is near impossible. Unlike the ill-fated Portuguese explorers centuries ago, modern investors have Igor Cornelsen’s help finding ‘El Dorado’. View:


Ted Bauman, An Overseas Finance Guru

An editor for The Bauman Letter, a financial monthly newsletter distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman promises to fill the gap between financial security and personal attainment. A lot of the worry that comes with making a strong financial plan are the risks and the concern over proper distribution. Ted wants to eliminate clients’ worries about tax distribution while living abroad and collecting wealth gains. With Ted’s advice clients will be left to retire at their own pace and location while still maintaining capital gains. Ted Bauman wants to protect investors and individuals’ wealth at the least risk possible. This is why his contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 also include guest pieces in Banyan Hill Publishing’s famous newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily. Ted also previously edited for the newsletter Smart Money Alert, also a financial advising journal. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Ted is a seasoned international wealth attainer. Ted Bauman attended the University of Cape Town where he received his Masters in History and Economics. He has traveled around the world as the Director of International Housing for non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity International. Through his involvement with Urban development planning and international housing for brand organizations and international entities, Ted gained the skills and knowledge to become an overseas financial strategist. This became widely present in his publications on South Africa’s Cape Times, the Journal of Microfinance, and Mail and Guardian, and so on. His book, co-written with Robert Bauman, previous congressman and current legal counsel to Banyan Hill Publishing, also father of Ted, is sold through Amazon and has been critically acclaimed to cover the stresses and joys of deliberately living a life overseas while making smart financial decisions in regards to taxation and capital growth. The book offers, just like Ted’s journal, a tranquil state in which clients are sure about the status of their money. View:


Igor Cornelsen The Investment Expert

Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. His native origin is in South America. Igor is an investor and a retired banker. He now works at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor is an investment advisor in stocks at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Igor held a lot of high ranking positions in some leading banks in Brazil before retiring. He now stays in Florida where he is an investor. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor is referred as the champion investor. He has vast knowledge on how to invest in commodity or company. He attributes this to the invaluable experience that he has gained from working in this field. Cornelsen advises people on how to make long-term investments which are more successful. Igor also gives advice on how to avoid investing in companies that are damaged. He tells people to invest in stocks that are damaged. Igor terms these as stock opportunities that anyone can purchase cheaply. He claims that they are guaranteed to bring returns in the long run.

Igor Cornelsen has created a brief profile for investors who are busy. The purpose of the profile is to brief them before they consider Brazilian stocks for their portfolios. Igor has transformed many lives through his visions and insights during his stay at the Brainbridge Investment Group. Cornelsen says that there is a gold mine waiting to be discovered in every area of life. His advice to potential investors has proved to be very beneficial because he understands the advantages and disadvantages of investments.

Igor says that the Brazilian market is now ready and open to new investments and ideas. Individuals should take this opportunity and run with it. Igor Cornelsen offers advice on investing outside the stock market although his primary focus is investments on the stock market. Igor says that it’s difficult to understand the Brazilian banking market at first. Potential investors should take time and learn it before making any investment decisions. Cornelsen was able to stay afloat regardless of the recent collapse of the Brazilian stock market. This is due to his keenness on investments and his extensive experience. Cornelsen loves to play golf for fun.



Paul Mampilly Has Significant Market Expertise

Paul Mampilly is the author of the notable investing newsletter called Profits Unlimited and it is the conduit to hedge fund quality research for everyday Americans who wish to approach the markets with an edge. This effort has grown substantially for Mampilly and his more than 90,000 subscribers can access his unique insights for a nominal charge.

The expertise that Mampilly displays with Profits Unlimited is geared toward finding explosive stocks that are poised to take off. This often involves cutting edge technology or changing demographics like the all-important Millenial generation. These high-growth, high potential avenues are areas in which he has decades of experience to draw upon and his results demonstrate that.

Paul Mampilly is also a prolific writer as a market analyst showing a deep level of knowledge and ability. His numerous articles highlight promising market developments as well as warnings if need be. A good example of this is his cautionary note regarding the fortunes of everybody’s darling stock known as Apple. His insights draw attention to the maturity of their business and the potential for a steady decline in their fortunes. Watch Paul Mampilly on youtube.

The career of Paul Mampilly has been characterized by success at every stop along the way. He found success in the investing world with companies like Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, and ING to name several. One significant stint for Mampilly was his tenure at Kinetics Asset Management where he was their hedge fund manager during a time of remarkable growth. They were signaled out by Barron’s for superlative performance and Paul Mampilly became a sought-after figure for financial television as a result. He appeared regularly on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg as a leading market analyst.

One extraordinary milestone for Paul Mampilly was when he competed in and won the high-stakes Templeton Foundation investing contest. His 76 percent return raised a lot of eyebrows considering that it came during the height of the Great Financial Crisis. This outstanding performance has opened a lot of doors for Mampilly and it illustrates his acumen as a stock picker.

Bitcoin has made a ton of headlines in recent weeks and it is proving to be a pattern that Paul Mampilly has seen before. Market bubbles are nothing new to him and his forecast of Amazon stock going under ten dollars around the turn of the century proved to be prescient. The speculative bubble appears to be upon us again in the form of Bitcoin and similar vehicles. Paul Mampilly has a wealth of market insights for all of his subscribers.


matt badiali’s natural resources investment reviews.

Matt Badiali’s natural resources investment reviews.

Matt Badiali took a bachelors degree in earth science, and a master degree in geology. Matt worked as a lecturer until a friend introduced him to finance in 2004. Matt is an expert in mining, energy and his research has seen him travel the world, which he believes is the best way to verify one’s investments. He has constantly met with major mining industry CEOs making many Americans turn to him for research during his career.

Matt also doubles up as a senior editor at banyan hill publishing. The Banyan hill is a source for smarter and gives insight on profitable investing. Badiali indulges himself in natural resources and related information to his readers. Follow Jeff Yastine at

Matt Badiali released a video on freedom checks. The video is about an investment that is the direct result of America’s goal of reaching energy independence in the years to come. Freedom checks come from companies that operate in production and final processing of natural resources and are basically focused on the gas and oil industries. These companies also explore for new gas and oil wells. Hence, freedom checks are payments that companies must pay to investors, usually 90 percent of their income. He discovered master limited partnerships exclusive to some companies that issue freedom checks. Investors do not have to pay taxes on them as they are treated as a return of capital and not as income. These companies are poised to generate massive incomes in the years to come. Freedom checks pay two or three times more than conservative investments.

Matt Badiali launched a newsletter in 2017, the real wealth strategist, which has immensely built a sizeable network of loyal readers. Natural resources are highly speculative and hence require an unusual skill set. The newsletter has greatly favoured him as he has both education and experience backgrounds. This then has made it possible to help readers find the best investments in natural resources.

Matt Badiali reveals that small changes in the price of gold can make a huge impact on the profits of gold miners. There is a tremendous rise in the prices of gold making the profitability of these gold mining stocks go high. He advises people to invest in the gold stocks as he oversees the returns being excellent in the near future. Read more: Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing

How Ian King Became A Top Cryptocurrency Expert

Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting investment opportunities of the decade. However, most people don’t understand the first thing about Bitcoin or blockchains. Now, there is one cryptocurrency expert who is making it easy for people to understand and profit from the cryptocurrency revolution. That expert, Ian King, has been helping thousands of people find crypto opportunities.

So who exactly is Ian King? Mr. King is one of America’s top experts in cryptocurrency. He is currently a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily newsletter published by Bayan Hill. Mr. King’s expert insights help investors understand how to put their first foot into the world of cryptocurrency investing. Follow Ian King on Twitter.

Just to offer a little insight on how Ian King helps educate investors, Mr. King has coined the term “Cryptocorn” to describe crypto projects that have huge potential to become the next bitcoin. Taking off on the Silicon Valley term “Unicorn” – used to describe start-ups that have a minimum billion dollar valuation. Currently, there are 40 crypto projects that have a combined valuation of $1 billion dollars. Mr. King foresees a day when person one of these projects will become a sole billion-dollar phenomenon.

To gain a better insight into Ian King’s writing, one can check out his columns on In one recent post, Mr. King discussed how 2018 would be the year that Bitcoin experiences the “end of the beginning” for its lifecycle. To elaborate, Mr. King believes that 2018 is the year that Bitcoin becomes a more mainstream investment as the coin gains respectability and acceptability. Mr. King also points out that the entire market capitalization of every crypto coin in existence makes up just 0.3% of the global economy. In short, Bitcoin still has a lot of room to run. Visit about Ian King

Ian King has over two decades of experience in the financial world. The cryptocurrency expert began his Wall Street career in the trading room of Solomon Brothers where he worked in the mortgage bond trading department. From there, Mr. King moved to Citigroup where he worked on credit derivatives. Afterward, Mr. King spent a decade at Peahi Capital as one of their options traders.

Since 2017, Ian King has been with Banyan Hill publishing as their in-house cryptocurrency expert. In less than two years at Bayan Hill, Mr. King has helped thousands of investors profit from the cryptocurrency boom. As the world of Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance, Ian King will help investors make the most of their cryptocurrency trades.

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