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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and his Work With Students of Law

Beside the satisfaction of achieving a job well done by working in a field as fundamental as law, there are other worthwhile aspects to being a magistrate. Even more than that, a part of being an outstanding judge in service to the public is maintaining an exemplary record. Every once in a while, the record of service and credibility that a magistrate displays throughout the whole of their career makes a solid argument for recognition. When this recognition is bestowed it should look like something of a big deal. The PUC-São Paulo Honors Court of Appeals shows its appreciation to Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva by naming a new auditorium after him. And, it qualifies as one of these big deals.


The Perdizes Campus certainly benefits from Silva’s presence through his commitment as a Criminal Law professor. For the announcement ceremony, important members of the court recall the best and most enduring qualities they can for Silva. Fortunately for his colleagues, there is plenty of championing for the sake of justice to dig from in his life, education, and career to share with audiences. Between the years of 1977 to 2003, Silva goes from being a legal student to tenured professor.


Of course, a person does not go from the student’s chair to the Judge’s chamber without just a little bit of time spent punching the clock. In the case if Silva, being a part of the State Judiciary opens the door to places like three counties by the names of Palmeira D’Oeste Monte Alto, Diadema and São Paulo. From there, he keeps the climb to his career steep by being promoted to a substitute judge. Half a decade later, Silva sits in the biggest chair of his career as a Court Appeals Judge.


And, those accomplishments are on top of his numerous works of literature to include more than dozens of articles and a little over 12 books. Silva’s professional experience even goes so far as to include collaboration with professors of European Law. Of course at one of these ceremonies, a judge such as Marco Antonio Marques da Silva might feel like showing a little emotion during his speech.