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Todd Levine Using Art to Solve His Cases

Todd Levine is an attorney working with Kluger Kaplan in the city of Miami Florida. The legal entity has once again been distinguished with the best attorneys in America award. It was recognized for the quality service they provide to their clients with virtues such as dedication, professionalism, and proficiency being displayed in their work.

Todd Levine is one of the attorney recognized as one of the best lawyers from the Kluger Kaplan entity. His efforts were visible in the Real Estate category. He is also the founding member of the legal entity. He takes charge of almost every business dispute that comes that is tabled to them. He handles cases that involve representing contractors, real estate negotiators, and owners of the property, investors, and developers.

Todd Levine is also a passionate musician, and he uses his art and creative skills even in the courtroom to edge out his opponents. In his early days, he found out he had a flair in deliberating court proceedings. It was made possible by his ability to reframe matters and disputes to make them debatable and easier to comprehend. Todd Levine acknowledges his success in the courtroom as a result of the good personal skills and dedication he has kept till date. He recognizes the importance of good preparation and looking at an argument from different angles possible. This preparation has aided to his increased creativity to tackle such predicaments. Todd Levine studied his law degree from the University of Florida and also has a degree in Business Administration, Finance.

The other lawyers at Kluger Kaplan who were recognized for good work were Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan who were awarded in the entertainment law, mergers and takeovers and commercial proceedings category. Bruce Katzen was recognized for noble work in capital market regulations and securities. In the family law category, Philippe Lieberman and Steve Silverman were highlighted for their achievements.

Kluger Kaplan has also been highlighted as one of the best from legal industry with their publications and has continuously been chosen by clients for their great quality service they offer.

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Helane Morrison’s Work As Compliance Officer Is Changing The Corporate World

Helane Morrison serves as the general counsel and compliance officer for Hall Capital, and her work in the field has completely changed the way the investment world work. Her work on diversity has made Hall Capital an ideal place to work, and her work as a compliance officer has shown companies around America how they may prevent fraud. This article highlights the life and work of Helane Morrison along with the need for compliance officers in every corporate office.

#1: What Does The Compliance Officer Do?

The compliance officer in any office is checking the compliance of the business against government regulations. There are many government regulations to consider, and Helane Morrison is a trained attorney and she worked for a time with the SEC and understands these rules. Fraud may be prevented by the compliance officer while reviewing the practices of their own business, and compliance officers may come together to prevent fraud across multiple businesses. 

#2: What Does Helane Morrison Do At Hall Capital?

Helane serves as the compliance officer, and she works on the diversity initiative that the company uses for hiring. Diversity has become a large part of the work that Helane does at Hall Capital, and she pushes the initiative to hire as many different people as possible. Hall Capital’s diverse background makes the company a safer investment for everyone, and Helane mentors new hires who have been hired through the diversity program. Her work at Hall Capital makes the company safer, more diverse and more attractive to new hires for the future.

#3: Compliance Officers Work With Government Regulators

Government regulators are working with large investment houses around the country on compliance measures, and Helane Morrison helps these government watchdogs do their work. The cooperation between a compliance officer and an official from the government is very important, and Helane is an expert to building bridges with outside help. Helane’s work with government regulators makes Hall Capital more efficient, and the company avoids fraud at every turn.

Compliance officers are absolutely necessary in every large office in America, and Helane Morrison is one of the most important compliance officers in the country today. She is a respected business woman who works very hard on diversity, and she collaborates with government regulators who are assigned to her company. The breadth of her work at Hall Capital is great, and Helane has become one of the most noticeable executives in America today due to her work.

The Lawyer That You Deserve!

As you may know finding the perfect lawyer no matter the circumstance is absolutely essential.

Search for a lawyer that has vast amount of experience in the specific area/field in which counsel is needed, always check statistics and reviews, and lastly if you are a resident of Brazil, give Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for all of your legal needs!

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the founding partners of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto has dedicated more than 22 years to the practice of business law, in addition to business law he also specializes in civil and commercial litigation, credit recovery, banking, corporate restructuring, international law and electoral law.

Mr. Tosto is a graduate of the renounced Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie school of law, excelling in post graduate studies in Business Administration at FAAP.

In addition to Mr. Tosto’s vast knowledge of law, he also is an important member of the Brazilian Bar Association, the International Bar Association, as well as the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. As if that isn’t enough was the former president of the São Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary, as well as a prominent member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research; also know as (IBEDEP). Mr. Tosto is the author of several articles and reviews published in popular journals, and is a frequent guest speaker in reference to a series of legal topics and coversation, while at conferences and events. Ricardo Tosto is also the co-author of the imfamous book O Processo de Tiradentes.

If you or someone you know is in a bind, contact Mr. Ricardo Tosto at your earliest convenience. He has the knowledge and credentials that are needed to win and square away the most difficult case.You have nothing to lose!