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Gump’s Makes A Comeback From The Dead

In 2019, one luxury retailer is set to make a comeback. Gump’s a store that was originally formed in 1861 is set to return from the dead. That death occurred after over a century of existence, adapting and changing to the times.

Now the biggest change is that Gump’s is opening back up in San Francisco and New York. There is a reason why the luxury chain is setting up at either side of the country. That way, Gump’s is able to peddle its wares to people who live, work and visits on either coast.

The store was once nothing more than a frame store when the Gump brothers first gave life to its San Francisco location. The store has seen tragedy before. The quake in 1906 briefly ended the business, or at least seemed to be ending the business. Gump’s managed to find a way to keep going after all.

When the company found itself its second life, it also found that there was something to be said for selling things from near and far. They had representatives from all over the world looking for the thing that would make a great addition to those stores. They knew that they would need something that could really stand out. Read This Article for related information.

Over the years, they kept sending those people out, looking for something that would really help put Gump’s on the map. That store did get on the map and stayed there for decades.

When the economy hit the skids, so did Gump’s. This fall the chain is going to be opening its doors again. When it does, it will mean that they will be offering all kinds of high-end products to those looking for luxury items that can decorate your home every day, or for the holidays. They still carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati.


More news and updates about them can be read on their page in Facebook.

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Gump’s to Return to San Francisco After Acquisition


Since the 1860s, the world of luxury good has known the name Gump. Solomon Gump got his family together and established a business with a reputation for acquiring luxury goods of only the highest quality.

Gumps has been regarded for its high-end items, it also held an iconic status in San Francisco. Presidents have shopped their as well as other celebrities looking for unique items. A century and a half later, the name still means a great deal to distinguishing customers on the West and East coasts. But times have changed, and with it the company’s management.

Anne Chachas announced that she will be taking over as Executive VP for Gump’s San Francisco. Her inaugural statement praised the company’s brand ad their commitment to a demanding clientele that wants only the best. Chachas is taking that into account when detailing the direction this new leadership is taking the shopping experience, and how it’s looking to bring in new shoppers. See This Article for more information.

Part of the changes will be reintroducing the family aspect of this business. John and Diane Chachas are long time investors, for over a decade, and now they’ve acquired the business, but it’ll be their children, Jack, Christopher, and Anne who will be running the daily operations and steering the company towards their vision.

Gump’s has been a source for Americans looking for exquisite jewelry made from pearls and jade, acquired from various parts of Asia. They’re also a source of limited home furnishings and expertly crafted china. These items are still available to shoppers in New York City, but those in San Francisco will be able to join them in stores soon enough. Go Here for additional information.

Anne Chachas ended her statement in saying that Gump’s San Francisco is hoping to reopen its doors to the public well before shoppers start looking for gifts this year’s holiday shopping season. But it will coincide with an all new online marketplace that brings the store’s goods directly to interested shoppers regardless of where they might be.

The new Gumps website, which retains the company’s former logo, also promises a re-opening in the fall of 2019. The web site also offers email signup and links to Instagram and Twitter pages. The location for the new Gumps brick-and-mortar store has not yet been released.


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Iconic Luxury Retailer Gumps To Be Relaunched


Gump’s is one of the oldest and most recognizable luxury brands in the country, and will be relaunched under new management this fall. Founded in San Francisco in 1861 by Solomon Gump and his family, the boutique for jewelry and exotic gifts has a 150-year legacy it hopes to carry on into the new millennium. As Anne Chachas, Executive Vice President of Gump’s San Francisco put it, “We believe this iconic brand has a unique ability to curate an exceptional product that can once again delight clients for years to come.”

The new owners, Anne, Christopher, and Jack Chachas, are the children of longtime Gump’s devotees John and Diane Chachas, who began investing in the company in 2007 in concert with financial investors. Their children are now the new owners of the majority interest of the company, and will spearhead the re-launch of the Gump’s brand in North America and Europe.

Gump’s was a San Francisco landmark for over a century and a half. Tourists and locals would flock in to pour over Gump’s exquisite collection of Asian jewelry and gems, resplendent homewares and furnishings, and an entire department of incomparable tabletop, crystal, and china.

Gumps is widely known for its luxurious home furnishings, decor and fine jewelry. Its past clientele has included the likes of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the late French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt. They carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati

Although the new location of the store has not yet been revealed, Anne Chachas has indicated she hopes to have it open by fall, in time for Christmas 2019. “”Gump’s and Christmas have shared 158 seasons with millions of customers and we are looking forward to welcoming clients as we re-introduce this very long American tradition.” The company’s website, social media, and online purchasing mechanisms should also be up and running by that time. See This Article for more information.

The Gump family themselves do seem happily reconciled to the passing of the torch. “We could not be happier that Gump’s has returned to family ownership,” said Antoinette Gump, the founder’s great-great-granddaughter. Perhaps Gump’s will serve San Francisco for a century to come.

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