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FreedomPop Offers A Cheaper Service For Families

FreedomPop has become the finest company for cheap cell phones, and they are giving customers an opportunity to save money where they were once spending quite a lot. This FreedomPop review explains how a family may use the service to save money, and there are several who will find it far simpler to taking on a cheap phone plan from another company.


#1: FreedomPop Offers Free Cell Phone Plans


FreedomPop starts all customers with a free plan they may pay more for if they need. They customers will spend nothing when they are using a bit of their data and texts. The services are capped, customers who stay under their caps will pay nothing. They may pay nothing for the service, and they will pay little for the smartphones they have chosen.


#2: How Do Families Use The Plans?


Children may be placed on the free plans from FreedomPop, and adults may pay more to ensure they are above the limits of the free plan. The company wishes to help its customers ensure they are using only what they need, and a child who has their data or minutes capped will have a phone that is safe to use. They may default to wifi at any time, and they will save money for the family.


#3: Businesses


The businesses who wish to use the FreedomPop may offer the phones to their employees, and they will find it helpful to save money on their monthly bills. They need access to their employees at any time, and there are several different people who may be reached in the field when they are on a FreedomPop phone. A business that wishes to take on many cell phones at the same time, and there are many who are wishing to help their company trim the budget by using FreedomPop.


#4: In Homes


The home services from FreedomPop are quite helpful as they do not charge for installation. The box for the service is placed in the home by the homeowner, and they may run the service at any time. Homeowners will save money, and they may place the device anywhere they like.


The unlimited wifi plans and cell phone services for no money are quite easy to manage, and they will cost the family little or no money at all. A customers who wishes to set up the box in their business may do the same, or they may pass out cell phones to their employees.


Free Mobile Services for Life in the UK

A no catch, no nonsense offer has been presented to FreedomPop customers in the UK. The California based firm has shelled out an offer for 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MBs of data for the cost of absolutely nothing. The copious amount of free mobile services has no end date, as said by the company themselves, ‘its for life.’ You’d think there would be a catch but FreedomPop has quickly become a well known name among the mobile service world in the past three years. With nearly one million customers and an astonishing 250,000 new customers signing up from the UK since May, FreedomPop continues to grow in popularity.

Customers who use up their free minutes, texts or data are free to add extra by completing surveys and downloading coupons. This is a feature only offered by FreedomPop on telegraph as an extended way to help their customers stay within budget while using their mobile services. Customers can also share data with their family and friends if they would like.

The free service is available in two ways; via sim card or the FreedomPop App. The app itself shows people how many minutes they have left as well as data so they can use the remaining service wisely. For anyone unsure of how much 200MB of data is, it roughly can send 1,000 text emails, 60 posts on social media including pictures and 500 web videos.

For those stuck paying an extreme amount for cellphone services, FreedomPop has an alternative plan to help you save money and stay connected with family and friends.