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Premium Dog Food Like Beneful Is Good For Your Dog

My favorite past time is to take my dog to the park in the morning after our morning jog. We take a lap around the neighborhood, and we end up training at the park. I take out my Beneful Baked Delights that my dog loves. Beneful uses natural ingredients in their foods, so I make it a point to get their brand of dog food and dog treats when I visit the pet store. My dog likes all the Baked Delights, but I usually buy the kind that are called Heartfuls because I like the name. News About Premium Dog Foods Premium dog foods use premium ingredients. This should seem like common sense, but not everyone understands what kind of rigorous steps these premium companies take in preparing the best ingredients and best ways to prepare dog foods. They even have their own taste testers to insure that the food is up to par with a dog’s pallet. The article I found that states some of this information is from the Daily Herald. In the article they actually have an interview with a manufacturing chief and a few other higher up representatives at premium dog food manufacturing companies. The manufacturer tries the dog food, and he approves of it’s taste. Beneful lists their ingredients on their packages. I appreciate this simple fact because I care what is in the food that I feed my dog. I look at the ingredients in my food that I buy, so I do the same precautious measures to insure that my dog is getting the right food in his bowl. I feed my dog Beneful Dry Dog Food Original. It is made with real chicken. Then, I sometimes will compliment the dry food with some Chopped Blends from Beneful. Chopped Blends look great, and they smell like food should smell. The Chopped Blends I buy for my dog have real beef in the food. That article I mentioned is from the Daily Herald. It’s is worth reading. I recommend you visit their site and read the article by going to this link.

The New Innovations for Dog Food

Recently in news it has been reported that dog food sales have been soaring with the growing popularity of buying high quality dog food. As dog food sales grow, dog food manufacturers have started creating their own innovations with the intent of marketing their product more and more to the consumer. An example of this is Richard Thompson who is the owner of a small and local gourmet-food dog store. Mr. Thompson states that he only uses the freshest of ingredients in order to not only keep the dog healthy, but to also please the consumer. In addition to this, Mr. Thompson limits the time to which the meals sit on the shelves for the purpose that this product is only eaten when it is at its freshest. Innovators within the dog food industry are finding their own niche in order to find a spot within this 23.7 billion dollar industry. The new innovation among many local and national dog food brands is to offer fresh ingredients that promote healthy living for any pet. An example of a company that is promoting healthy well-being is PurinaStore. Beneful is an international brand by Purina that has been named one of the most popular brands to use in the United States and around the world. Beneful is a company that specializes in three specific types of food which as the wet food, the dry food, as well as the treats. Of all the varieties of food that are offered by Beneful, one of the favorites is the wet food. Beneful is proud to day that only the freshest ingredients are used to make the wet food. Proteins such as chicken, pork, lamb, as well as beef are all combined with various other ingredients including carrots, barley, rice, as well as green beans. Even the texture of Beneful wet dog food indicates the freshness of the product as it is cut up into course pieces to show both the dog and the owner the fresh ingredients that were used. Beneful is an international company that is fully supporting the initiative to give dogs only the freshest ingredients to keep them happy and healthy.