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Desiree Perez, an Incredible Manager of Tidal’s Music

Desiree Perez, popularly known as Des Perez, is an exemplary icon in operating the SC Enterprises. Her relationship with Jay-Z has remained firm for the past 20 years. Perez, together with the Tidal family, cannot hide their joy anymore on announcing the release of Beyonce’s new video of honoring her 9th anniversary with Jay-Z.  Additional article on

Tidal will be streaming exclusive content for spring customers; something viewed as a comeback for Tidal, thanks to Desiree Perez, its executive. Des Perez urges that streaming Tidal’s music will help the company stay longer in the industry. The journey has had a share of challenges like management stepping down. However, Jay-z, with the support of Desiree Perez is establishing that Tidal thrives with the addition of new memberships and curiosity from music enthusiasts, check on

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Jay-Z has been convincing Desiree Perez to finalize some multi-million dollar contracts an area where she is an expert having been in the wings with the Roc Nation contracts. He believes that in putting the “right person” in this case, Desiree Perez, transition would be easy. It was Perez who managed to help him transition from rap to music streaming, check this on

Perez, who is regarding finalizing deals that would turn to be most profitable to her artists and the Tidal business, is an exemplary leader.

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